Natural form of energy

When we think and we voice out our thoughts, the thought energy is multiplied and its power increases significantly. Maria Duval says that in such a case, the meaning of the word is increased by purely physical vibratory energy, even if it is uttered in whisper. These vibrations are just as efficient when expressed in a unknown language.

It is interesting to note that both words and thoughts act on living things. This isn't some magic power or special ability. It is natural. In other words, when you speak, you have an impact on your entire environment and yourself, body and your mind.


Words and thoughts

Right, after a few days off, I'm back to the spiritual stuff.

Previously I talk about the power of words and we should not underestimate its effect on our lives.

Now we humans are so accustomed to "profligating" our words that we express surprises when we come to know that its a source of power. Our thoughts which are polluted by a false system of beliefs are filled with subconscious fear. That's why clairvoyant Maria Duval has stated that we have in fact fact lose some of our inherent energy and natural powers.

In spiritual realm, it is extremely important to know that a thought is a form of energy. Every thought that comes out of us is "recorded" in the universal ether and this mental energy has different colours of emotions, thoughts and reflections.


Back home

Glad to be back again. I was off for an overseas year end vacation to Southeast Asia visiting some friends who are working there and at the same time, spent an eventful Christmas over there. You never really know how global Christmas is until you visit these primarily Asian countries. We really had a great time partying and sharing. Of course the food was great! I have always had a preference for spicy food and those few days I really ate a lot of spicy stuff. Things are not that expensive there compared to home country just too bad that I was lazy to carry so much stuff back home therefore I did not buy particularly a lot.


Seasons Greetings!


Time flies and once again we are celebrating the joy and bliss of the Christmas. Christmas is now a truly international event, being celebrated almost in every part of the world. Even my friends overseas in Asia are having a great time exchanging gifts and attending Christmas parties! I do hope we humans will care for each other more and be less selfish, give and share more with each other, and have more respect to all living things in this planet.



Pay attention to your words

Do you know that words that we speak all the time have creative powers? Let's pay attention to our words, as they are the magic key that possess powers that can surprise you.

Maria Duval says that this creative power belongs to you by rights. It is a gift given to you directly by God. It is written in the Bible in its description of the creation of the Universe.

Words truly enable you to express your creative power. It is through the words that you state things. Whatever your manner of speaking, your intention is manifested in your words. Your dreams, your feelings and your real essence, everything is expressed through words.


Breaking these agreements

Clairvoyant Maria Duval teaches that we need to have the power and ability to change the smallest of our agreements if we want to change the dream of our lives. What does that mean?

If you are capable of seeing that your agreements are ruling your life, and if you don't want your life to be like this, then you have to change these agreements you have made to yourself.

What you need to do now is to sign up to a sort of new alliance, a new "contract" with yourself. This contract is all based on the ancient wisdom of human civilisations. Psychic Maria Duval can impart to you these ancient wisdom and the principles to lead a better life which will really help you to break the other agreements which are the products of the fear that literally drains your energy and confines you to a life that does not fulfil you.



Agreements that are based on fear will drain a huge amount of spiritual energy from you. On the other hand, those agreements based on love will help to conserve your energy or even improve it. Do remember about this fact from Maria Duval.

You should know that every individual is born with a certain amount of personal power that we recharge every day when we rest. Unfortunately, we exhaust all these personal power, making these agreements then keeping them and making us feel more powerless.

We just have enough energy to get through each day, because nearly all our power is used complying with the agreements that keep us in "the dream of society".


We "sign" agreements all the time

As we grow up, we "signed" thousands of agreements with ourselves and others, like partners, parents, friends and God, says Maria Duval. But the most important ones are those that you have "signed" with yourself. Through these agreements, you have labelled subconsciously as what you are, what you feel, what you think it is and how to behave. So the end result is called your "personality".

You say "this is what i am, this is what I believe. There are some things I can do and others I can't. There is reality, this is imaginable, this is possible, that's impossible."

Any of these agreements alone poses little problem, but in any number they make you suffer and fail in life. If you want to have a happy and prosperous life, you must find the determination to break these agreements founded on fear and reclaim your personal power, as what Maria teaches.


