Happy New Year

We are looking at the feet of 2010 now. Yes, a brand new year is coming soon and is knocking at your doors. How are you going to greet it? This is the point of the outgoing and the incoming and this transition always promises a lot of hope and possibilities. A brand new opportunity to many people.

Maria Duval suggests a few pointers to kickstart your 2010:

Make Resolutions
New Year is never complete without making yourself new resolutions. Make meaningful resolutions that Maria Duval - Happy New Yearare meant to make positive changes in your life. Also, make sure to stick to these resolutions vehemently.

Remove the Clutter

If you are free on 1 Jan, you can spend a bit of time to get rid of the clutter that has been sleeping at the corner of your room. Recycle it as much as your can. You can also tidy your work desk or bedroom. This also means you wish to remove the bad emotional clutter from your life.

Physical Checkup
Nothing beats a healthy soul and body.

Visit your GP for a complete physical checkup so that you can deal with any diseases before it is ready to strike you. A timely checkup will also make you ready with a better health to greet the New Year.

Have a Happy New Year 2010!


Maria Duval - How to wear your planetary seal

Now that you have found out which is your planetary seal, it is time to put to good positive use to optimise its effectiveness.

If you doubt yourself, if you have fits of anguish, unexplained fears, feeling of weakness, if you feel empty, sad or indifferent to everything, this planetary seal you are holding can give you back a taste for living, and inspire you with enthusiasm and energy.

For this to happen, you must have it constantly on your person. Maria Duval - Planetary SealRather than putting it in one of your pockets, tie your planetary seal, which Maria Duval wants to remind you that it should be rolled up and placed in a square of material tied at the 4 corners, with a piece of wool long enough for it to be able to go around your neck so that your Seal rests on your chest at the middle of the breastbone.

In time of need, put your right hand on your Seal over your clothes and say quietly:

"Seal of (name of your Seal)
I feel your presence
Seal of (name of your Seal)
Watch over me
Thanks to you, (name of your Seal)
I am filled with strength and joy."

Maria Duval suggests to repeat this prayer for at least 5 times before resuming the course of your activities.

Wish you have a great and wonderful 2010 ahead.


Maria Duval - Seal of Moon

When the magic square has 81 boxes, each containing one of the numbes from 1 to 81 inclusive, it is symbolically attached to the Moon. The total of each of its horizontal, vertical or diagonally lines produces number 369, reduced, 45 or, reduced again, 9. These numbers are not neutral where you are concerned. Note that they emit vibrations capable of making your life develop just as much as your lucky numbers.

Maria Duval says the Seal of the Moon is specially recomended to those born in the sign of Maria Duval - Seal of MoonCancer, which is why Maria advises Cancerians to carry a moon seal with them as much as possible.

For the Seal of the Moon to be able to exercise its power properly, it should be associated with an object made of silver and stored in white surroundings by wrapping it with white silky clothes or woollen material.

The Seal of the Moon is particularly suitable when it comes to favoring motherhood, safe-guarding a child, having a good relationship with mother or a woman or increasing popularity, eg, during an election. Health benefits that this seal may bring include improving sterility and bringing solace to person who are under depression.


Maria Duval - Seal of Mercury

When the magic square has 64 boxes, each containing noe of the numbers from 1 to 64 inclusive, it is symbolically attached to the planet Mercury. The total of each of its horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines produces the number 260, reduced, 26 or reduced again, 8. These numbers are not neutral where you are concerned. Note that they emit vibrations capable of making your life develop just as much as your lucky numbers.

Maria Duval explains the Seal of Mercury is specially Maria Duval - Seal of Mercuryrecommended to those born in Gemini and Virgo, and she advises those who were born in these 2 signs to carry such seal as much as possible.

Please note that for this the seal of mercury to exercise its power properly, it should be associated with an object made of bronze and be stored in purple-coloured surroundings like being wrapped in a deep red silk or woollen material.

Maria Duval further explains that the seal is an appropriate protection for those who are on long journeys, or for doing business abroad with foreigners. It aids also when you are trying to learn a new language, studying for exams, or improving one's memory. Health-wise, the Seal of Mercury can relieve respiratory or muscular defects.

At Peace.

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Maria Duval - Seal of Venus

When the magic square has 49 boxes, each containing one of the numbers from 1 to 49 inclusive, it is symbolically attached to the planet Venus. The total of each of its horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines produces the number 175 or reduced 13, or reduced again, 4. These numbers are not neutral where you are concerned. Note that they emit vibrations capable of making your life develop just as much as your lucky numbers.

Maria Duval explains that the Seal of Venus is particularly suitable to those born in the signs of Taurus and Libra.

For the seal of Venus to be able to exercise its powers properly, it should Maria Duval - Seal of Venusbe associated with an object made of copper and stored in green coloured surroundings like keeping it wrapped in a green silk or woollen material.

At the back of this seal, ancient humans used to draw a woman holding a Cupid's bow in one hand and a musical instrument in the other hands. Hence from this, we can deduce that the Seal of Venus is particularly suitable at solving problems pertaining to feelings and emotion or issues relating in the arts profession.

Lastly, Maria Duval says this seal can relieve problems associated with the voice or troubles involving the nose and pharyx.


Maria Duval - Seal of Sun

When the magic square has 36 boxes, each containing one of the numbers from 1 to 36 inclusive, it is symbolically attached to the Sun. The total of each of its horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines produces the number 111 or reduced 12 or, reduced again, 3. These numbers are not neutral where you are concerned. Note that they emit vibrations capable of making your life develop just as much as your lucky numbers.

Maria Duval explains that the Seal of Sun is particularly recommended to those Maria Duval - Seal of Sunborn in the sign of Leo, which is why Maria recommends those born in this sign to bring along her Seal of Sun.

For the Seal of Sun to exert its power properly, it should be associated with an object made of gold (ring, medal, etc.)and is stored in yellow coloured surroundings like wrapped in a yellow cloth.

The Seal of Sun is suitable for those who wish to get to the top, living in luxury and comfort, acquiring beautiful things, and obtaining honours and titles. When it comes to health problems, note that this Seal of relieve migraines, improve eye sight and mitigate heart problems.


Maria Duval - Seal of Mars

When the magic square has 25 boxes, each containing one of the numbers from 1 to 25 inclusive, it is symbolically attached to the planet Mars. The total of each of its horizontal, vertical lines produces the number 65, or reduced 11, or reduced again, 2.

These numbers are not neutral where you are concerned. Maria Duval - Seal of MarsNote that they emit vibrations capable of making your life develop just as much as your lucky numbers.

Maria Duval explains that Seal of Mars is very useful and recommended to those born in the sign of Aries and Scorpio, which is why she advises people who were born in these two zodiacs to make use of its power.

For the Seal to exert its power of influence properly, it should be linked with an object made of steel and stored in red coloured surroundings.

On the back of the Seal, the ancients used to draw a soldier holding a shield in one hand and a sword in the other. Gradually, that figure was replaced by one or several signs symbolically attached to planet Mars.

Therefore, the Seal is useful when it comes to struggling events, winning a competition or defeating an enemy. It is likely to help you when you wish to gain a promotion in workplace, a want to improve your energy level, and stimulate your willpower.

Maria Duval also says this seal helps to improve your health by relieving migraines, stopping anaemia or apathy.


Maria Duval - Seal of Jupiter

This is the magic formation when the square has 16 boxes, each containing one of the numbers from 1 to 16 inclusive, it is symbolically attached to the planet Jupiter. The total of each of its horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines produces number 34, or reduced 7.

These 2 numbers are not neutral where you are concerned. Note that they emit vibrations capable of making your life develop just as much as your lucky numbers (and they may be among them, moreoever)

Maria Duval - Seal of JupiterMaria Duval points out that this seal is particularly recommended to those born in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. She advises those who born in these 2 zodiac signs to carry a Seal of Jupiter as soon as possible.

For Seal of Jupiter to be able to exercise its powers properly, it should be associated with a pewter object, and stored in an orange-coloured surroundings (like wrapped in a piece of orange cloth for example).

The Seal of Jupiter is particularly appropriate to achieve serenity and faith as well as to promote the abundance of worldly goods and ideas. It is also said to be able to solve legal and hierarchical problems.

Maria Duval closes by saying it is highly suitable for those who are obese or having weight problems.


Maria Duval - Seal of Saturn

This is a 3x3 magic square which is the simplest. Maria Duval says it is symbolically linked to planet Saturn.

