A Lucky Person

Everyone has this feeling that some people or someone else seem to be luckier than others. In life, things are not just rosy for these people but the coincidences seem to happen at the right place and right time for them.
For example, you are contemplating about moving to a new company and out of the blue, you happen to know someone from that company who can help ou to settle in. Isn't that luck or coincidences when it happens to someone else?

How do we explain this kind of situation in terms spirituality?

In Maria Duval's book, she explains that there are 3 common traits of a "lucky" person.

First, lucky person is positive in nature and they subconsciously believe and act based on their intuitions.

Second, a lucky person someone is adept at creating, grabbing and acting decisively at opportunities.

Third, a lucky person always think that the future is rosy and there is going to have lots of good breaks happening to them.

Of course, things do happen by chance and if you feel you are always unlucky, you may have to stop around and ask yourself why is this so?

In spirituality studies, a luck is just another form of energy and it depends on whether you can grasp this energy. Here are some tips from Maria Duval for you:

1. Always be positive and be acceptable to new positive experiences in life.

2. When you are facing failure, view this experience as part of the growing learning experience which is a precious part of your life journey.

3. Move away from unfortunate situations and don't dwell on it. Take control and move on!

4. Be clear of your intention and surround yourself in a conducive and inspiring environment

5. Find an experienced mentor who can help you in the tasks you are embarking on.

6. Improve your intuition by purging your mind of negative energy through meditating and journaling, meaning recording down your positive happenings in your life or even your dreams.

So, to be lucky, you may need to follow these tips that lucky people could be doing.