Need to be accepted

Think about this: Some people allow others to behave appallingly towards them and will even put up with being hit, humiliated and treated as if they were worthless. Why is that so, asks Maria Duval? This is because in their belief system, they are saying to themselves: "I deserve it. This person is doing me a favour by being with me. I don't deserve love and respect. I haven't been good enough."

We have a need to be accepted and loved by others, but we are incapable of accepting and loving ourselves. The more self-respect a person has, the kinder they are to ourselves is the result of a rejection of the self, which is in turn is the result of a failure to live up to an image of perfection that is impossible to achieve.

So, this whole infernal mechanism or vicious cycle is sustained and governed by fear!


False beliefs clutter our mind

Since the earliest of ancient times and history, mankind is always seeking truth, justice and beauty, since we are all spiritual creations. We seek for truth because we only believe the lies that are etched on our mind. We search for justice because it does not exist in our belief system.

However, clairvoyant and psychic Maria Duval says that we do not find the truth because we cannot see it, obscured as it is by the agreements that we have given and false beliefs that clutter our minds. Human beings have a need to be right and consider others wrong. They have confidence in their beliefs and it is these beliefs that condemn them to their suffering...

The result is that we lack the authenticity and we wear social masks to ensure that other people don't see this. We are so afraid that someone will discover that we are not who we pretend to be.


Seeking the truth

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says that the reason why life is so difficult to many is because their lives are governed by fear. If you look around, you'll soon realise that our beautiful world is not beautiful to some as they experience human suffering, anger, vengeful thoughts, violence, fighting and other atrocities. All of these are just a reflection of a "dream" injustice.

In essence, all mankind is seeking truth, justice and beauty. We are on a continual question for truth because we only believe the lies that are etched on our mind. We search for justice because it doesn't exist in our belief system.

We never cease searching, but all is already within us! In fact life goes on as if we were moving through a fog. This is nothing but a dream, a personal "life dreams" made up of our beliefs, all the ideas we have about what we are, all the agreements that we have made with others, ourselves and even with God.


We are playing roles since young

There are a lot of rules for us to follow, ever since the time we begin to learn about what is right and wrong during very young age. There are punishments awaiting us if we do "wrong" and rewards if we do "right". Hence we begin to fear being punished or not getting our rewards.

Later we learn there is a need to gain attention in order to receive these rewards and the gratification that we received from feeling alive and loved. We continue to do what others want us to do and it makes us feel good when there are rewards. Gradually, pretensions set in, just to please others or to receive these rewards.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval states that by trying to please others, we are playing our roles. We want to be someone we are not out of fear of rejection. Ultimately we become someone other than ourselves.


The process of domestication

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says we learn when we are children, from the moment we are in agreement with adults around us. We have faith in them and this faith is very strong to the extent that it creates a belief to control the whole "dream" of our life.

We didn't choose these beliefs and therefore, in theory, we could rebel against them, but we are not strong enough to do that. As a result,we submitted to the predominant beliefs, once we agreed. Ancient sages called this the process of "domestication".

As children we are first taught the name of things around us as part of our education and we are told what is right and wrong. That is also the time we learn to "judge". We judge ourselves, we judge others, like our friends and school mates and etc. So you can say that we are as domesticated in the same way of pets.


Giving our agreement

Clairvoyant Maria Duval points out that the "dream" of the society captures our attention and teaches us what we should practise and believe, starting with the langugage we speak. This langugage is the code of understanding and communications between human beings. Every word of our language represents a point on which we are in agreement.

We don't have a choice to become what we want to be because the system and beliefs are already there when we are born. As a child, we gave the agreement to the information that was transmitted to you in the "dream" of the society into which you were born.

This is important because the dream of the society can capture your attention but if you are in disagreement, you won't retain the information.

We need to give our consent to things we are seeking to learn otherwise we won't retain much and hence solving our problems or find a better life!


Seeking attention

It is right to say that when you are a child, the adults around you like parents, relatives and teachers capture your attention and introduce information into your mind through constant repetition. That's how you learn and how you build up your personal belief.

Through all these entire reality or whole "dream", you have learn how to behave in a society, like what is acceptable and what is not, what is right and what is wrong, and, so on... Everything is already there. The knowledge, rules and ideas about how you should act or behave in the world.

So as you grow up, you have learned to capture the attention of others and developed a need for attention which has become highly competitive. This need for attention is inherent in every child and it becomes stronger as they grow up.