The total of each of its horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines produces number 15, or reduced, 6. These 2 numbers are not neutral where you are concerned. Note that they emit vibrations capable of making your life develop just as much as your lucky numbers.

Seal of SaturnMaria Duval explains that this seal of particularly recommended to those born in the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius. Maria advises those born in these 2 signs to seriously consider looking into the power of this seal.

For the Seal of Saturn to be able to exercise its powers, it should be associated with an object made of lead and stored in dark surroundings (eg, wrapped in dark shaded papers)

On the back of this seal, the ancients used to draw an old man busy working the land. Gradually that figure was replaced by one or several signs symbolically attached to the planet Saturn. From this, it must be deduced this seal is specially suitable when it comes to obtaining benefits of a professional nature.

It is also inclined to have a beneficial effect on relations with the elderly. Maria Duval says it can also help to solve problems relating to inheritance. When it comes to health problems, you should now that it can relieve arthritic or rheumatic pains.


Maria Duval on Magic Squares

Maria Duval explains that in numerology and astrology, date of birth is an important and defining string of numbers that are unique to individuals as your entire astrological and numerological readings are built around this number.

So, Maria Duval teaches me that I can construct a magic talisman using numbers and associate it's power with me by utilising my date Maria Duval on Magic Squaresof birth as the charm. This forms a magic square that makes a potent talisman or charm for enhancing certain talents and abilities of the bearer.

Magic Squares have the property of symmetric resolution. By their nature, they form a completed pattern. The fact that every row, column, and diagonal of the figure adds up to the same total, gives them balance. The universe as a whole is a system in which we draw forth balance and completion. The very cycle of Life is seen as a never-ending circle, a continuing pattern which is repeated over and over; A Magic Square models this pattern.

Magic Squares, also give us endless repetition. We can add each row and column in turn, and arrive at the same result over and over. This is the very nature of spells; a charm or prayer which is repeated over and over to build momentum, and draw power for a working.


Mind Reading

People often have this fantasy of reading one's mind as a kind of supernatural power
they would like to have. How nice it would be, wouldn't it?

Maria Duval explains in her booklet that it is not an impossible task as she says scientists have already proven this is possible as we are detect mind frequencies naturally through "mirror neurons" to anticipate what a person would do next after he or she does a certain gesture or action.

For instance, if the baby reaches out for a feeding bottle, the person seeing it would automatically deduce that the baby would bring the bottle to his or her mouth and drink the milk from it. So, in effect, the neurons simulate anticipated action and consequently read minds.

Therefore you should realise that humans as more intelligent beings have some forms of mind reading capability.

Maria Duval
further explains that to read someone's mind fairly accurately, you should pay extra attention not only to the eyes, but to the overall facial expression, body language, spoken words, tone of the voice or manner of speaking. These are loopholes that are open naturally for outsiders to decipher someone's state of mind and emotions.

Of course, through constant practice and meditation, you can get better as frequencies emitted could be very feeble for you to detect.


Maria Duval on sleeping and dreams

Maria Duval say that sleeping well is a good natural way to develop better intuition. There is a widespread belief in the healing powers of sleep. It is therefore important to respect your sleep patterns.

Maria Duval says there is a very simple rule for this: listen to yourself. In other words, go to bed when you are tired and wake up when you feel refreshed! Animals follow this rule instinctively but humans may not be so. However, there is a very simple way of remaining fit and healthy. Learn to catch the "sleep rain".

Here is how you can listen to the messages sent by your body:

- yawning may indicate that the body and mind are relaxing.
- a heavy head means your neck muscles are becoming too tired to support it, it drops forward and then jerks back up as if you were reacting against feeling "shattered".
- eyes water or sting.

Have the determination to make the right decision, to do the sensible thing. Tell yourself: "I'm feeling sleeping, and I am going to bed."

You can't imagine the extent to which this type of decision favours your progress along the path of Initiation!

Maria Duval also says that we must learn to respect your inner rhythm and the time of your "sleep train". If you don't, tell yourself there won't be another "train" along for two hours.

Also remember that the hours of sleep before midnight count as double since they are quality hours and the most beneficial for the regeneration of your tired organism.


Maria Duval on practising Forgiveness

To get rid yourself of resentment, Maria Duval suggests to me this exercise which has been truly tried and tested.

The best way is to go to a quiet place and recall an incident of the past, that you wish to forgive and try to feel the hurt as much as you can. If you need to cry, do it. As crying is the best medicine for emotional hurt and pain.

Maria Duval - DaffodilMaria also says that crying is a great healer of emotional pain. Recall your inner child who was involved in that particular experience and talk to him and say that you forgive him as he was acting on the awareness that he was having at that time.

Reassure him and love him for taking care of you at that time. You may have to do this more than once for bigger hurts, but it is worth it because your present health and wealth is dependent on healing your past issues.

Maria Duval explains that you perform the art of forgiveness, you may feel much lighter and relieved as you have just let go of the unhappy burden from the past. Spiritually, the energy inside you that is stuck is being released and this released energy could be used for present creative purposes, such as attracting more wealth and abundance to your life or improving on your relationships.


Releasing Your Intuition

Maria Duval - Releasing Your IntuitionMaria Duval explains that intuition is direct, spontaneous and indubitable knowledge that does not reply on reasoning and its independent of any form of proof. It is a perfect assessment and understanding of the situation, the "right feeling". You know instinctively what to do and what is best for you.

Every human has intuition, some kind of vague feelings which prove to be surprisingly accurate when we allow them to develop within us, like someone looking for you, a pending ringing phone or some strong particular ideas which persist.

Unfortunately, most people don't know how to utlitise this natural gift and they are trapped by their logical mind and hence missing out on their magical and intuitive mind.

Maria Duval believes that if more humans are able to naturally use their in born intuition ability, they would be able to resolve almost all of their problems as well as indefinitely extending the boundaries of their limitations.


Leading a Balanced Life

If you are a balanced person, you use up energy in an even and level manner. You will rarely have any ups and downs emotionally or one minute of high spirits while the sagging spirits in the next minute. Through balance or level-headedness, you are protected from temperamental swings.

Psychic Maria Duval says that people who are level-headed are calm and they can face up to any adverse situations confidently and successfully. This is a virtue as it brings self-confidence and self-control. A level-headed person is not dominated by his peers but he governs and controls it.

Maria Duval also suggests to train to be level-headed by repeating "I have a single aim in my life. This is to improve myself - intellectually, socially or morally." Say it as often as you can so that you can absorb its positive energy.

One thing is sure though is that you cannot be well-balanced in life if you are torn between two different aims. The aim of improving yourself encompasses all your interests. This suggestion brings your calmness and helps helps you to remain poised.

And begin by getting into the habit of putting some thought into your actions. Once you have decided to do something, think about it before you go ahead. If you always establish a plan before you take action, you will not get bogged down with unforeseen tasks. And if the unexpected happens, you will be able to cope with it without losing sight of your initial plan, by using the power of your concentration.

Maria Duval adds that do not allow yourself to get easily ruffled. Remain calm and indifferent to the things that happen to annoy you and to the reasons for them. If something bad happens, if a vexing situation arises, say to yourself, "everything will be fine, everything will work out". And most importantly, do not ever let panic taking over the control when you are faced with a stronger adversary or else you won't have lost the balance you have been practising all the time. Remain calm and steady and your oppenents who want to see you dejected will be defeated.


Maria Duval's exercise to improve Concentration

Maria Duval suggests to me to do this exercise to improve my concentration level.

Take a sheet of cardboard and draw a black dot in the centre. The size of the dot doesn't matter as the main thing is that you can see it clearly.

Next, sit down comfortably and place the card board in front of you and look at the black dot.

For a minute or so, just look at the dot without making any kind of effort. Let your gaze rest on the black surface of the dot and stick to it. Don't think of anything. If a thought comes into your mind, don't "fight" it. let it drift away and dissipate.

Maria Duval continues and says now look at the black dot but focus on its centre, as if you wanted to see what it contained. Try not to blink and do this for 2 minutes.

Now you are in the perfect pose to get acquainted with the black dot. If asked to, you would have no difficulty in drawing it.

Put the cardboard to one side and close your eyes. Try to see the dot in your mind's eye. All you have to do is to reconstruct the image as you have just seen it. In only a few seconds you will have the impression that the black dot is floating in your head and becomes fixed in the region of your forehead.

