Sexual inharmony due to imbalance of Sacral Chakra

Maria Duval says that the causes of the malfunctioning of the Sacral Chakra are often rooted in early childhood but emerge at the time of puberty. The awakening of sexual energies unsettles teenagers as they often are unable to find or identify the appropriate values from parents or teachers who are unable to explain how to use these energies in the right way. If the person has been starved of tenderness and caresses, then they will tend to gradually deny or repress their sexuality, and lose the spontaneous expressing of the creative potential.

Very negative outcomes will be resulted from such cases. There could be wild sexual imagination, sudden sexual outbursts which are hard to repress leading to crimes and wrong deeds. This imbalance can also lead to profound insecurity and tense relations with opposite sex.

Sensual feeling is relatively under developed and the person tends to give priority to satisfy their own sexual needs, without bordering about their partner's pleasure, which has the effect of isolating them within the amorous relationships.

Maria Duval adds that very often people who Sacral Chakra is out of balance are only after a satisfying sexual relationship and do not yet realise that the fault is in them. Having lost any natural and innocent kind of contact with their sexual energies, they also close the door that originally led to their own creativity, and lose that child-like wonder at the miracles of life.


Sacral Chakra - How can you tell it is open and balanced?

Maria Duval teaches taht if a person's Sacral Chakra is open and balanced in a harmonious way, this is what could be experienced:

  • Easily adaptable to the natural flow of life and feelings. You are open and natural with others, without fear or shyness when you mix around, especially with the opposite sex.

  • Live in harmony with the ebbs and flows of the Nature and during sexual union with a loved one, there is vibrational dance of masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies of Creation.

  • There is a feeling of joyful current of life flowing through body, mind and spirit. There is close relationship with the Nature and you feel you are a Creation from the forces of the Nature. Wonder and enthusiasm abound. Feelings are spontaneous and mutual, and, actions are creative and motivational. A person also enriches his or her own life while inspires those people around.


Maria Duval - The Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra or Svadthisthana Chakra is situated in the abdomen area just under the navel. This chakra is linked to the reproductive organs - the ovaries or testicles. It is associated with the water element which is the source of all biological life, and with the sense of taste. Water fertilises and in Creation, brings forth new life. We are connected to the fertilising and receptive energies of the Nature via Sacral Chakra.

As we all know, water purifies us by removing toxic substances from our within through the kidneys and the bladder on the physical level. On the psychic level, you feel this chakra by loosening your grip and letting go of your feelings, in order to be prepared to renew your life, so that it is constantly being started afresh in a spontaneous way.

Sacral chakra rules over our spiritual existence in many ways. Our pasts, family life, procreation, sensuality, pleasures of life and etc.. We feel of our existence through this chakra, especially when dealing with opposite sex. Overall it is responsible for constantly creating contact with others, and it influences relationships and emotional side of life.


Root Chakra - How do you know it is functioning well?

Since Root Chakra links us to the spirit of our Mother Earth, it is also essentially linked to building up a strong life force that works in tandem with our survival in this material world and our physical relationship with our terrestrial environment.

When your Root Chakra is functioning well, Maria Duval says you will experience the following:

  • You feel a deep personal bond with the Earth and its creatures, boundless vitality, stability in yourself and your life, inner strength and satisfaction.

  • You feel part of the natural cycle of life, of the alternation between rest and activity, death and re-birth. Everything you do is motivated by a desire to participate in the creation of life on our Mother Planet, while harmonising with the creative forces of the Earth and respecting life in Nature.

  • You have no problem achieving the aims you have set yourself on earth. Your life is marked by an unfailing fundamental confidence. You regard the Earth as the place from which you can obtain everything you need: material possessions, food, protection and security. So, brimming with confidence, you embrace terrestorial life and accept everything it brings you with pleasure and gratitude.