Sharp attention

All of us are born with the ability to learn how to dream and we always seek guidance from the more "experienced" to teach us how to dream in order to be accepted into the "society". That's why when there is opportunity to interact with the young ones, we also try to capture their attention so that we can inadvertently "teach" them what is right or accepted, either as parents, school, religion, workplace or simply anywhere around.

People are always seeking attention, whether being seeked or seeking. So when you are a child, you always try to get their attention, and through this, new information is fed into your mind and you learn. Well, attention is nothing but the ability to be selective and to focus well.

Brain is powerful enough to process thousands of things at the same time, but by practising laser-sharp attention skills, you can keep what you choose at the front of your conscious mind.


We dream constantly

What we actually see everywhere are really images. Other senses like hearing makes you able to pick up sounds from your surrounding at anytime. Clairvoyant Maria Duval said all these are actually dreams, conducted by our powerful brain. Our brain dreams about everything twenty four hours a day and that is its main function. That means we dream when we are awake or when we are asleep.

Let Maria Duval explain the difference. During the waking state, the frame of reference of the material world makes us see things in continuum, in a linear fashion. But when we are sleeping, it no longer has this frame of reference, so the dream tends to change constantly.


Visualise your life to the smallest details

In your everyday life, your way of being and acting is the basic material that you will use to improve or radically transform your life. You are going to "make into reality" the mental images that you create. That is to say, everything you do, your relationships with others, your love life, family life and etc..

Place all your energy in visualising what you want in the smallest details, and how to obtain it, as if you have already achieved it.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says this is highly valuable, whatever you aim you seek to achieve: more money, your own house, a new car, best friends, luck in love, excellent academic results, work promotion, superb health and many others..

And it is also highly important that you concentrate on one single wish, one desire or one project at any one time.


No interruption

Clairvoyant Maria Duval advices that we should never allow our visualisation to be interrupted by rational and supposedly "reasonable" objections. Our subconsciousness is not able to sort the mental images that you give it as it does not differentiate between what comes from your imagination and what is reality.

Therefore, your mental "film" must be as clear and precise as possible; it should always take place in the present and should not be encumbered by negative images or thoughts, no refutation or obstacles.

For example, avoid mental conclusions like "I'll do the task tomorrow..", "when I have the time I'll do it....", "when things are getting better than we'll try it.." or "next week I'll try to solve this problem..".


Listen to your inner voice

Allow yourself to be carried out on the broad wings of your imagination, your fantasy. This will give you a creative lift in which you can be led into a world in which all things can be achieved. Listen to your little inner voice attentively, for it is your best guide in life. It knows what is best for you and what direction you should go. So please listen to your inner voice. Obey it and be receptive to it.

Just a short simple post today. Hope you have a great day! :)



Do you want your wishes to come true? Your projects to come to fruition? For Providence to generously fill your needs?

Run in your mind a film in which they have already come true. Imagine yourself saying, doing, being and having what you want to say, do, be and have...and harvest the satisfaction, honours and benefits.

If you have a money problem, imagine yourself winning the lottery..see yourself banking in that big cheque, imagine your new grand house, and that flashy car at your garage..life would be really complete, wouldn't it?

Or you feel lonely in life and you desperately want to meet the person of your life. That life partner that will be with you all times. You imagine how that person looks like, meeting that person, sharing great moments with that person and having intimate times with that person. All these are areas that you can visualise. I know it sounds like daydreaming. However, there is real psychic power to visualisation as I have explained in earlier posts.


Learn to relax

Clairvoyant Marie Callas says that visualisation is in fact, seeing the mental image that you create. But if you have problems, you can just concentrate on "thinking" about it or be aware of the feeling that your image or scenario evokes.

A mental image that lacks clarity or is a little "confused" is not necessarily a bad one. If your mind tends to wander to other "parasite" images, bring it back patiently and gently towards the desired image.

Gradually the image grows in proportion to the state of your concentration and the time that you devote to it.

To sum up, the main obstacle to good concentration is physical and nervous tension. That's why it is important to relax. When you are relaxed, it is much easier to concentrate on the creation of a mental image and visualisation will be much better.


We have hidden limitless powers

As intelligent beings, we got to accept the fact that all of us have limitless power, most of them hidden in our subconscious without us ever even knowing in this lifetime. If you are one of the few that knows how to tap on this power, my congratulations to you!

