Maria Duval talks about mail psychic and clairvoyance

A question that is often put across to Maria Duval is that people are very curious to know how Maria can work via correspondence and mails. Cynics and doubters have again and again raise this issue to Maria and tell her it is not possible for her to know, and no way can she react or respond to a very specific problem relating to a person who sends her the letter for psychic assistance.

Maria Duval explains about this issue of clairvoyance reading over the mail. She says that it is actually rather similar to the situation when someone visits her at her office. Mail clairvoyance, however, focuses on the handwriting of the person signing off, and most importantly, the date of birth of the person requesting for her psychic reading. Date of birth is definitely essential, without it, the psychic reading won't be possible Date of birth is very unique to each person and Maria believes that the major contours of a life are already written when a person is born.

Maria Duval also has a very natural knack, which is able to see through what people are saying when they wrote to her. She has strong intuition and can read closely between the lines of the letters. And through this close observation, she is able to find solutions to the problems of the people requesting for help, even though, a lot of times the letters are not truthfully written.

Therefore, Maria Duval is able to give a response to every written letter confidently, and she has also imparted some of the tasks to her team which is under her guidance. Well-trained men and women whom Maria has strong faith in them and have been working with her for more than a decade.

Lastly Maria Duval wants to reassure that she looks at the great majority of the incoming mail letters and answers them specifically.


Maria Duval about Talismans

Talisman is a very important tool in Maria Duval's psychic profession. She regards talismans highly and is a very important thing to have in life. When Maria was seventeen, her uncle, who was a priest, gave her a talisman for protection and blessings, and gave Maria permission to use that it, since priests generally did not believe so much in talismans.

Maria Duval's TalismanThis was a talisman that brought blessings to Maria's uncle who used it to help to cure people and brought positives into people's life. Therefore, Maria Duval had firm trust and belief in it, which inadvertently helped her to progress in her psychic career as well.

Talismans are magical representation that bring the power of the occult to the person carrying it. In this way, the person is constantly under the influence and protection of this spiritual magic. Therefore, Maria Duval firmly believes that everyone should carry a talisman for own advantage.