You may end this concentration exercise from Maria Duval once you have "found" this "floating" image.


Focus your attention

Maria Duval tells me that concentration is an important ability to focus and fix your attention of an idea or object to the extent that no external influences may even affect your mental focal point.

"Being able to concentrate" means having the power to focus all your mental energy on a single thing at a time, without allowing youself to be completely distracted by events that occur around you.

Maria Duval on ConcentrationOne good example Maria Duval gives is the magnifying glass that is under focus of sunlight on a hot day. The glass will focus the sunlight into an even more powerful ray of light that can cause burnt marks. In the same way, by concentrating your mind, all your mental energy can be focused to produce an energy that can bring you to a higher level in life.

Maria Duval assures you that concentration is one of the more important elements to success.

if you want to achieve any form of success in life, you must learn to focus your attention, thoughts, emotions, desires and determination. Focus them like the sun's rays, on a single point.

Observe the top sports men and sports women. Aren't they all possess the highest possible of level when they are in their game? Same level of intense concentration applies to many outstanding personalities in their respective field of excellence.


Maria Duval - Adopting a Psychic's Mind

There is power is the human minds. Since ancient times, psychics or mediums in different cultures have been using this mysterious power to carry out their works. You may also be in the cycle of change without you knowing.

Each human being is borned with a pre-determined life pattern. It is the blueprint of how your life is going to be, whether you will be a commoner, good guy, bad guy or someone who scales the height of achievements.

Maria Duval Psychic MindThe only thing that keeps us separated from abundance is our own beliefs. We don't feel that we are worth the wealth. We undermine ourselves and simply don't believe it is possible to realise. Maybe we have had some bad experiences in the past and thus we are reluctant to try again.

It did not happen then why could this time be any different? Or we regard anything even closely related to business or money somehow unrelated or impure when talking about spirituality and higher purpose of life. We want to associate ourselves only with unselfishness and spiritually uplifting issues - not with the material reality.

In life, you have got to understand that you have the potential to create change for yourself. There is always change that must occur in a persons mind before it actually happens in the physical mind. The physical mind is created when we either do good or bad things for people. The best thing that you can do each day is to open your mind to whatever you feel is right. You must be open to the psychic energy of things as well.

If you feel like you do not want to be the same person that you were yesterday, then it is important to understand that you have to try something different than what everyone else is doing. You must have a mind of your own and shuffle things around until you see things happening in the way that you would like for them to be given to you. Remember that you have the mind and the power to do whatever you feel like in life via the positive energy you have attained in life.


In search of love? Try psychic love reading

We are all emotional beings. It goes on right to say that everyone yearns for love. This is the thing we are all common in that transcends cultural and religious barriers. Different person has different expectation of love they want to receive. To be loved and to love another is an amazing gift.

Maria Duval - Psychic love readingDespite this great gift of humanity, all of us are busy with our daily lives and searching for greater love is certainly not the most important or simple to many people. In fact, most of us find love hard to come by. That is why free psychic love readings and psychic seduction service are highly popular form of psychic reading, as Maria Duval reveals in her letter. Besides wealth, a great thirst in us is to look for love and know when it will enter our lives.

Have you ever been through a psychic love reading session? Feel free to share with me.

From what I understand, psychic love readings can be in a form of questionnaires, astrology love chart, or reading by a psychic via face-to-face session, email, letter or phone. Maria Duval's love reading falls in the third type.

Have fun with it, but ultimately look within yourself to find the real answers. :)


Maria Duval - Your 5 Sacred Teachers

It is said that life is a long journey whose itinerary is essentially the same for us all, even though our departure may take place under different circumstances and we may carry different baggages.
Philosophically, everyone is born, and everyone dies and most complete the cycle of birth, childhood, puberty, maturity and death.

Maria Duval - Your 5 Sacred Teachers
To achieve wisdom, Maria Duval says, you need to know how your character was formed in order to learn to rectify what prevents you from achieving your full potential.

The answers are written in your life history. This history unfolds according to natural cycles, each cycle having its natural teachers: mother (birth), father (childhood), yourself (puberty), society (maturity), the universe (old age).

So the unique scenario of your life history reflects all the relationship that you experience with those around you. The 5 sacred teachers mentioned above teach you the wisdom you need to know. These teachers are naturally invested with the power to transmit the instincts you need to function successfully in a constantly changing world.

But to discover and reappropriate all the natural instincts of preservation and development that your teachers have bequeathed to you, your mind must first of all free itself from the past to find itself fully in the present, to function in a magical and intuitive manner, and create a space in which to welcome your new life, full of success and great riches.

Maria Duval asks, isn't it better to produce and star in your own film rather than play extras in other people's productions?


Maria Duval - Mind is like Camera

The mind operates somehow like a camera. It captures and records reality instead of picture frames. Its depth are unimaginable and its energy is unlimited. People rarely live in a state of innocence, which is the quality that gives us access to the magic of life.

Maria Duval - clearing your mindHowever, most people do not want anything to do with this magic. They prefer security, predictability and monotony of life. Most people calculates, judges and operates with precision and organises with ingrained habits. Maria Duval tells me that this is a narrow, uncoordinated mindset. It lacks innovation, freshness and magic of life.

It is known that there is another dimension where we can encounter good fortune, success and prosperity. Maria Duval calls this dimension the "intuitive mind" because it is agile, receptive, resourceful and lives in the present.

That is our natural mindset, our spontaneous way of thinking. However, through progressive conditioning and education, this part of the mindset has been lost in many of us.

It is therefore necessary to have a major clear out in our mind to enable it to achieve its full potential and true self knowledge.

Learn from Maria Duval as she is able to help you to improve this aspect of life!


Maria Duval - Clearing Your Mind

Maria Duval - Clearing Your MindMaria Duval asks, what is the mind? She says the mind is everything connected to your intellectual faculties and psychological functions. To experience the power of knowledge, we have to "clear our minds".

What does this knowledge refer to? It is the knowledge of yourself, which means discovering your real personality, your true "self", the self that lies beneath the veneer of educational, cultural and social conditioning.

Maria Duval assures that this "authentic personality" is well worth discovering. Greek master Socrates said:

"Know yourself through yourself!"

In other words, "clearing your mind" means clearing your head of all its "mental chatter", its "internal dialog", to see what is really inside.

The true "Self" is part of the individual which is governed by instinct, the part that tends to remain hidden, appearing rarely or never at all. It is a part of the individual that belongs to their life history, their own particulars and entirely personal experience of the life cycle - birth, childhood, puberty, maturity and death.


Maria Duval - The Song of the Heart

Maria Duval tells me that songs are an integral part of all cultures. Songs express anger and suffering, joy and sadness, our cares and concerns. Music and songs constitute one of those rare domains in which the exploration of the entire range of emotions is openly approved and fully accepted, even in our cultures where the tendency is to repress true emotions and replace them with pale imitations or simulations.
When you think about it, you realise that we depend on singers in the sense that they provide us with an almost constantly supply of emotional energy. While the art of the singer lies in showing us how to explore the range of our emotions, you can release these emotions by discovering the "singer that lies dormant within you".

Maria Duval - Singing
Maria Duval further explains that singing is a very simple and immediate way of releasing the flow of your emotions and allowing them to flow day after day. It is not a case of becoming a professional singer by a human being working to his full potential.

Initially you can sing along with the songs contained in your favourite CDs or MP3 tunes. Look for songs that connect you emotionally. Sing as often as you can, at home, during showers, driving, house work, or even during jogging sessions~

If you are shy or feel that you are not good in singing, Maria Duval suggests that you can hum along the music allowing the music to rise from the pit of your stomach. Feel it vibrating throughout your body. Hum from your chest, from your heart. Finally hum the highest notes, allowing the sound to vibrate in your head.

When you do it, you can feel that your soul is "moving" as you hum along as you are immersing in the whole of the melodic music. It does't matter there is lyrics or not as all your have to do it so let the sound rise from your stomach and vibrate throughout your entire body.


Maria Duval on being Compassionate

Maria Duval says that you experience compassion once you have experienced fear, anger, sadness and joy. When these range of emotions form part of your everyday life, you become more aware of them in other people and begin to understand other people's motives.

Also, because you are no longer in conflict with yourself, you are no longer tempted to threaten the vital space of others. By doing so, you give them the opportunity to stop being invaded by their fears.

In short, you are now able to give people exactly what they need, which automatically opens the door to success and prosperity for you.