One of our god-given ability is we can imagine whatever scenario you wish, to put a virtual scenery in your mind, and power to link to the higher self. In fact, visualisation enables you to dream your life and to think about your life before you make it happen in reality.

Psychic and clairvoyant Maria Duval is able to help you to improve your visualisation. She has devised some simple exercises and these will train your mind to reconstitute an image or subject which you have previously focused your attention on.


Multiply your intuition

Clairvoyant psychic Maria Duval says that by practising visualisation regularly you will multiply your intuition and creative abilities. Through it, you are going to bring about numerous circumstances in your life that will be as lucky as they are unexpected.

Great creators like artists, painters, scientists, inventors, composers and even sportsmen visualise regularly, or they are born with a gift to visualise and materialise their mental pictures to perfection.

If use well, visualisation that draws on the imagination, fantasy, creativity and inventiveness can accomplish miracles. There will have increased intuitive acumen and sets up a clear, uncluttered form of communications between you and your subconsciousness, in a universal language. Mostly important, Maria Duval regards visualisation as a positive programming of our subconsciousness.


Vibrating matters

From clairvoyant psychic Maria Duval point of view and other esoteric and occults, the body of the man is made up of vibrating matters that vibrate at certain frequencies. This gives it a visible and tangible appearance. The vibrating matters are actually condensed luminous energy. Our body can be said to be a container for spiritual light, for the divine spirit, which can then experience incarnate life.

Maria Duval says to experience life comes down to remembering its divine origin, reappearing its cosmic forces, rediscovering the magic resources that lie dormant deep within you.


Virtual images

Do you know that those virtual images in your mind are filled with light, meaning energy? This means through this energy, the mental images have enough properties essential to turn out to be real. They could take shape and materialise in daily life.

In other words, the universal cosmic energy intensifies and creates in the material world the vision contained in the virtual image. This process therefore contains all the secret art of visualisation, which is long held high regard by the ancient human intelligence.


Seeing through the eyes of the mind

Visualisation is actually a very easy technique. Most of us are visualising unknowingly when we go through over every day life. Through the imaginative power of our brain, we paint vivid mental images in our mind, and when you do it, you are exploiting a natural resource of the brain and a spiritual gift of the human beings.

So, to visualise is to project virtual images in your head. That is easy to us I guess. We do that all the time, like visualising about our future, our lovers, our nemesis and our aspirations. These mental images are latent in form, meaning exist in a probable state before taking actual form. The images could turn out real or not real. Therefore, Maria Duval says visualising is sighting through the eyes of the mind.



Mental images or visualisation is very ancient skill. Since very early times, humans had come to understand its great power through visualisation and its effects can bring to people. For example, during magical ceremonies, spiritual masters used the creation of "mental images" to enhance the level of occult activities.

It was then a frequent practice, the result of a very long and patient observation of the laws of the universe and the mechanisms of nature.

Maria Duval gives an example of the observation of nature teaches us that any animal that is incapable of defending themselves becomes the prey of a stronger species. Same here for mankind. We need to learn to "awaken" spiritually. In this respect, we are responsible for our evolution ans survival.

So through this visualisation, there is a precious spiritual tool that puts us in contact with the divine nature.


Get those bad thoughts off your mind

We all have thoughts and emotions so it is very often that out of the blue, our minds wander to a certain topic that is nothing in particular to what you are doing now, and often these are not nice thoughts. It may come back to haunt you and grip you and make you start to worry about things and life.

So that's where are good mind control comes in to purge these bad thoughts off your mind and giving you a fresh outlook in life once again.

It's especially useful if you can use the "creative visualisation" technique you learn from Maria Duval as it is very efficient to help you keep your mind clear and positive.


Show perseverance

By repetition there is a powerful conditioning going on at mental level. Somehow a state of mind is evolving, one that changes from negative to more positive. This means there is a new reality and one that you wish to become.

maria duval perseverance
So at astral level, you are gradually inducing your own form of success and development, as what psychic Maria Duval regards. Write your position affirmations on a piece of paper and carry it around whenever you go in your pocket, wallet or bag. In this way you can read it as and when require.

Essentially, it's all about perseverance. Success comes from determination and perseverance.

