Maria Duval - The psychic benefits of practising Yoga

Physical Benefits of YogaMaria Duval being a spiritual teacher highly endorses Yoga. There are immense benefits one can gain from constant practice of this ancient Indian spiritual exercise. One of the most common reasons why people begin practicing yoga is to improve their health and well-being, both physically and mentally.

Why is yoga spiritual?

This is because yoga a union of the mind, body and breath, so all aspects of your life are impacted by your practice.

If you are a sports person or someone in professional sports, I believe you might have reap the benefits of incorporating yoga as part of your training routine. Yes, you will find your flexibility getting better, as the stretching in yoga helps to lengthen and stretch muscles which in turn helps reduce the risk of injuries.

Yoga also improves your poses and balance and by having a greater sense of balance, you are able to move more easily and safely.

Want a nice looking toned body? Again, yoga is able to help because it tones your muscles. It helps strengthen and also builds endurance and stamina.

Yoga also helps you to experience higher level of energy because it relaxes the body tensions which burden most busy people.

Yoga helps promote a sense of relaxation. – Most people breathe high in their chests. This not only does not allow them to get sufficient oxygen, it also triggers the stress response, which contributes to feelings of anxiety. Breathing deeply as practiced in yoga, helps relax your muscles and also brings much needed oxygen to your cells. The deep sense of relaxation also leads to better quality sleep.

Each yoga practice ends with some type of relaxation. Since your body and mind are one, by relaxing your body you also relax your mind. Many yoga experts believe that a relaxation pose is the most beneficial pose in any yoga practice.


Maria Duval on Spiritual Prosperity

True wealth is spiritual wealth.

While it is fine to pursue material wealth to create positive living conditions for self and others, we should not neglect the true meaning of life: spiritual ascension.

Spiritual ProsperityWe come into the world with a certain spiritual calibration, and our task from birth to death is to raise our vibration to more subtle levels.

Thus, we are here to gather a different currency other than money. Money, in fact, is a separate energy that is neutral and whose value depends on how it is used.

We come into the world based on our spiritual consent and we do this by working on our character.

We accumulate spiritual currency by increasing our love, our compassion, our gratitude, our generosity, our kindness, our connection to our soul, God, and the angelic kingdom, and so on.

When we die, we then go to an astral plane that corresponds with our level of calibration.

Thus, if we are cruel and vicious, we will go to the lower astral realms, which equate with what religions call hell.

If we are kind and loving, we will go to the higher astral realms, which equate with what religions call heaven.

And if we are between these polarities, then we travel to those astral realms that correspond with our level of consciousness. Religions have called this zone, purgatory.

We rise in consciousness by meditating, contemplating, praying, and acting in a way to benefit others, always striving to find the beauty and sacredness of others.

When we become truly compassionate, our life becomes a blessing to all, including ourselves.


In search of Maria Duval

While researching for information on what content to write, I stumbled upon this article about Maria Duval, which is a Dutch media article titled "In search of Maria Duval". Interesting I find. Hence i shall share with you all. It is translated using Babel fish hence some of the original juices are lost but you still can grasp the general meaning of the article.

Source of the article is at: http://www.radiovisie.eu/be/nieuws.rvsp?art=00071584

After wekenlange search it is up to that point. Radio 1-programma Peeters & Pichal the controversial helderziende has been possible snare Maria Duval for an interview. Chatter with the topicality journal head (one) could. On Tuesday 6 November hear see and you both the radios and tv-versie.

Maria DuvalI drunk emotionally to the ground, my son was narcotics. I thought that Maria Duval my rescue would be, explain Godelieve Goffin. Three hundred euro have paid them after them a free order had sent firstly to the PO Box address of Maria Duval. I had the feeling which I got four years letters of a girlfriend, thus Juliette, another gedupeerde. Juliette paid thousand euro for luck, a new man and much money. Everything remained at the same.

Perhaps do you know the advertisements, however, of Maria Duval in TVs and publicity sheets? Duval are itself-explained international clairvoyant which firstly free, and afterwards paying help people with forecasts, geluks- and money promises. The mark name Maria Duval is used internationally by several postorder and directmailingbedrijven. But does she exist also real? Many thought that them humbug were, but she proves be really a woman of flesh and blood.

Duval-bal went to rolling by radio 1-reporter Jan Van Langendock in the programme ‘ Peeters & Pichal ’. For weeks on end he tried snare Maria Duval for an interview. And eventually succeeded that. To head went along to Paris for a meeting with the ‘ some real Maria Duval ’ and an answer on a number of questions. “ I anticipate indeed on the feelings of people, and my letters are indeed in bulk sent, but what is with that wrong? What I do is legal, Maria Duval say.

