Maria Duval explains psychic aura

Maria Duval says that all things that exist in this universe are made up of particles that vibrate constantly, and the degree of vibration gives rise to the state of the matter. When the particles vibrate, they emit energy in the form of waves.

Maria Duval on AuraThis emission of energy differs only in the length of the wave. In fact, each object, each organism, possesses its own specific wavelength, and gives out energy in an amount particular to it. This radiated energy produces an electromagnetic field energy around the object or body concerned.

This energy field then enters into resonance with its surroundings (another object, a person, the earth, and etc), which creates energetic interactions.

Maria Duval also says that we human beings, emit two main waves: a "physical" wave, generated by its physiological organs, and a "mental" wave, that are dependent on the mind. Together these form what is called the psychic "AURA".

People like Maria Duval who has the clairvoyant gift can perceive and see the aura around a person. Aura takes the form of an egg filled with radiations of different colours. These colours will change according to the state of health and the preoccupations of the individual.


Looking forward

I really appreciate the letter Maria Duval spent time to write to me dated 22 February 2009. Inside this letter was a scratch card which contains a mystery gift. Unfortunately, it did not bring me any special luck yet i have faith in Maria and I never give up her.

This gift is really unique and it will be something that i won't be hesitating to match it with my wear on special occasions.

There is also a booklet penned by Maria Duval and it contains many ideas that i thought make very good sense. On the day i received this booklet, I spent some 20 minutes over a coffee to read it as much as I can. Some paragraphs are so inspirational that i read it over a few times before I could really understand its true meaning.

April is coming soon and I look really forward to it because it has always been my lucky month. Last April, I won some money from the lucky numbers Maria Duval had given me, hence I hope she will write to me on this lucky month. I guess i'll be filled with tears then.

Sine receiving the latest letter, I have put many things in order. I have begun to make plans regarding the advancement of my career, and putting some effort and time to help the less fortunates. One thing is for sure, my energy and attitude has certainly changed and now i am really a positive person. Thanks Maria Duval!


Maria Duval -- subconsious mind

We are oblivious to the incessant non stop process of our subconscious according to Maria Duval. Your subconscious mind is always on taking in and processing information from a variety of sources.

So, your subconscious holds a tremendous amount of power on practical level, spiritual or metaphysical level. The subconscious represents all of the things you know (or are aware of)other words, whatever you are actively thinking about is conscious, while whatever you aren't thinking about, is subconscious - at that moment.

Let's say that you want to gain more muscles, and you decide to program your subconscious to help you make the right build to build up the eight mass of muscles First, you would still your mind through meditation or relaxation - to get into a state similar to "beginner's mind". You want your subconscious to get the exact message (and not any of the clutter that goes through most of our conscious minds!).

Once in this relaxed state, you visualize yourself making healthier choices. Let your imagination be as detailed as possible (taste the food, imagine yourself enjoying it, imagine yourself feeling pleased with yourself because you made a great choice etc.) and create in you the kind of feelings you want to achieve by creating this new habit.