Using positive affirmations

Yesterday I mentioned about positive affirmations, and today, I'll briefly explain based on what I learn from Maria Duval about how to apply it. It's easy but you need to be consistent, just like any other tasks. Repeat it over and over again until it works.

Say them as many times as you can during the day, mentally when there are people around, or say it loud when you realise you are alone. That makes sense, as you don't want people to think you are suffering from mental illness!

Allow them to "echo" in your heart so that the meaning really sinks in. Just like you are digesting the food you have eaten. Do it well and it will recharge you with a fresh burst of spiritual energy thus keeping you peaceful, determined and positive.

Do it during shower, or you are on a long trip with a lot of time to spare. Better still, affirm it during your meditation sessions. That will have an even better effect I guess. You can also write on a piece of paper and hang it on your wall so that it reminds you of your determination all the time. Be creative..

Once you have done that consistently, the message will be ingrained in your brain and you will automatically switch to the mode that you are yearning for. You'll also realise it will improve your life tremendously.


My simple positive affirmations

maria duval beautiful plainsA couple of my favourite positive affirmations I have been mentally reciting all these while:

"I'm entitled to a lot of money. Whatever amount I spend on, multiples of it will come back to me. I also give out of kindness because the more I give out, the more I'll receive".

Of course, this does not mean I spend indiscriminately beyond my means. Self control is still very important.

"I radiate thoughts of peace, joy towards to the world, like a radiant sun diffusing its heat and light freely".

And I give thanks as much as I can and express gratitude whenever I go, for the good food, the little things in life that make you feel blessed.


Zodiac signs and your personality

What star sign or zodiac you belong to means the position of the Sun is near that star sign at the time of your birth. If the Sun was in the position of Aries when you were born, you are an Aries and your general personality is "outgoing".

maria duval horoscope

  • Aquarius January 20-February 18 - Independent
  • Pisces February 19-March 20 - Impressionable
  • Aries March 21-April 19 - Outgoing
  • Taurus April 20-May 20 - Conservative
  • Gemini May 21-June 21 - Versatile
  • Cancer June 22-July 22 - Emotional
  • Leo July 23-August 22 - Authoritative
  • Virgo August 23-September 22 - Exacting
  • Libra September 23-October 23 - Helpful
  • Scorpio October 24-November 21 - Determined
  • Sagittarius November 22-December 21 - Optimistic
  • Capricorn December 22-January 19 - Cautious
Source: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/horoscope-junkie.html


Some benefits of Meditation

A simple listing of what mediation can do to your well-being:

maria duval meditation

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved energy
  • Improved relationships
  • Improved performance
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved tolerance and patience
  • Improved understanding
  • Improved sense of direction and purpose
  • Improvement in every aspect of your life
Source: http://www.meditation-for-all.com/

Vibratory state of thoughts

Do you know that the state of poverty is corresponds to the vibratory states of thoughts in us? When a person's vibratory state is sufficiently correct and positive, this person will finally receive the goodness and benefits from the Universe.

So if you are currently facing difficulties in your work, business or life, why not examine yourself what is the main cause of it to go wrong. Sometimes a simple change to a positive mindset works like magic! As long as there is a tint of negativity in your thought, that could just reset your vibratory state to that of a failure mechanism in your brain. The more constructive thoughts in your mind, the more you will progress towards wealth and prosperity.

To conclude what I learn from Maria Duval is that the incessant repetition of thoughts whether negative or positive, amplifies the original subconscious belief. The result of it is that there is greater material manifestations.


Better not to have these in your head

Maria Duval says there is a need to control your thoughts. Sadly, many of us use thoughts in a very damaging way. Their fears, anxieties, worries. This often cause complications and unfavourable events appearing in their lives.

The type of thought that is lingering in your head also has significant influence on your health. Let me explain more. I have a friend who always feels bitter, that everyone is against her, whether in personal life or in the work. Things are always tight up when she's around. When something happens, she gets work up personally even though it's not her fault. Soon, her life gets very edgy. She's getting suspicious towards everyone. Mentally she is really not in her sort. I hope she'll recover back to her old vivacious self.

Some thoughts are better left in the rubbish chute as they constitute a real danger and should be removed forever from your thoughts. These could mean something like "I'm not able to do it", "It's just not going to happen to me", or, "I'm just not as lucky as him".