What is compassion? Compassion is not always a caress, it is sometimes a slap in the face. Compassion is being able to feel what another person is feeling while remaining sufficiently detached to understand their needs and to know what to do or say.

Maria Duval clarifies that being compassionate means feeling sorry and sad for other people. Being compassionate means giving the other person what they need, which is not always the same as giving them what they want.


Maria Duval on JOY

Maria Duval teaches me that JOY is the expansive energy of dynamic well-being. It brings ecstasy, makes your eyes twinkle, gives you a spring in your foot steps, and makes you exudes radiance. It is instrinsically open, generous and relaxed. Joy comes when your emotional energy is free to react appropriately to the experiences you encounter.

Just think of the natural euphoria that you feel when you are dancing, running or performing any other physical activity, at the point when your whole body is moving on its own, effortlessly and naturally.

Maria Duval stresses that this kind of happiness can only occur when fear, anger and sadness are freely expressed.

Joy is as important as the other emotions, and perhaps even more so. It cures, strengthens and restores confidence in what your inner life should be.

So when you experience joy, spontaneity comes of its own accord, and you no longer avoid the fear of the present by always wanting to be somewhere else, in another situation, in the past or an uncertain future.


Maria Duval on Sadness

Maria Duval explains that sadness is the emotional relaxation or release that occurs when your expectations and wishes are not fulfilled. The tension of expectation and intention melt like snow in the sun. Sadness hurts because it implies letting go of something you are attached to and a sense of loss that you have to live with.

We all know the outward signs of sadness: a dejected expression or "long" face, a hunched back, slumped shoulders, arms hanging by the sides, feet dragging along the ground and poor diction. It is as if the person's entire body is "fading".

We obviously combat sadness with all our might because we want to be happy. And we conclude that to be happy we have to avoid sadness. In fact, it is quite the opposite; it is only by accepting the inevitability of sadness that we can achieve true happiness. For sadness is the healthy way to react to the inevitable disappointments of life.

Hence Maria Duval says that sadness therefore brings you into contact with the most vulnerable part of yourself. It is an energy of release, like a storm that breaks the tension and clears the air. It is beneficial emotion which is essentially to enable your being to remain fluid and able to respond to the changes that occur in life.

So it is important to realise that it is never desirable to repress your real wishes and aspirations simply to avoid the suffering that occurs if they are not fulfilled. By avoiding sadness, you only experience a superficial happiness and lead the kind of "mechanical" life that sometimes conceals a subjacent depression.

Lastly, Maria Duval thinks that when life disappoints you and denies your dearest wishes, sadness is an appropriate response since its purifying energy releases the rest of your emotions. And when you learn to express your sadness, you will find that JOY will make a grand appearance in your life!


Transforming Your Anger

Psychic Maria Duval explains that anger is a emotional reaction we possess to guard your integrity when you feel your personal borders have been intruded, or invaded. Anger is a reactive way of saying NO to an injustice or a violation.

Justified anger is immediate, clear and requires no explanation. It is like a bared teeth of a lioness protecting her catch. Real anger is focused on a very specific object and is perfectly justified. By expressing it, you expose what is unsuitable and defend your integrity in a way that is beneficial to everyone concerned.

Anger, if uncontrolled, is highly destructive and can lead to social, national and family tragedies and wars. Therefore anger is the most repressed emotion in our society.

Maria Duval says if only we learn to get angry in the right way protecting our territory against a real threat of invasion, anger would be an appropriate response, a suitable reaction to resolve the challenges we are facing, a remedy devoid of negative effects. Instead, it tends to be a chronic illness whose powerlessness is ultimately destructive.

Anger if express appropriately can be transformed to a feeling of compassion because you will understand what drive the other person to cross your "borders".

Some ways to transform anger to compassion.

- Hit your pillows with your mighty strength.
- Take a deep breath.
- Shout out loudly by the seaside.
- Writing "angry" letters.

The purpose is to release the pent-up lousy feeling deep inside you. To get rid of this gush of negative energy that can be harmful. Once this is released, you can somehow understand and empathise why the other party makes you angry in the first place.

Try it and you'll learn something uniquely special.


Maria Duval on Fear

Maria Duval writes that the emotion of fear is useful, and also indispensable. It allows you to be on your guard, catapults your senses and intensifies your awareness. She suggests to treat fear as your friend who may act as a radar for you that picks up on everything and guides you on your journey through life.

It is the basic instinct of human survival, on the physical, mental and spiritual level. It is vital to have a very acute sense of what can constitute a threat to your well-being. Sensitive, well-adjusted antenna indicate any form of danger, enabling you to identify the threats as they occur and to deal with them.

But the danger signals emitted by fear are suffocated if you have developed a form of behaviour designed to deny or suppress this emotion. By not paying attention to these particular signals of fear, this energy is dispersed and transformed into a general paranoia, a sort of ever present "chronic mistrust".

This is the reason Maria Duval says why people are subconsciously transfixed by fear. They are as it was afraid of fear, which prevents them transforming it into positive energy.

Suddenly, there fear is everywhere. Like fear of retrenchment, fear of losing loved ones, fear of death. Some people even fear of success, being too happy, fear of the truth, and all kinds of mind boggling phobias you can imagine of.

Have you ever noticed how unexpressed fear grips you at the throat, neck, lower back, shoulders, stiffen your jaws, furrows the brow and locks the knees?

Maria Duval says various parts of the body bear the mark of fear. But we are so used to it that we are not paying attention the messages that have been conveyed. This blinds our vital energy and affects our positive emotions.

There is no need to be fearful. Instead give your inherent fears the attention they deserve and allow them to express themselves as and when they occur. In this way, Maria Duval believes energy can be released in a right manner.


Maria Duval - Learning to relax

Maria Duval's "instant relaxation" technique.

This technique allows you to restore your energy anywhere and at anytime, and it can be done in a short time like a few minutes.

To perform this technique, first of all you need to settle down comfortably, or you can lay down. Close your eyes and carry out an isometric contraction of all your muscles and then breath deeply.

With each exhalation, let your tiredness, worries and tensions flow out through your heels into the depths of the earth.

Pause at the end of each exhalation, before allowing the air to flow back into your lungs bringing tranquility, peace and calmness.

During the pause after each inhalation, "feel" the space within your whole body.

Next visualise yourself in an "idea" relaxing environment, like sea, river, forest, meadow, mountain, cave, or waterfall, where you can stay completely relaxed. You can visualise about the singing oriole at the near side of the river, the figure-like white clouds at the far sky, periodic splashing of the wave at the beach rocks, a peaceful garden with light breeze or two meters underneath a coral atoll.

At this place, use the energy of colours to restore your energy. For example, imagine a beautiful rainbow: breath in the colour as if the air you were breathing was coloured - which corresponds to your needs of the moment and allow it to spread through your body.

Next, Maria Duval teaches that as you breath out, let it flow out through your heels. Return to everyday reality by stretching fully.

This is the "instant relaxation" technique which you can use to recharge your batteries with physical and mental energy is just a few minutes. Try it. It is quite effective.


Walking for fitness

Maria Duval suggests that walking is a great form of workout in which people can use to shape up their health and vitality. Everyone needs to work so why don't make use of this often forgotten activity to train our bodies for more mobility, harmony and vitality? The repeated and regular contact with the ground recharges your nervous spiritual side of you.

There are some good times to walk. The best times are sunrise and sunset times, since the earth's electromagnetic energy is great at these times than at any other time of the day.

If possible and allowable, try to walk barefoot in the garden to feel the wet morning grass or feeling the softness of a sandy beach. This is a very good way to build up your lost body energy. Contact with the earthly elements will help you replenish this lost energy. As your barefoot comes in contact with the earth, you can feel a rush of energy going up your body through your feet.

Hence Maria Duval advises that we should walk in a natural environment as often as you can, in country side, forest, by a river, seaside, or mountains.

A fifteen to twenty minutes' walk each day is a very good method to keep yourself fit and in an excellent condition. This is not very strenuous hence there is no excuse to say you are not suitable for sports.


Maria Duval - Creative Magic

There are many forms of psychic magic. It has existed for thousands of years in human history in different tribes or cultures or schools.

Some magics are old and famous.While other kinds of magic as just as ancient and yet hard to understand. Some people mistakenly think that just because a form of magic is older it means that it is more powerful. Maria Duval says this is not true.

All magic was created by human beings. It is an important part of humanity and human way of life, since we are all spiritual. It is the most primitive way of connecting with the mysterious spiritual plane.

