Clairvoyant 6th Sense

Have you ever wondered why people like to use "6th sense" to explain a very strong feeling a person has about something that may about to happen?

Maria Duval explains that this kind of psychic talent, to "see" Maria duval - 6th sensethings not associated with the five senses, is called clairvoyance. A person like her who is psychic naturally possesses this clairvoyant ability. Psychics can adjust their "frequency" knob higher and can therefore discern more spiritual signals than normal beings can. But anybody who is open to the idea of opening his 6th sense, can rightfully develop it too.

Clairvoyance is a kind of psychic power that we possess. Do you know that all of us are psychic, just that you may not be aware of this fact. Yes, we all have the hidden capability to see the future, know things beyond our imagination. Maria Duval says this is a gift from Nature that allows us to fend off natural dangers for us to survival in the wild conditions during early human era.

The sad thing is that as we are more technologically advanced through the years, the way society has conditioned all of us, to this day, most people only utilize a small portion of their brain, mostly for intellectual purpose. Science has proof of this. But if you are patient enough to practice consistent meditation, you can boost your brain power, and bring out the psychic in you

But through meditation and other psychic exercises, you can bring out the psychic powers that are latent in you. You can have the chance of discovering clairvoyance too.


Maria Duval - Colors of Aura VIOLET

VIOLET, which is formed from a mixture of red and blue, indicates power and, discerned spiritual ideas. Those who have violet in their aura are the most progressed in their spiritual evolution and growth. Maria Duval also believes that violet is the colour of royalty and indicates nobility of character. In the aura, violet is an agent of isolation and purification. It is rather rare to be seen in auric glow. It emanates from higher kingdoms and is usually only seen among spiritual masters and some disciples.

A vivid and bright violet tone denotes growing spiritual development, hence you can understand why it is not commonly seen in our auras as perhaps, most of us are not spiritual enough in certain sense. Mixed with yellow, it means an attraction to occultism. When pale it points to an interest in religion and a personal spiritual journey.

Maria Duval: "When it is more mauve or lavender, it is linked to a high spirituality and vitality. When it approaches lilac, it expresses an altruistic, compassionate character. Violet appears first above the head, in an ovoid form that surrounds the crown chakra. In enlightened individuals, it radiates outward from that point, filling the entire aura with its light."


Maria Duval - Colors of Aura BLUE

BLUE is one of the most favourite colours of many people out there. It seems to be able to give out a soothing and calm feeling when you just look at it, for example, the deep blue sea.

Psychic Maria Duval says that the auric colour of Blue is linked to our intuitive understanding, the ability to judge, fortune and luck. In the same way as green, in its highest form, is linked to healing and the heart, blue is linked to the third eye, to inspiration and higher levels of intellect. It is one of the first colours the clairvoyant sees.

One thing thing to note is that a bright shade of blue means the frankness of a person who is honestly spiritual. Pale shade of blue would mean being shy and very vulnerable to external influences. Dark blue corresponds to determination, the desire to move forward and a passion for work.

When it gets deeper and becomes more indigo, it is associated with a devout character and a profoundly religious mind. In its negative aspect, mixed with brown or black, it marks a perversion of religious feelings and a fascination for the darker side of spirituality.


Colors of Aura - Orange, Yellow and Green

Today we will discuss about Maria Duval's view about the auric colours of orange, yellow and green.

ORANGE: In its lightest hue, orange indicates energy and vitality. When it tends towards red, it seems to point to egocentricity. When it is bright, it indicates loyalty and good will, joyousness and a healthy openness of mind. A ʻrustyʼ colour denotes laziness and lack of initiative whereas a darker hue points to a tendency towards rancour.

YELLOW: This is common in the mental aura; yellow is the colour of the mind and intellect. When dark, it indicates the mind of a socialite. More brilliant, verging on gold, it indicates an elevation of an intellect purified by the mind. A yellow approaching saffron is the mark of a highly developed spirituality. A dirty or muddied yellow indicates cunning, greed and selfishness whereas a dark yellow denotes a weak will and an overly casual approach.

GREEN: Green is the colour of balance, the colour of the heart. Emerald green, clear and brilliant, is the colour that depicts healing power. A high proportion of emerald green, seen in the aura of an individual, indicates their interest or involvement in the art of healing. The presence in a personʼs aura of green, as the central colour on the luminous spectrum, halfway between the extremes, red and violet, also indicates balance, harmony and love. Light green denotes harmony, peace and an affinity with nature and the outdoors. In its negative form, it depicts a profound egotism. When dirty or blurred, it expresses trickery and greed. A yellow with brownish stripes is indicative of jealousy.

We will talk about some other common auric colors from Maria Duval another time.


Colors of Aura - Red

In the human aura spectrum, RED has the lowest visible vibratory frequency.

It has a double nature which can mean two extremes of emotion. In its positive aspect, when it is clear and glowing, it represents energy, warmth and vitality. Its negative aspects range from rebellion to quarrelsomeness, anger, malice, a destructive mentality and hatred.

When very dark, red indicates selfishness and a lack of generosity. A deep red is generally a sign of passion. When it becomes ʻhazyʼ, that passion has become unhealthy and damaging. Red tinged with brown indicates fear and, when the brown darkens to black, spite.

With yellow tinges, red denotes a nervous temperament and, when lighter and more brilliant, it expresses vitality, generosity and material well being. Pink tinges indicate a love of children and
the home, while a red verging on pink is a sign of happiness and tenderness. A faded red denotes a tendency towards overwork and insomnia.