Think positive as much as you can

Let me repeat again. Do not be drawn along by those very negative and destructive thoughts because they will bring you harmful consequences. Instead, always think positive about the events, even though the situation may appear bleak and hopeless that you are thinking of giving all up. No, never give up...

Some people are privileged in life as they are naturally born optimist who think positively. But they are in a minority.

Psychic Maria Duval says our thoughts is like a seed that grows, develops into a tree that will bear fruits. What kind of fruits depend on what kind of seed you are sowing.

Hence, the selection of your thoughts is vital for creating the material and psychic consequences throughout your life. The more you confirm about your certain thought, the more it will grow in your subconscious. Eventually, that will constitute your set of personal beliefs and values.

Thought is Centre of all

Thought is very precious. It is a kind of psychic energy generated by intelligent beings. All successes in whatever area, depends directly on the powerful thought process. If there is no thought, nothing will exist and nothing is possible hence nothing comes true.

Psychic Maria Duval assures you that if you had not doubted until now the creative force of your thought, if you had believed in its very real power, you would have achieved many things in your life, you would have doubtlessly achieved happiness, because you know how to take advantage of your luck cycles.

If you have been unaware of the importance of your thoughts and have been unable to receive any fair share of luck in your life, do not despair, because from now on, psychic Maria Duval is able to guide and teach you to use your thoughts in the most favourable way.


Thought is psychic manifestation

Maria Duval says that thought is the psychic manifestation of our spiritual aspect (mind) in the body, through the intermediary of the brain. Each of your thought reflects on your mind whether or not you are aware of it. The type of thought you have at any given time, shows the vibratory state of your mind at that time.

Therefore, if you change your thoughts, you can change the quality and quantity of the vibrations of your mind. Since the mind has a continuous impact on the matter, you also change the effect the mind has on the material level, or in other words, on your life circumstances.

Through this, Maria Duval thinks this is the most efficient and certain means of becoming master of the course of your life and achieving success and happiness with far greater ease.


A Choice

Everyone has the chance, numerous times a day, to give an opinion on something, to accept or to refuse certain proposals, to choose to act or not, to speak or not, to do or not, whether to remain silent or voice out.

In other words, there is always this permanent interaction between man and his environment: the individual will always, despite the obstacles, have a degree of free that can be used for good or bad.

As psychic Maria Duval has said, her gifts as a medium have enabled her to identify a "block" originating in an unfavourable astral influence which is having an impact on a person's life.


It happens for a reason

In the law of Karma, it is stated that everything that happens in the universe has a cause and it happens for a reason. This is the same in your life. Just take a look around you and you will understand this is a clear reality. The cause and effect occur everywhere around you.

Psychic Maria Duval gives a very simple yet logical example of this cause and effect. When you let go of an object, that object falls, isn't it? So this object does not fall for no reason; it is because you have let it go loose and it falls.

Apparently, we are all free to choose whether to adopt a positive or negative mindset. There is a choice. Ultimately, you either block your success or your create something that favours success.


Have right mental attitudes

Psychic Maria Duval says that certain negative mental attitudes literally block the circulation of the cosmic energies. All the emotions and the thoughts generated by feelings such as fear, doubt, anger, resentment, jealousy, hostility, hatred, etc, tend to attract circumstances that are detrimental to happiness, like, bad luck, ordeals or chronic continuation of problems.

If a person has positive constructive emotions and thoughts founded on love, friendship, compassion, joy, enthusiasm, generosity, self-sacrifice...Providence will pour its benefits on him or her and there will never lack for anything in their life.

Simply, this is an illustration of the laws of karma which states that everything has one or several effects. Everything has its consequence.


Live life to the full in love, joy and abundance

A human being is a God who doesn't know it. Believe what psychic Maria Duval says, if we human beings take more interest in this message, we could realise that we are Gods in terms of our strength. If we had faith in that idea, faith in our powers, we could perform miracles in our own lives.

And that will soon be true for you if you learn from Maria Duval.

In reality, humans are all the issue of the same "source". The most far-reaching research into physical science now proves this:

Everything that exists in the universe comes from a sole and unique source of energy called the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. The source of everything.

In his infinite love and wisdom, the Creator gave Man the gift of free will, which gives us the power to make choices, to experiment freely with this or that aspect of creation.