It is the oldest way of explaining the unexplained. It is also the oldest means of realizing our inner power and interacting with the forces of nature that surround us.

We exist in an Universe of perpetual change where matters are constantly shifting from one form to the next. It is a reality that is temporal in nature. The only thing that is not temporary is the Source from which all things come from. This is the energy that binds all things as a unified whole. It is from this source energy that ideas are formed and new magics are born. It is the very source of our creativity.

Maria Duval regards the most powerful magic that can be performed is that which is created by you alone. That is Creative Magic, and is the most potent form of magic in existence. We all possess the ability to create new things. We can use the unlimited potential of our imagination to create works of great wonder and beauty that enhance the world around us. Creative magic is a powerful and transformative form of art that connects us to the very roots of our humanity and spirituality.

As we grow and evolve we consciously awaken to new realizations and ideas. Because of this, it makes sense that the forms of magic that we use must also change. We can use our creative power to forge new and powerful magics that flow straight from the source. This magic can be used to enhance our lives and transform our world.

By using the elements that surround us we can create new magical tools, symbols, and even words. We can also find ways to incorporate them into the practices of old. There is no limit to the ways in which new magic can be created. The only limit exists within your imagination.


Maria Duval - developing your vitality

A very basic principle - you must ensure and be responsible to yourself to make every effort to keep your body healthy and fit. The purpose is to free yourself from illness, tiredness and pain as far away as you possible can.

This means you are able to experience the power of BEING.

Maria Duval believes that your body is the expression of your life; your body is your Bible, your history and wiki. In fact, everything that happens to you in life is recorded and "shown" by your body.

Wisdom is also written into your body - into each of your cell that makes you up - and this is wisdom, which comes from the divine creation. Your body knows this instinctively and it feels its divine origins.

The close relationship between your inner life like your moods, frame of mind, psychological disposition, mental attitudes, thoughts or emotions, and your body is indivisible, inevitable and unavoidable.

In other words, the marriage between your body and mind can never end in divorce.

But Maria says in order for this union to be happy and successful, you must respect the needs of your body, look after it and love it like your best trove of treasures.

Majority of people live alongside themselves, in their head, memories and ignore the needs of their body, rather like absent landlords. The main reason is that most people live a sedentary life, an "illness" that involves spending most of their time sitting or lying down. The encouraging thing is that more and more people are starting to realise the need for an active mental or physical life.

Maria Duval says you don't have to slug it out at a gym or running everyday. Just spending 30 minutes a few times a week of brisk walking will be enough to improve your vitality. It can be walking to your office or walking back home after work.

As much as possible, we should try to recreate that "moments of childhood" in our adult lives, so that we are re-experience the thrills of exploring the five physical senses. Through exercise, we release the tensions accumulated in our bodies, freeing us in the process.

Be beautiful, strong, mobile and supple.


Maria Duval - A New Era

Many men and women in this world lead a life of "quiet despair".

Why is there so much despair, violence and desolation?

Maria Duval says for a few reasons like, unemployment, health, social inequality, drugs, abuse, crime, wars, economy, environment and etc..

Haven't you realised that our world is getting more and more stressful and unpredictable even though we have advanced dramatically in terms of technology and knowledge? That is because we are gradually entering a NEW ERA!

In fact, major changes are about to take place on a planetary scale. They are already written in the stars. Ages ago, prophets and clairvoyants such as Nostradamus were already predicting the shattering changes that would occur in this new era.

But you personally, what can you do to live happily amidst these tumultuous changes, which may be greatly affecting lives of many people?

Maria Duval has pledged to dedicate her time, effort and powers as a medium, to the service of Truth, Justice and Love. In this role, Maria has received the blessings of the past Masters who lived in the past.

These great Masters have bequeathed all the information required to lead a full and happy life, free from despair, especially in an environment where conditions of life are unsavoury or particularly difficult.

At the dawn of this new era, the time has come to reveal it to a number of specially chosen individuals like you.

Once you have gained the knowledge, you can apply them faithfully, conscientiously and with great perseverance, and Maria Duval is confident that you will be able to completely transform your life!


Maria Duval on Law of Affinity

Every man is linked to the Universal Cosmic Energy, by means of his Will, Heart, Soul, and Mind, which are the five elements at work within the Cosmos.

Maria Duval DodecahedronMaria Duval explains that this comes about because man, or "little world", was created in the image of God that possesses the elements and the materials that exists in the "big world", all the divine qualities and virtues.

Despite this universal concept, most people do not enjoy all the benefits of Providence, if they find they face many tests in their lives, it is because they do not know how to adjust themselves to the divine model.

To overcome this as much as possible, Maria Duval says you have to find your spiritual resonance and allow this resonance to vibrate at the same wavelength as cosmic vibration. When this happens, the Universe will answer you in the form of benefits, luck, prosperity, happiness and love...

The information I posted previously - dodecahedron - can help you to achieve this resonance much easier and faster, all thanks to its unique geometrical shape and form.

When that happens, your judgment will improve significantly. The consequences of your actions will be clear to you. You will also form a shield that will protect you from the external and internal enemies that threaten you.

So now, never be a victim if lies and deceit, solitude and isolation, broken hearts or lucks that are not coming by as you now have known the elements that will allow you to gain a better understanding of how the law of affinity work.

Think of Dodecahedron.


Maria Duval on Dodecahedron

Maria Duval says that of all the shapes used in the "science of waves of form", the "dodecahedron" is the most fascinating as it possesses multiple advantages like it does not need recharging, unlike other forms like talismans, pentacles and etc which require recharging in order to refill it with positive energy so that they can perform at optimal level at all time.

Also the energy emitted from dodecahedron will always be directed towards harmonisation with the Universal Life force. Hence Maria Duval regards it as an object with superlative vibratory power. It is easy to see why as this is an object with twelve pentagonal faces.

Twelve is quite unique in astrological sense. There are twelve months in a year and there are twelve zodiac signs. In tarot, it corresponds to the card of Hanged Man, that often results in a fruitful and fertile outcome.

Maria Duval further puts that Man is also a pentagon on a physical level, and on the spiritual level. For example, the manifestations of five virtues: love, wisdom

Maria Duval adds that pentagonal form have special properties too. It symbolises the five senses, sight, sound, feel, taste and smell. Touch being the closest sense to matter, has its main body part - finger - which has five fingers. These fingers are really the "antenna" to pick up on certain specific astral influences. The thumb is linked to Venus, the index finger to Jupiter, the middle finger to Saturn and ring finger to the Sun. The little finger is linked to Mercury.

So for these reasons, it is good to perform a simple ritual when you are using your dodecahedron. Lift your hands to the sky while concentrating on each one of your fingers to attract the beneficial influences of these heavenly objects.

In conclusion, Maria Duval states that by putting a dodecahedron near to you, you will benefit from its magical properties and you will progressively develop these qualities within you, all thanks to the powerful "waves of form" that it emits.


Invisible waves around us

Psychic Maria Duval believes that human beings are immersed in the cosmos, and for this reason, we have both wave emitters and wave receivers. There are waves that are beneficial and waves that are harmful, just as there are positive cosmic energies and negative ones.

For example, within the range of wavelengths of the light spectrum, the radiations comprised between the infrared and ultraviolet are favourable for vitality. A minimum of sun is recommended because it enables the synthesis of vitamins vital for good health.

On the other hand, any excessive ultraviolet radiation is harmful and it has been proved to cause skin cancer. Infrared radiation, in turn, produces a pleasant sensations of warmth, but in excess it can cause skin irritations. Certain waves are more harmful, like x ray or radioactive waves.

In the same way, all natural objects give out invisible waves. Some are positive while some are negative. Maria Duval says too much of negative waves will affect your aura if you live or work there. Luck and prosperity could be blocked or affected. This is where the study of Fengshui comes into play.

In conclusion, universe cosmic energy is at work everywhere. We are not the only species to be influenced by these invisible waves. Animals are even more receptive to this kind of emissions and this can be explained through their living behaviour.


Maria Duval explains psychic aura

Maria Duval says that all things that exist in this universe are made up of particles that vibrate constantly, and the degree of vibration gives rise to the state of the matter. When the particles vibrate, they emit energy in the form of waves.

Maria Duval on AuraThis emission of energy differs only in the length of the wave. In fact, each object, each organism, possesses its own specific wavelength, and gives out energy in an amount particular to it. This radiated energy produces an electromagnetic field energy around the object or body concerned.

