Maria Duval - Recharging Your Weak Chakra

If your material situation is affected by money problems,caused your career, home, budget, children, etc.… (salary too low, badly paid job, a promotion or pay rise that never seems to happen, rent too high, poor money management, expenses higher than income, hefty loans, expensive educational fees, etc.), the colour bright red is very likely to be missing or diminished in your aura. Use a sample of this colour, placing your hand on the root chakra.

If you canʼt understand why luck consistently evades you, if you always get the feeling youʼre the victim of unfortunate circumstances, that you never seem able to seize lucky opportunities, etc. (no luck on the lottery, youʼre always ʻjustʼ missing one lucky number, juicy business deals pass by right under your nose, a moment too late and youʼre relegated to second place, you choose the duff option among many other good ones, too much gossiping undermines your interests, etc., itʼs more the colour turquoise blue that youʼre lacking, and your hand should be placed on the throat chakra.

If youʼre battling against problems in your love life, if your partner does not respond to your advances, if you want to meet the person whoʼs right for you, if youʼre lacking affection, a victim of solitude or of your own shyness, if you donʼt know how to behave with members of the opposite sex, if the atmosphere at home is getting you down, etc., itʼs probably that the colour green is lacking intensity and brilliance in your aura. You should use an emerald green sample while placing your right hand on your chest.

... And so on, depending on the colour that needs recharging to rebalance your aura.