How many people victim have become of Maria Duval are not value. I got an amulet sent that me would help win millions on the lotto, explain to bar boss Gilbert. I admit that I have run, but I weet are certainly, there there as lot of which do that.

Of the reasons faith that is arouse Duval at its customers tries. Nineteen police force researches will have solved them. Euh, I cannot enumerate you really a concrete police force file, I have done so much, my memory runs out on me, its answer is.

Head on one: Tuesday 6 November at 21.10
Peeters & Pichal: Tuesday 6 November, 09.00 - 11.00 on radio 1.

Photograph: VRT


Living Your Dreams

Does your money not go as far as you want? Or are you stuck in your life and can't find a way out? Does this sound like you or someone you know? Does the economic turmoil affect you adversely?

Maria Duval has said your life is supposed to be smooth, but the interesting thing is most people believe it is supposed to be a chore. This is not how life really works.

We shouldn't be easily influenced by all these chaos, because this causes a struggle and you end up in a continual loop repeating the same stuff and scenarios. It will push harder and harder until you collapse.

Living Your Dreams!Do you find yourself with the same kind of lover, over and over? Do you find yourself living next to the same kind of neighbors over and over even if you've moved? How about your job? Do you find yourself with the same boss, even if you've changed jobs?
That's what I mean by living life outside in. As long as that happens, you are trapped in the matrix.

One very important tip I learn from Maria Duval is that we need to live inside out - if I want significant and lasting change in my life.

This means got to define what I want in life. Jot it down and be sure and clear about it. Next set yourself feasible short term and long term goals. Goals are so important as they are like the beacons in the darkness.

As we are spiritual, we are divine children of the universe, and has that divine energy that creates worlds. Make use well of this special energy in us by living a life that is fulfilling, exemplary and beneficial to the mankind. You just want your descendants to have a little inspiring story about you to pass on, isn't it?

Or do you even dared to dream? Have you lived a life doing things you are passionate about? Ask yourself that. Once you wake up and know who you are and apply some very simple and basic principles to your life, your life can change rapidly.

Allow yourself to dream. Think about what you want in life. It is okay to demand more luxuries as long as your appetite does not harm people around or set you down.

You are the Creator of your own experience. It's time to take responsibility for your life--not blame.

Once you step up to the plate, your life can change in ways that you cannot even fathom.

Life is supposed to be good.


Thought Projection - Transmission of Thought energies

Psychic thought projection is an amazing phenomena that is real and was proven by the Russians to link Moscow and Novosobirsk. Americans are reported to have some successes in using thought projection to communicate between submarines operating in deep seas.

Thoughts are frequencies that vibrate and are propagated like electromagnetic waves, just like radio and wireless signals.

Thought is a form of energyMaria Duval says our thoughts could be voluntary or involuntary. Thoughts create vibrations that radiate through space and when they meet a particular person, it may trigger a influence. For example, you may feel ill at ease when someone is around, or your feel sympathy for someone or attracted to someone. It's all your thoughts being the culprit in making you feel this way.

Do you know that psychics or people with paranormal abilities are able to channel thought energies in a specific direction? Yes, through intense focus, thoughts can be channeled through vibration and later established an invisible link between two different people, even when they are very far apart. To obtain such degree of psychic competency, a strong magnetism is required.

With this principle, it is easy to apply it in daily life.

For example, you want someone to love you wholeheartedly, just focus and conjure up an image of the person you want to influence, and imagine the person behaving in the way you want him or her to behave towards you.

This thought image should be crystal clear, so that thought energies will be sent out and reach the mind of the person you want to influence. The more focused you be, the more power the thought transmission will be.

Ultimately, it is the power and cohesiveness of your thoughts and the intensity of the personal magnetism that decide your success.

Eating healthily

All too often, I feel I do not eat properly. A poor diet lowers my immune system and weakens my vitality. It also compromises my health and significantly reduces my magnetic power.

eat healthy foodBy common sense, a good diet should be simple and healthy. Reduce the intake of fats, food enhancing sauces, and only take alcoholic drinks moderately if you are a drinker. Eat and chew slowly so that the energy in the food will get absorbed by your body more efficiently. Avoid sudden heavy meals or concentrate your food intake on a single meal in a day. That will lead to digestion problems and stomach overload.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote the highest quality of life we must replace the nutrition that the body uses each day. When foods are heated above 122 degrees it, loses nutritional value. This is why your food should be eaten as close to the tree or bush as possible.

It is better to eat homegrown fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grain from the field, bush, or tree, before it is frozen or canned. Sometime it is not possible.

Be good to yourself get healthy and stay healthy. Eat properly
and get the rest you should, live a long life.