This energy field then enters into resonance with its surroundings (another object, a person, the earth, and etc), which creates energetic interactions.

Maria Duval also says that we human beings, emit two main waves: a "physical" wave, generated by its physiological organs, and a "mental" wave, that are dependent on the mind. Together these form what is called the psychic "AURA".

People like Maria Duval who has the clairvoyant gift can perceive and see the aura around a person. Aura takes the form of an egg filled with radiations of different colours. These colours will change according to the state of health and the preoccupations of the individual.


Looking forward

I really appreciate the letter Maria Duval spent time to write to me dated 22 February 2009. Inside this letter was a scratch card which contains a mystery gift. Unfortunately, it did not bring me any special luck yet i have faith in Maria and I never give up her.

This gift is really unique and it will be something that i won't be hesitating to match it with my wear on special occasions.

There is also a booklet penned by Maria Duval and it contains many ideas that i thought make very good sense. On the day i received this booklet, I spent some 20 minutes over a coffee to read it as much as I can. Some paragraphs are so inspirational that i read it over a few times before I could really understand its true meaning.

April is coming soon and I look really forward to it because it has always been my lucky month. Last April, I won some money from the lucky numbers Maria Duval had given me, hence I hope she will write to me on this lucky month. I guess i'll be filled with tears then.

Sine receiving the latest letter, I have put many things in order. I have begun to make plans regarding the advancement of my career, and putting some effort and time to help the less fortunates. One thing is for sure, my energy and attitude has certainly changed and now i am really a positive person. Thanks Maria Duval!


Maria Duval -- subconsious mind

We are oblivious to the incessant non stop process of our subconscious according to Maria Duval. Your subconscious mind is always on taking in and processing information from a variety of sources.

So, your subconscious holds a tremendous amount of power on practical level, spiritual or metaphysical level. The subconscious represents all of the things you know (or are aware of)other words, whatever you are actively thinking about is conscious, while whatever you aren't thinking about, is subconscious - at that moment.

Let's say that you want to gain more muscles, and you decide to program your subconscious to help you make the right build to build up the eight mass of muscles First, you would still your mind through meditation or relaxation - to get into a state similar to "beginner's mind". You want your subconscious to get the exact message (and not any of the clutter that goes through most of our conscious minds!).

Once in this relaxed state, you visualize yourself making healthier choices. Let your imagination be as detailed as possible (taste the food, imagine yourself enjoying it, imagine yourself feeling pleased with yourself because you made a great choice etc.) and create in you the kind of feelings you want to achieve by creating this new habit.


Ego is neccessary in Life

Last time, I used to get frustrated with the limits of my ego and how it partially blocked my soul from having more influence in my life. Being confused and unguided, I was constantly wondering why the ego was even necessary. Ego made a person too proud I thought. I spoke with my mom about it, and she gave me an idea of why we needed our egos. It wasn't the epiphany I desired, however.

But, after reading some advices from Maria Duval, answer came to me and I realized truly why our ego's were (are) necessary to our lives. So here I am sharing with you my feelings in this post.

It may sound silly to you who already have your own theories, but then again it's only my personal revelation, open for you to read to glean new info - if you want to.

Why we need ego

One way to describe the ego is this; a slate on which the soul learns about the physical, living world. When we die, this full slate of ideas and lessons learned in our lives gets passed on for the soul to examine and learn from. Without the ego, there would be no point in the physical world.

The soul evolves by applying lessons learned in life, so without it's counterpart, the ego, the soul could not evolve. When one considers this, he or she may realize that this evolution of the soul is not that different from human evolution, for in human evolution (as far as I know) one evolves by learning new ideas as time goes on, then reproducing.

The product (the baby) will be a being with these physical/mental lessons implanted directly into their genes. When you compare this with soul evolution, the "baby" will be the soul's next human shell in it's next life.

Yes, we need ego for the continuation of life. Our humanity.

However, too much of ego is detrimental too. Maria Duval says, the key to ego is this to recognise it as a tool by minimising its influence in your life.

Yes, its true that we mess up when our egos are running the show, and when it becomes domineering over us.

So, the goal should be: control your ego; rather than letting ego controlling you.

Hope you like this post.


Maria Duval on Sixth Sense

Everyone is born with a sixth sense, although social conditioning and other factors have forced alot of us to ignore it or be blind to it. The truth is everyone has psychic ability. However, for the majority of people it is hidden, ignored, untested or distrusted. Therefore, it is common to hear people say that they are frustrated with lack of success at tapping into their intuition or sixth sense.

I've always been quite interested in the paranormal or new age psychic stuff - I think humans are transmitter or receiver of some invisible spiritual energies - but I wouldn't consider myself gifted in those areas. But thanks for Maria Duval's telepathic sessions which have helped me clear up. Every once in awhile I'll experience deja vu, or know what song is playing on the radio before I turn it on, or know who is calling before the phone rings. But to be completely honest, those occurrences probably don't happen enough to be more than coincidences.

My main question I guess would be this: Can psychic skills be developed, or must one be born with them?

Maria Duval answers my question again.

She says we all have a sixth sense because without it no one can survive. Yes sixth sense can be developed and here are a few exercises which can help:

1. Meditation: Meditation is perhaps one of the best ways to develop sixth sense. All you need to do is choose a quiet place and sit comfortably, then focus all your attention on your breath. Calm your mind and just observe your thoughts. Once your breath is calm, your thoughts will also just flutter away, this is a state where you will get various insights and answers.

2. Listen to your gut feeling more often: Most of us don't really take time to listen to that inner voice. Pay attention to your hunches and gut feelings, the more you listen to your intuition, the sharper it will become.

Scientists have established that most of our brain forms our subconscious brain while only 1/3 of our brain is actually the conscious brain. The sixth sense is a part of that subconscious mind which in turn is the part of our soul. Philosophers believe that we as souls are a part of the universe hence hold the knowledge of everything.

In conclusion, everybody has sixth sense which is what helps us survive in situations, particularly in cave man era. Yes through practice, sixth sense can be enhanced and it is what helps us decide our choices when we encounter a fork in our lives or situations.


Maria Duval - Discover your Intuition

It's a known fact that people only use roughly 10% of the brain power. Maybe those who are more intelligent will use a few percentages more. It is also accurate to say that they only use 10% of the powers of their Mind. For example, we mainly use our mind for everyday activity like moving, exercising, thinking, learning and etc.

Probing deeper, each of us has a mysterious subconscious mind, commonly known as the Superconscious. This is a hidden treasure of humans and not many people know how to tape on its immense powers. Superconscious has unlimited power and if you know how to use it, you can achieve truly outstanding results.

Superconscious mind is also called the Intuition. Psychic Maria Duval asks, what exactly is this Superconscious Mind?

In a simple explanation, it is simply the Infinite Intelligence that made you what you are. The Intelligence that has manufactured your body from tiny cells which have multiplied indefinitely, from infant to your adulthood.

When you look at the mirror, you see yourself. A human being of skin and bone, which is our physical appearance and what other people remember of us. From our physical appearance, we have some ideas about ourselves and this is also called our ego.

But our ego is just a minute portion of what is showing up externally. It is like an iceberg. The most important part is hidden beneath of your appearance, away from view.

Maria Duval says this is the same as with the Mind. When you look at the mirror, you do not see the Infinite Intelligence that created you and which has always been within you. Among other things, it enables your body to work without you having to think how to work it or think it.

This is the truly superior difference that make human the Lord among the living things in this Earth. We are regarded as the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. Calling upon this Intelligence that is within you is also same as calling our Inner Guide or our Soul. It is our best friend, our life buddy that follows us wherever we go. It is always there to help you when you call upon it.

You can connect to your Invisible Friend via your thought processes. This connection enables it to inspire and protect you. It will guide you by sending external or internal signs. It is this that is known as having intuition.

As Maria Duval said, human problems are due to the fact that the intuition is not developed to its full potential. The world will become more peaceful and a better place if there are more people knowing this fact. By neglecting this Intelligence, we have lost contact with it and we need to re-establish a link with it so that it will continue to send us signals to help and guide us.


Maria Duval on particles, aura, and energy flow in us

Maria Duval says we are all made up of particles like atoms and molecules. That is why we can say we are the descendants of the stars and universe out there. The same particles, energy particles and all these matters represent energy which vibrates at a certain frequency, depending on its state of stimulation. Well, I am not going into high school physics here.

