You are spiritual

While travelling, I bypassed a Chinese temple here and the place was full of ardent worshipers. I make me wonder asking why. There is increasing number of people who are consulting occults, metaphysics, paranormal readings and online psychic chat. No matter what religions or cultures you are from, when chips are down, you will turn to spiritual divinations to seek self spiritual consolations.

It would seem strange that despite the daily advancement of the society, humans are still so reliant on spiritual divinations. Clairvoyant Maria Duval says humans are naturally spiritual, I guess that's what explain this phenomenon. Our souls are divine and souls need to find its source to seek healing in you.

That's why I say "you're spiritual!"


Deep inner fears and anxieties

maria duval fearDo you agree Maria Duval's argument that our daily habits are an expression of our mental programming. Basically we tend to react in the same way to a given situation - perhaps subconsciosly - whether mental or physical.

As we become more enlightened, you will come to know the benefits of a continuously improving life! Life will be happier, funnier and more cheerful. You'd feel as if heavy burdens have been lifted off your shoulder. So as Maria says, the more you are motivated to seek success, the greater these improvements will be. As such it is very important that we get rid of our fears and bad traits as they block your speed to success.

Some of these could be:

1. As simple as taking a flight,
2. Phobia of height,
3. Fear of large crowd,
4. Fear of spending money,
5. Meeting new people
6. Taking up a new role, and etc.

Maria Duval says that if any of such form of situations arouse any feelings of anxiety or stress, take a moment to reflect what might be causing this mental discomfort or preying on your mind.



Psychic Maria Duval says evidences have suggested that we are living in an energy field that extends through space. It is the source of all life and can be found within every atom of the matter. What matters importantly is that these matters work as an intelligent field which unites with our personal and individual intelligence to give us our instinct, ideas, intuition and inspiration. Remarkably, those who are in greater harmony with an Universal vision attract this intelligence field more strongly than those whose thought is more limited.

In other words, Maria Duval concludes that those who dare to think and believe which initially appears impossible, find it easier to achieve happiness. Why? Because they reliase that the source of life does not lie in the material world we live in, but it is rather a gift bestowed by the Creator - which means it is actually a spiritual source.

So the way to bring yourself into harmony with this intelligence field and benefit from the inexhaustible energy, is through "self conditioning", which is all about overcome negative thoughts with positive attitudes.


All about stress

maria duval stressPsychic Maria Duval tells you that there is some underlying factor in lifes which is tending to block your success. Not only is this element preventing you from being truly happy, it is also draining your energy, obstructing the light, tiring your vital organs, sapping your strengths.

For example "stress". Once you know how to recognise and control "stress", all the elements will take a great step forward. Basically you will become more positive and more optimistic. Your personality will blossom, your relations with your parents and friends will improve, says Maria Duval. A state of happiness will begin to emerge in your life and life will be better.

Stress always creeps up on you, without any kind of fanfare. How will you know you are going through a prolonged period of stress if you don't have any kind of early earning system in place? Your blood pressure rises, you become impatient, you lose temper easily and your immune system drops.

So Maria Duval says it is vital that you know the early signs of stress so that you can do something about it fast, if not, stress can make your life very miserable and bad negative energies will be attracted to you.

So it is for your own spiritual. mental and physical health to know and overcome life stresses.


Maria Duval squidoo lens

My squidoo lens for Maria duval can be found here. Maria Duval. In case you are wondering what's that, Squidoo lens is a special website or sub page hosted under Squidoo.com platform. This allows anyone to create "lenses" about any specific niche topic under the sun. Interactivities can then be added to the lenses like videos, comments, links, guestbook and affiliate banners. Squidoo lenses are very useful to create unique sites for your business or passion and I think it is very flexible. I hope to add more interesting content to the lens as soon as I know of anything.

Well i learn this all from a very web savvy friend. Never stop learning, my friend.


Winning attitude - don't settle for second best

The last rule of prosperity taught by clairvoyant Maria Duval is, do not give up before you have even started! This kind of mentality is the "suicide" attitude which not only harms you tremendously, you are also not living your life fully and is somehow, a crying shame to neglect your own immense potential as an divine being.

Maria Duval says after learning from books or herself the theories related to prosperity, there is a must to put it into fervent action as fast as you can to maintain the momentum. Spring into ACTION as soon as a good idea enters your head or a highly promising opportunities present itself to you in some way.

"Be a winner from the start!"

"Allow your strength of mind to give you the strength to act!"

Remember: Fortune only smiles on those who are audacious and have a plan. Take a look at the big picture, and don't settle for a smaller pie. Maria Duval also advises you to develop a "go-getting" attitude and that winning spirit, the spirit of not enjoying losing!