My spiritual resolution

spirituality maria duvalIt's January and now is the month for many people to make their life resolutions for the coming months. That includes spiritual resolution too which can be made on every Monday or first day of each week instead of just being made in January. It doesn't have to be fixed.

What's differentiating spiritual resolutions from normal ones is that the former can be made anytime, and solely focusing on your spirit which can be nurtured in the process so that you feel great all the times.

In normal resolutions, people focus on getting away what they don't want. People usually say, I would like to stop being hot tempered, I would like to stop smoking, I would like to leave the company this year, etc. Most of the time they are focusing on negativities. In law of attraction, it means more negatives will come to you instead, and hence resolutions are repeated year after year.

Spiritual resolutions are different because they are firm commitment to enhance your development or growth. They nurture your spirit. They are positive in state because they are express in what I want to do. So what's different about these resolutions? They're re-worded so that you move for what you do want, which then sets the energy in motion.

I have met friends who shared their spiritual resolutions with me. A friend said she wanted to subscribe to a spirituality themed magazine. Another one said she wanted to join a spirituality group for active discussion, while one more friend said she would resolve to go to the Dollar Store, buy a one dollar journal and commit to writing in it twice a week. For myself, my spiritual resolution is too tell more people about my spiritual growth and my new found positive attitude and what events cause me to change for the better. You bet, a psychic's name will not be missed out. The psychic is of course Maria Duval.


Some simple understanding of astrology

I love reading. It has been a habit ingrained since young by my father who told me I could find troves of treasures when you read books. I have been reading since. As for this blog, I am doing my best to post daily. Frankly, this is something new to me as I just started blogging not too long ago. However, the best way to succeed is to keep doing it consistently.

In your birth-chart, some planets dominate and the others do not. The dominating planet will influence the personality more. Therefore, if you study the influences of the few planets in a given time, you can really predict the good and bad things in life. Knowing the things in advance will help you dilute the intensity of sufferings, but nevertheless the suffering shall be there. Maria Duval must be an expert in this!

I guess this post is really bad, do you think so? I can't even really understand totally what I am typing myself! It is based on the primary understanding I have from reading some pages of this book. I will read further to gain more insight so that I can write with some rationality next time I hope! Thanks also to Maria Duval's talisman which I carry all the time, I think I have much lucks recently. Things which normally were against me suddenly seem to fall into place more. I wish to keep this going.


Full Moon

It's not full moon yet, in fact it is just approaching first moon quarter.

Earlier I read about how moon affects people in an article and I think I had mentioned about this before in one of my earlier posts. One of the Maria Duval products also uses the power of lunar energy to enrich you spiritually.

Now I wish to blog about this in more details from what I learned from the article.

Ok, the reason why there is full moon is because the sun and moon oppose each other. This celestial opposition creates a strong magnetic field and creates some imbalance. If you play with magnets you know this theory. This imbalance really affects earthly momentum for example, traffic accidents occur more during full moon nights, and if you go to hospital during full moon period, you can see that it is more hectic than normal days. Maria Duval has already mentioned in her Lunar Talisman about the effects of full moon.

Another effect of the tension of the full Moon is violent outbreaks, e.g. religious or ethnic conflicts, there tend to be a peak in violence close to full Moon. Emotionally, people can get easily irritated or tense during full moon. People get insomnia easier too.

I guess you know the meaning of 'lunatic'. Lunatic is often used to describe a person as mad, violent, zealous or angry. 'Luna' means moon in Latin. Literally translated, it means mad during full moon period! How appropriate don't you think so.

A person who's born at full Moon will have Sun Moon opposition in their spiritual body. This person tends to be restless, discontent and greedy. Use it on a positive way, this trait can be used to create a person who has strong drive and enthusiasm. In fact, historically, Sun Moon opposition characters are very often great achievers.

If any of you have more information about full moon phenomena, feel free to add to the comments. Would love to hear more. :)


Spirituality and Religion

I met a friend in a street out there while I was having lunch. I invited her for a lunch chat since we were both anxious to catch up on the past. We had not met for nearly 5 years. I remember we used to meet at a social networking event organized by a neighborhood committee. She used to stay 3 units down the road from my house and she told me she had since shifted to another town in a rush and did not really bid farewell to neighbors although she was so apologetic for not informing me about the shift.

From the chat, she knows I believe in spirituality due to Maria Duval and she asked me how did religion play a part in my belief?

As I read a lot about this topic, I answered to her based on my understanding that religious beliefs are often results of own cultural upbringing. Many religious beliefs are inherited from the family, from one generation or clans to the next. Or through learning in a institutional environment or simply through contact with the people and society. On the contrary, spiritual beliefs are most often based on personal experience. Just take Maria Duval as an example, it is based on my personal experience.

I am normally not a very a long-winded person therefore I just told her briefly. What I had said here is after bouts of careful thought about this question and it is to the very best of my knowledge.

We exchanged contacts afterwards and we promised to catch up online through MSN. :P It was indeed a nice time talking to an old lost friend.


Ask your guide - Maria Duval

maria duval psychic tributeIf you are interested in spiritual well being, today I would like to recommend to you an excellent book that discusses about this subject. I am also currently reading it and I bought it a couple of months ago at a city bookstore. The title of this book is called 'Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Devine Support System' and is written by Sonia Choquette. This is a very written book and here is my take on it. I wish Maria Duval can also publish books related in such topics as she's an expert in this area.

Those who are into spiritual studies and practices will surely be delighted by the rich contents. The book begins by checking and reminding the readers to recognize our spirits, and finishes with a chapter on honoring our Higher Self, our Spirits which are our direct link to the Creator.

Throughout the midst of the book, there are a few exercises that are useful in assisting us to open up ourselves and establish our communication with the Divine. I personally find these exercises useful. Why is that so? Before I came across this book, I regularly had difficult times discerning the different frequencies of my guardian angel and my guides. After practicing the exercises for a few days, I really can tell the differences.

On the whole, the writer repeatedly states throughout the book that angels and spirit guides are always around us to help us to strengthen our conscious connection to our Higher Self and they are here to support us all the times, but in the end, humans' greatest guide of all remains to be their own Higher Self.

In addition, the writer said it is always up to our own to run our lives and choose our own destiny. Our spiritual guides may be around us but they neither interfere our lives nor make decisions for us because their ultimate aim to be here is to help us in learning our life lesson while we exist in this physical realm and not to take away our free wills.
If we opt to act irresponsibly and insincerely, our guides will continue to care for us and love us but they just won't come in and intervene on our behalf. Just like our best friends, they may warn us if we are trudging towards the bad direction, but it is still up to us to pay attention and live consciously and spiritually as what Maria Duval has taught me.

Anyone of you out there who would like to achieve firm foundation on knowing and working with spiritual guidance, this is the book for you. I really hope you’d enjoy Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System as much as I do and I share the joy of reading this book to anyone of the kind hearted souls who happen to embark to my blog. I recommend this book to all Maria Duval supporters as reference.