As we are particles all messed into one spiritual and intelligent body, say when I am scared, doubtful, or in fear or confused, that means my vibration is low, as in the frequency of my energy particles which I am made up of are vibrating slowly. Now, If I raise, my energy vibration, using meditation, or other simpler as well as complex methods, I will come out of those fears, doubts the feeling of being scared etc because my energy vibration would be higher, as in I would have raised my vibration. Do you agree with Maria Duval?

Besides this, we do have some aura around us. An invisible layer of energy coming out from us constantly, be it positive or negative energy. This energy can be draining on people around you, or passing the good "juices" to people around you, depending on your state of vibration at that moment.

Maria Duval gives some examples.

Say when a person is completely down, because of a failure he or she has encountered and is just feeling disappointed or heart broken, he or she will carry that energy aura around them, at that point they'll look for support in their friends and family, intentionally or unintentionally draining them of their energy and feeling better.

Similarly, a person who just got a promotion or just fell in love will be so full of positive energy that they'll share that positive energy with their close people, and people around will also feel the joy ourselves.

Like just from your post I could feel your positive/good energy hence it made me want to share it with you and hence I replied to your post and shared it further adding my own happiness to your positive vibes. If I would have got a negative vibe, or I would have been in a negative state of mind then I might not have even seen this topic or just scrolled thru it.

Closing up this post, Maria Duval tells me that energy, spiritually, doesn't get stored, it always flows. When you are surrounded by positive events, this allows you to bring more positive energy in from outside sources, and gets rid of built up negative energy. Negative energy, or low vibrational energy, is toxic and tends to cancel out positive energy, or high vibrational energy. It also tends to gather in the human body. Which is why we need to get rid of these stored negative energies in order for us to self improve.


Maria Duval - Desire and Faith

Desire is a very strong impetus to one's person success, but without the seed of faith towards yourself, desire will simply ebb away to become a non-existent force. If you think you can, surely you can do it. That's the way it goes. It's the confidence that you invest in your desire that really counts.

Develop faith, a passionate and ineradicable faith and you too will accomplish wonderful things that will be minor miracles in themselves.

So in order to develop this burning faith, and you must begin by behaving as phrases and also the extraordinary effective technique of visualising things in your mind.

If you fill your mind daily with appropriate words and images, you will attract various opportunities relating to your desire. If you long for money, Maria Duval advises that you keep repeating to yourself firmly that money is your friend and that you want to acquire a bit more each day until you have amassed a fabulous fortune that can be used to own and other's benefits.


Life's changed since I know Maria Duval

I would like to say that since I have known Maria Duval, many positive changes have taken place in my life. Life is now so much happier, filled with love, luck, money, abundance. Similarly i feel more energy and strength too. The money I refer here is not those big amounts, but amount of money that comes when I least expected it, like from lottery wins, lucky draws and etc. An old friend even wrote me a cheque for an amount she owed me years ago and this is something I have totally forgotten!

Maria Duval, thanks!

Maria Duval ThanksWithout a doubt, I have regarded Maria Duval as a good pal of mine who I can trust on. I wish her the best and would people please stop accusing her. I have never lost any money with her and she refunded me a few times for psychic practises that couldn't work out just as she has promised me.

My wish is that one day I can accumulate a good amount of money in my savings to that I can fly to Europe to thank Maria Duval personally. That would be a great moment in my life I believe.

Thanks Mdm Maria Duval.


Taking control of your Emotions

Emotions are the driving force behind our success and progression, otherwise we will be like lifeless souls roaming on this world. However, it must be said that just like thoughts, emotions must be contained properly and channelled as emotions that go out of control could lead to events that are disastrous, like the tragic incident that happened in a German school yesterday, and many innocent people were killed. That happened because the young men had let his emotion went over his head and he spent his youthful energy on being hateful and negative rather than seeing the brighter side of life.

Maria Duval thinks that people who master their emotions do have a more powerful personality, more defined ideas and decision decisions. These people are true goal achievers and succeed in tasks they take.

Emotions I think are amazing. Something which is really beyond words can describe. It can lead you to positive or negative actions that can transform your life. Maria Duval advices on hand that if one can focus one's emotions with the powers of the mind, and set the focus sharply on an objective like a ray of sunlight under magnifying glass, the objective will be drawn to you just like iron is attracted to a bar of iron.

Do not ever let any obstacles stop this natural function of your being but instead try to harness it so that it can be utilised to assist you to drive quicker forwards to the finishing line you aim at.

There is a great method for you to control your emotions and that is the highly recommended meditation. Meditation enables you to process your emotions or to align them in a way that suits your objective.

Yes, Maria Duval says try to make use of music as an emotional stimulant because music has the intensity, verve, and subtlety to rouse, sooth or bring out your inner creative potential. Just be known to choose the right kind of music for the awakening of your creative forces.


Maria Duval on Consciousness

If you have been following this blog, you probably would know I write about positive attitude, visualisation, affirmations, Maria Duval, chakra and spirituality. It would be no surprise to you today because I am going to write something which is like things out of the law of attraction textbook.

Have you watched this movie called "The Secret", or read some books about controlling your own destiny? If so, this will probably makes sense and be of some help. Here goes:

Maria Duvals says there are 4 areas of consciousness which you can define.

  • Victim consciousness - things happen to me.

  • Manifestation, taking control - things happen by me.

  • Co-creating with your higher power - things happen through me.

  • Highest level of consciousness - things happen as me.

Where am I? I think still stuck at level 1. So to get it out, Maria Duval offers the following 6 pointers.

  • Visualise what you want, write it down, be specific.

  • Discard denials --throw away any self doubts and denials you have.

  • Create your own positive affirmative statements.

  • Have faith with own ability to make things happen.

  • Talk it, write it, do it. ACTION!

  • Discover your inner spiritual power to tap into that higher power to guide you.


    Maria Duval - the right mindset

    This is a simple concept. The thing is not many people understand it's simple power to bring positive changes in your life. If you are one, then you are not alone. So now let's understand positive affirmation again. Maria Duval says a positive affirmation is a personal statement using a word or phrase to create a desired condition or outcome.

    The tragic case is that people typically find it easier to affirm the negative about themselves. For example, when your boss sends you an email, your first reaction would be, oh no, he/she is picking on your mistakes again! Or you receive bill, you would tell yourself, oh no, i still have so much to pay off my home loan, instead of thinking my home loan is getting lesser as months go by.

    Maria Duval however shares with you the good news that you can change your inner dialogue with positive affirmations. To create any positive change in your life, you must first change your thoughts. Once you change your thoughts, your feelings will naturally change, and your actions will follow. Profound results from those changes will drastically improve any area of your life.


    Maria Duval talks about a ship in a stormy sea

    Maria Duval's prosperity rule number 2 states that to be wealthy in life is a series of tasks and processes we got to stick on closely. We need to have clearly defined goal, stick to it, until we achieved it. Once we never divert from the path we have set, luck and fortunate breaks will come in because what we sown earlier have born fruits.

    Besides this, Maria Duval also says that it is advisable that we use our creative visualisation ability to visualise what form of success we want to have in the future. Is it going to be a grand house? Lots of cash? You need to decide what you want to paint it so vividly in your mind that one day it will turn out real in your life.

    Do you know that flimsy ideas will produce flimsy results? Yes it is important to be precise and exact. Maria Duval has told me not to expect anything less when we embark on a project; set out from the block to be a winner. You need to go about it with a definite idea of everything you wish to accomplish. Maria Duval asks, so in this case, why are so many people never succeeded in their lives to achieve things they deserve?

    According to a survey in which one hundred people was interviewed, only 6 people clearly knew what they wanted in life. The rest were just contented, like a ship without a rudder in the middle of a stormy sea. Maria says that a good captain of the ship will make adjustments and calculations all the time to ensure that the ship reaches the destination safely and accurately. In life we should just be like that, shouldn't we?

    Maria Duval suggests that you remind yourself daily with a powerful reaffirming phrase like "each day i am getting nearer and nearer to be goal and getting rich". If repeated many times, this will instil in you a tremendous psychological power. Yes, start doing that today! Know what you want in life first!


    Truth about Happiness

    There are many levels of happiness. The most important is you should feel good about yourself. A sense of positive expectation as you set off to explore the potentials which your life has to offer in terms of spiritual growth and self improvement. I feel it's really about experiencing new and meaningful realities that make you feel good about who you think you are, don't you think so?

