Maria Duval - more about prayers

Maria Duval has suggested a prayer to you but of course you can make up with your own words to express your personal desires.

Pray as follows:

"I forgive myself for having entertained negative thoughts about myself or about anybody else, and I am determined to refrain from doing so again."

"I affirm that love, light, harmony, truth, beauty, abundance and security of God are flowing through me, freely and joyously, and I know that I'm blessed and enriched beyond my wildest dreams."

"I radiate love and goodwill towards all beings in the world."

Maria suggests that you repeat this praying out in loud, three times in the morning and again in the evening. As your thoughts dwell on these truths, your ears will be hearing them too, and so you will have two faculties working for your benefits. These truths will penetrate your subconscious.


Maria Duval - about prayers

Psychic Maria Duval adds that praying is thinking in accordance with universal principles and is the act of thinking constructively. It doesn't really matter what church or faith you belong too as the laws of cosmic energy cover everyone and there is absolutely no favourites. The good thing about praying is the fact that the cosmic energy in each of is becomes what we want.

Constructive thoughts harmonise with the cosmic energy and it responds depending on the nature of your thoughts. Maria Duval stresses that your prayer must show a firm, positive, constructive frame of mind, and total conviction. When you submit your desire to your subconscious mind, a response never fails to manifest itself.


Let the Divine Energy flow through us

A advice of wisdom here from Maria Duval who states that if we continuously indulge in remorse, resentment, self-pity or any spiritually destructive thinking, we will be trapped by all kinds of spiritual disorders and this is sapping the Divine Energy all of us have naturally. Which is why, again, it is so important to maintain a positive mental state and we seize control of our own emotions.

When the Divine Energy flows through is harmonious and joyous, this creates a perfect spiritual agreement between the Energy and us, and as a result, we will be blessed with health, peace and all the good riches in this Universe.

According to Maria Duval, a wonderful way of freeing the Energy inside you is through prayers. Prayers is thinking in accordance with universal principles and must show a firm, positive, constructive frame of mind, and total conviction.

Maria Duval - your psychic power is strong

Psychic power is stronger than physical power. A good illustration to explain this statement is to take the example of a lion tamer. The lion tamer displays his confidence and faith in his ability so much so that even the predatory lion crouches in the corner of its cage due to the supreme positive attitude of the tamer causing it to back off.

Maria Duval says well, to compensate yourself from any lack of physical limitation, make every effort to remain in a positive frame of mind. Have confidence in your abilities and faith in the Universe.

Your destiny is determined by your psychic power, which results from your character which in turn the due to the result of your habits. Your habits are the consequence of the actions you repeated perform.

Your subconscious builds your character. You need to work on it constantly and determinedly. If you want to elevate your life, you need to use your conscious mind to work on your subconscious mind. And it's your subconscious mind that will form your character and your destiny, says Maria Duval.


Maria Duval - positive thinking for life

While meditating, I thought about why most of the people are negative in nature. People are negative even when a perfectly good opportunity to change their life is presented in front of them. They begin to question its validity and legality, not knowing time is an essence and money and that the more the delay, the more they are losing out in life. I know it is good to have the cautiousness of the pessimists, however, we should not apply this mindset to everything that comes our way.

We have been taught since our youth to be negative. I remembered my mom used to tell me pursuit of money is bad and rich men are baddies. That life is unfair etc... We are experts at worry and low expectations. If we think something bad will happen, it will happen some day. We are fantastic at manifesting our own crap. That is the law of attraction at work. That is why I like the teachings of Maria Duval because she preaches people to have positive in thinking as abundance awaits those who have the right mindset.

Therefore, it's important that you start thinking about what you want, positively. Whenever your mind wanders to something negative, stop and think about the good things instead. Correct thinking is thinking about your dreams, goals, and helping other people. Once you have mastered correct thinking, the law of attraction will be working for you instead of against you.


Maria Duval - body posture for good concentration

The third point from Maria Duval for achieving good level of concentration is - Body Posture. Body posture will help you to concentrate because it was developed by men in possession of esoteric secrets from the Far East who have a profound knowledge of how energy circulates round the human body.

You can choose the one that seems to suit you best, remembering that the position you adopt should be a steady and comfortable zone.

Steady does not mean stiff or heavy. Comfortable does not mean soft or languid. You need to be straight without being rigid, firm without being tense, relaxed without being floppy.

If you don't need to use a cushion, simply sit down on a blanket folded in four, or on a mat.

Never wear tight clothes; find ones that are loose and good energy conductors like cotton, silk or wool.

To help you to find your centre of balance in a sitting position, it might be useful to rock your upper body backwards and forwards a few times. Then sway round in circles from the waist, slowly and attentively, first in one direction and then the other.

Take the greatest care over settling into the right posture, because successful concentration depends on it.