Vibrate to the "Sound of the Universe"

An interesting principle in spirituality is called "The Sound of the Universe". It is thought that the whole Universe when broken down into its most fundamental form, is just a endless and borderless mass of vibrating energy. Maria Duval says that the "Sound of the Universe" or "OM" is a low humming sound emitted from this spatial span of cosmic energy. "OM" is also considered as the "Sound of the Existence" too.

What we are referring now is the most extremely ancient sound formed due to the vibration of the whole Universe, and in terms of purity, this is the purest form created totally on realm and no other forms of sound can even come near it.

Great spiritual teachers and yoga masters draw tremendous Maria Duval - strength and inspiration from "OM" sound and its powerful vibratory effects, and its position of the "Root of All Languages". They focus intently on this sound tone to result in clear vision and intelligence in subconscious reference.

The other day, I tried to say the "OM" sound loudly *of course when no one was around*, the effect was shocking! My whole body practically vibrated, and I felt energy penetrating my deepest tissues and cells! Blood circulation was quickened and there was a rash of excitement due to the flow of more oxygen.

Maria Duval says this is result of my body atoms interacting with the primordial vibrations of the universal energy.

Try it! Everything vibrates to this sound. Close your mouth, use your throat region to force out this OM's bassy tone. If you have powerful OM tone, perhaps you can set your wooden furniture creaking!