    Maria Duval thinks that happiness is a sense of positive self identity at any one time of your every day life. Happiness is expansive emotion that includes love, joy, kindness, confidence and compassion. You cannot have love without happiness nor happiness without love in some degree.

    Your life is all about you: your experiences, your learning, your relationships, your contribution, your personality and above all, your identity. The path to discovering your identity and creating it daily, is what your life journey is all about. It's not about what you do or achieve; it's not about what you have; it's all about who you are even while you continue to become.

    So let's dive in where few dare to go. The truth about happiness depends on accepting the truth of who you are. And this is precisely your greatest task in life.

    How do you do this? How do you discover who you are and where you have come from? The answer lies within your own spirit: never outside of you, always and only within your own heart. Psychic Maria Duval would like to assure you that a whole new world will open up for you, a marvellous, empowering experience that will indeed reveal the ultimate truth about happiness: your happiness.


    An Important Ingredient of Success

    Yes, it is right to conclude that having a right and correct mentality towards one's life purpose and goal is the most important ingredient if a person wishes to achieve success and prosperity in life. Everyone has a right to achieve a comfortable and lavish lifestyle that is depleted of suffering and uncertainty. However, Maria Duval wants you to know that in order to reach this stage, you must obey certain universal rules which will gradually build within you that special mental outlook, which self improvement gurus called the "millionaire mentality".

    If you understand these rules, they will propel you to the height of success, irregardless of your background, and they will also bring you a lot of liberty and peace of mind.

    So what are these rules you may wonder?

    One of the most important thing is that personally you have to get it into strong fact that you have all your criteria of success and prosperity already in you. Maria Duval wants you to find these qualities and "bring" these out from your self.

    Yes, your own thoughts must be in line and in harmony with the creative laws of the Universe. This can really promote more successes and help you to win everything that you want in your life. Just be observant and notice that most people who are sucessful are mostly full of vigour, vitality and with positive attitude. Most of them also have a strongly forceful and charismatic personalities emanated from their powerful mind.

    If you think you do not have it, do not despair. You too can accomplish. Your own personal circumstances are the fruits of your thought seeds planted in the garden of your past life.

    Lastly, Maria Duval says that all those who have turned wealthy are so because they have this firm belief in the power of their own positive thinking.


    2012: Do you believe?

    Maybe just the end of the world as we know it. No, the world is not going to implode or explode or be completely destroyed in any form for that matter. 2012 is a new beginning, not an end.

    There has been so much said about all this, from the bible, from Nostradamus, from Edgar Cayce, from the Mayans. In 2012 we will truly be able to experience heaven on earth. For some, this has already started. We are already feeling these changes. There are many people on this earth who have Ascended from the 3D reality to the 5th Dimension reality already. The Earth herself has ascended from 3D to 5D. In 5D time and space are different, they do not exist in the same way as they do in 3D. This is why so many people are having experiences outside what the "norm" has been the past few thousand years.

    Some people think the financial meltdowns etc. are really bad news. It is just a change, different things going on, it doesn't have to be bad news. Everything is perception. A lot of people are being forced to change the way they have been thinking, or the way they have been doing things. So much of the world's issues right now are related to the old 3D ways crumbling. It is a new beginning, not an ending. Maria Duval has said this is not the end of the world.


    Blame Yourself - It's Your Perspective That's Causing Your Problems

    Your perspective is your subconscious thoughts and beliefs about everything in life. Which causes your attitude, which causes your choices, which causes your actions/behaviors, which ultimately causes your results, in each area of your life.

    Many times in life we get caught up in the blame game. We go around blaming others for our lack of success and for this, that, and the other. When in spiritual reality there is no one to blame. It is our perspective that causes the lack of success we are blaming others for. So, if there's anyone to blame - blame yourself for choosing that particular perspective.

    From the time you were born, and for the rest of your life, you are taking in information, which is forming your thoughts and beliefs, i.e. your reality, your thinking, your perspective of life. Your parents, guardians, family, friends, the media (TV, radio, books, newspapers, magazines, movies, the internet), preachers, false prophets, politicians, gurus, consultants, so-called leaders, and self-proclaimed experts all play a role in forming your perspective by constantly bombarding you with information, opinions, theories and philosophies based on some truth, some half truths and some lies.

    The half truth and lies that we accept as whole truth, flaw our perspective, and pollute our mind and soul with data that sabotages our blessings and the reality of the inner spiritual truth. After repeated exposure to this misinformation (lies and half truths), most people get caught up in believing them as the whole truth, and their mental picture or perspective gets out of whack and produces results less than fulfilling. This perspective is solely based on the outer world, which is only half true at best.

    Therefore, the way you look at life forms your perspective, or your mental picture. It is the most important aspect of your life. Your subconscious causes your life to manifest based on your perspective. Your life is the manifestation of your perspective. What's going on in your life is in direct correlation with your perspective.

    Your perspective is your mindset and perception of your reality of God and life, based on what you have accepted as true. It's the information/data programmed into your mind and soul. It's your mental picture, thoughts and beliefs about your reality. It's the program that's running every aspect of your life. It contains your thoughts and beliefs about each part of life. In other words, it contains your opinions about God, life, right and wrong, religion, money, human relations, family, marriage, parenting, health, education, politics, etc.

    It is determining your outcome and whether each part of your life is good, bad, mediocre, happy, sad, or fulfilling. In other words, it is causing your results, i.e. the way things are going in your life. Therefore, the conditions of your life are the result of your perspective. If your over-all perspective is good, bad, mediocre, or super, your over-all life will be good, bad, mediocre, or super. Your perspective on life causes your results/outcome in each area of your life:

    Your perspective is the one thing that is either holding you back from God's blessing you with abundant blessings and fulfillment, or it is the one thing that's causing God to bless you with abundant blessings and fulfillment.

    If your perspective is spiritually based-on the inner world (spiritual truth)-your life will be abundantly blessed and fulfilled. If your perspective is literally based-on the outer world-your life will be bad, mediocre or good, but less than fulfilling. Therefore, you may acquire worldly success i.e. financial prosperity, but there will be a void in your life, separating you from true happiness e.g. inner success.

    Greg Tharpe is one of the world's leading authorities on spirituality, spiritual growth, higher consciousness and awareness and human potential. His mission and passion in life is to teach the spiritual truth seekers about their divine potential and power and how to use it to create heaven in their life despite all of the negativity that's going on in the world. He is the author of the book: The Godsend - How to Create Heaven in Your Life.

    To purchase a copy of the book go to: http://thegodsendbook.com.

    For daily enlightenment for spiritual growth visit: http://r-u-spiritual.blogspot.com.


    Let the Money flow to create more prosperity

    Nowadays, I heed Maria Duval's advice regarding having a positive attitude towards the awareness of wealth. Yes I am still not a wealthy person, but that lack of it does not prevent me from doing my best to think and act like a wealthy person.

    One good example is that now i pay my credit card bills almost as soon as I receive them. Yes it feels good to do that I can assure you. You feel like you have more control of your financial ability rather than trying to delay as long as the policy of repaying allows. This way, you know how much you have in your pocket for the rest of the month and you know you are safe with the remaining.

    It is also beneficial to yourself if you buy something nice for you to wear periodically. This is clearly a sign to yourself that you are feeling "rich". Of course always get something within your means. By doing so, you are telling the Universe that here is a heart that is ready to receive even more riches from the Providence. Remember, if you spend money and still feeling reluctant, it tells the Providence that you have a block to this universal abundance. What you need to do now is to relax, visualise and affirm yourself positively.

    Maria Duval says that the significance of this is that your individual energetic field will be purified; the flow of energy can circulate freely betwen you and the cells of your body, between you and others, between you and other forms of energy, such as money.

    Once the money that you have wished for comes in, you must understand that in order for money to continue to flow towards you, you also have to spend it and hoarding the money is a no-no. Yes, it is right to save a part of it, and this is highly encouraged, but, remember that the riches of the Creator should always remain in movement. You will only have the power to have your wishes fulfilled if you respect this Universal law.

    You are a channel for the flow of this wealth and if you are able to profit from it on an ongoing basis, that channel must not be blocked. Maria Duval says money actually comes from a spiritual energy which is condensed into matter. Money is like blood; if it does not circulate continually, it will clot. So you must redistribute a part of what comes to you, unconditionally.

    When you give, a vacuum is created that itself attracts more money back than you have given. When you share, donate to charity or come to the aid of others, your good deeds will come back to you multiplied.