Do you know what "sin" is?

I shall continue from the last post.

These mistaken beliefs are based, fundamentally on a false interpretation of certain cosmic laws and biblical texts. This has gradually resulted in a social and educational conditioning based on fear, doubt and guilt, along with vague and erroneous notions about "sin".

This conditioning has continued over the centuries, perpetuated by individuals who are ignorant of the true universal laws and more bothered about keeping their power and privileges to themselves than sharing them for the good of humanity.

Do you really know what "sin" is, asks Maria Duval.

The word "sin" comes from a Greek word meaning to miss the target.

Your aim, your desire, your objective, your dream, your ambition, is target you are aiming at. To sin us to do nothing to try to teach your target; it means giving up and throwing in the towel.

In fact, we sin when we don't express our natural state of prosperity, health, happiness: our true conditions. In truth, infinite plenitude and abundance are our natural state. All we need to do is to remember what we are, what we already know in the depths of our being.


Never Doubt Your Own Merit

Maria Duval would like to relate to a particular point which is linked to the financial blockage which seems to exist around many people. Money problems often arise from the fact that you don't have enough faith in yourself.

Do you know that a person's wealth in a lifetime is closely linked to all other personal assets, and when you are short of money, this suggests you also lack self-respect. But Maria Duval reiterates dearly to you who may be self-despairing to be strong.

"You are a person of merit.

Prosperity, in all its form -

money, love, health, - is good and desirable.

You are worthy of it, you deserve it!"


Maria Duval stresses at this point because it's important for this to be perfectly clear in your mind; all your true talents, including your personal merits, are inherent in you. You received these precious gifts at the moment when God gave you life. This gift - your whole make up, represents all the merit you will ever need.

It's not a matter of earning it pr proving it, as so many people tend to believe, but of living true to the merit you have possessed from the start.


Maria Duval: Use your imagination to serve your Dreams

Careers, great enterprises, massive fortunes, relationships, children, health, personal development, they all don't happen by chances. They do not become a reality by falling down the sky or by rising out of the depth of some abyss.

Anything that is successful, or leads towards success, originates from an idea, a dream, this notion of the seed that germinates in the heart and mind of a human being. A person without a dream - no matter how small - cannot reap a harvest of gratifying success, which means to say that: your success begins with a dream.

Do you have a dream in life?

What is your dream in life right now?

When we were children, we all imagined what we would like to be when we grew up: astronaut, scientist, actress, doctor, teacher, and etc..

During the course of our childhood, full of play, and our adolescence, full of dreams, we envisaged lots of different roles, and any glamourous position, job or achievement seemed possible and real in our imagination.

But we are grew older we began to lower our sights. Teachers, parents, other adults, maybe friends, advised us negatively to be realistic instead of rightly encouraging us to go for our dreams. The worse of all is that we chose to listen to them as the act of respect or obedience and that really limit our possibilities of our dreams. Sadly, it places a lot of frustration in our later lives, thinking back in disappointment and regrets.

The vast fertile fields which lay before us began to shrink down before our eyes, until our vision of future success was reduced to nothing bigger than a pot of flowers. Suddenly most of the world seems inaccessible in our minds.

But the essential point to recognise is of course that the unlimited potential of childhood and the tight constraints of adult life, both originate mainly from our imagination.

If you believe you can, no doubt you can.

If you believe you can't, you probably can't.

You need to have faith in your dreams for them to come true. Take Maria Duval's words for it. In fact, all great successful men will agree this point wholeheartedly. Just do it and the rewards may be fantastic.


Maria Duval: Do not sell yourself short when it comes to prosperity and wealth

Destiny is the result of thoughts and feelings. Not many people realise that this is a hard fact yet they continue to act and think negatively which further results in their lives being subject to harsh realities. A conscious mind all us to possess anything; a consciousness of health produces health, a consciousness of prosperity produces prosperity.

You must also cherish hope in the depths of your heart, as the most precious of divine gifts, because there is an important principle which says: the result you get will be determined by what you hope for.

So always expect the best and you will see that the result is spontaneously prompted by the hope. Most importantly do get used to thinking in terms of comfort, wealth and prosperity.

A word of advice, do not say words like, "I don't deserve it...", "I'm not entitled to it....", "Wealth and riches are not for me...", "I don't have luck with money...", "Some people are lucky but not me...", and etc. Everyday if you observe, you hear so many of such words being uttered exasperatingly by friends and people around you, isn't it? Banish from your mind these type of insidiously negative thoughts as these will only only more failures and problems into your life.

Maria Duval: true prosperity is a frame of mind.

We are born to this Earth to be happy and to lead a full, satisfying and meaningful life that may contribute to the mankind in a positive way.

True prosperity is a kind of frame of mind thanks to which everything we need comes to us without any great effort, so that our desires are fulfilled. Prosperity is part of reality, and psychic Maria Duval has aimed to help others fulfilling their desires and to see the nature of the reality.

It's possible, just like the gardener establishing his sowing calendar over the seasons, to plant thoughts in the subconscious which will germinate and grow into lots of good things in due course.

It's important for you to understand that thoughts are impulses of the cosmic energy which have the power to manifest themselves (either good or evil) in the material world. Do you know that our experiences, joy, sorrow, failures, successes and all states of living existence seem to just happen to us, but, we in fact cause them on a very basic level when we visualise and thought about them subconsciously all the time.


Maria Duval: access to material wealth and prosperity

Let Maria Duval explain: access to material wealth and prosperity is a process, not a state.

So, what exactly is the difference here?

Well, a "state" is something non-permanent, susceptible to change, like for example a piece of ice which liquefies when temperature rises beyond a certain level. If you see wealth as a state, you will always be worried about losing it, consciously or in the back of your mind.

A "process" on the other hand moves with you all through your life and never ceases. If you open your heart and mind to abundance, you will build a sense of prosperity "from the inside" - something which nobody can take away from you.

Maria says tell yourself that being financially successfully means being able to look at yourself in the mirror at any time and see a person of merit, whom you respect and admire.

Persuade yourself that life has places its divine spark in each human being. You can and must re-claim that wonderful heritage of unlimited creativity that exists inside you, and convert this inner spiritual richness into external material benefits.


Practising Law of Attraction

Previously I talked about why most people are miserable - it's probably due to law of attraction! Now I shall briefly write about Maria Duval's guide to receive position attraction.

First of all, you need to think about what you desire, what you want to happen, what you wish to see. Once you have that, clarify the thought by giving reasons why you should require it, and how does it going to change your life or benefit you. It is important for you to know yourself why you need it.

Next process your thought so that it comes from inside of you to outside of you. You can do this by writing it down, and by speaking it. Or something simple like sticking your thought on the fridge, on a whiteboard etc. The purpose is to do something to get the energy you have created into motion. Receive what you asked for. You asked and you will receive.

Here is where Maria Duval must give you a serious warning. Be very careful what you ask for, you will get it! The problem here is what you get may not be what you want. Maria Duval has seen too many times in which a person asks for something and when it arrives they did not really want it that way. Sometime there were dreadful consequences. Show gratitude for what you have received. Be thankful that you were able to be gifted this thing. This puts out positive energy that either makes things better or brings more of your desire.