Maria Duval says that it is in exercising their free will that human beings can learn, evolve and enrich themselves through their "mistakes" and finally "reappropriate themselves of their divine nature" so that they can live life to the full in love, joy and abundance.


Mystical Moon

The nearest celestial object to us is our Moon. Since the past, the Moon is often shrouded in its own mystique, secrecy and mystery. Many ancient civilisations regarded Moon as having powerful energy which they could tap on. Psychics like Maria Duval love full moon too as it seems to exude a psychic power during that time.

During Full Moon, humans may exhibit strange behaviours. Folktales and superstitions tell of the Full Moon being the time when witches, werewolves, goblins, ghosts, and vampires were able to roam the earth.

On the other hand, people fall in love under the Full Moon. It's hard to see a beautiful yellow-gold Moon rising ... and not want to walk along the sea shore ... or into the desert night ... hand-in-hand with the one you love.

Ancient cultures worshiped the Moon, and held ceremonies, rituals, and festivals in its honor. The Moon also influences the tides. It influences the gravitational field of the earth. It influences the fertility cycle in some (and maybe all) species.

Finally Maria Duval says that the Moon represents your emotional self, your inner self, your instincts, habits, and psychic reactions.


Reservoir of Luck

Psychic Maria Duval says luck forms when the "reservoir" of universal cosmic energy is filled. When it happens, luck can appear from all directions of your life in every possible and tangible way in this material world.

The truth is that the "personal reservoir of luck" of every human being tends to fill itself naturally, because that is how Life manifests itself, accordance with the Divine Laws of Creation founded on the Force of love and fertility.

Moreover, during favourable periods of destiny, certain astral energies circulate more freely and quickly filling our "luck reservoir", this giving us more access to the fine side of life.


Nothing happens "by chance"

Nothing happens by "chance". Therefore it is important to understand clearly how every lucky circumstance manifests itself as the result of a personal initiative. Most people are not aware of them because they do not know the hidden law of manifestation. These also include what is known as pure luck...which "falls from the Heavens".

So psychic Maria Duval says there is a need first of all to mobilise your own reources in order to trigger the "magic luck process". If it is neglected, luck will stagnate and then dry up.

In short, Luck is liable to manifest itself in a specific way if you give it the chance. This truth is well illustrated by the popular say "God helps those who help themselves".



Psychic Maria Duval encourages us to "let go". We will be happier if we let go as true happiness can be found once we begin to let go.

People tend to cling onto a habit or practice and this forms a huge influence on their own lives subconsciously. Do not worry too much because everyone of us can free ourselves from these obstacles.

Each and everyone of us has a superior part of ourselves which is known as the Superconscious, Inner Guide, or the Soul. By learning and apply Maria Duval's instructions diligently and regularly, you know that there is a very powerful side of you that you have not known of.

This part of you is always open with both arms to welcome you, and very much dedicated to discover the truth.


True healing and meditation

True meditation, just like true healing, is way beyond actions, beyond the body and its attachment and desires. It is also beyond the material world and it is no longer dependent on a psyche.

If you learn and apply what psychic Maria Duval has taught and explained based on the spiritual wisdoms passed down from ancient civilisations, you will quickly realise that your ego is nothing more than your identification which is just passing memories.

Do allow your thoughts to come and go without being attached to them, without wanting to change them. Allow your thoughts to free themselves during your meditation and you will achieve the ultimate goal that will make you happy and free.


Reconnecting yourself

Through consistent meditations, you can reconnect yourself with you true nature and the divine in you. Meditate everyday, but don't feel being forced by it, because, you will lose the benefit of it if you feel that way. It is only through the intelligence of the heart and abandon that you will be able to achieve it.

Psychic Maria Duval adds you will be in the right path when there is a sense of inner peace within you as well as experiencing a feeling of joy and happiness.

Importantly, never forget that you are not practising to obtain anything in the future and that everything is given to you in the present, the here and now of any moment. When you are fully present, you are in the divine dimension; then, it is just a case of practice to make that state permanent.


The ultimate reality and healings

Psychic Maria Duval comments that you will only find your own inner Master and that is by going to the deepest part of you. That is your saviour. After some time of this relationship you will achieve your ultimate goal, the only true healing.

True healing which is the state of Sat, Chit and Ananda.

Sat, existence, is achieved when you have gained the permanent state of union with the soul.

Chit, the true state of consciousness, brings about the total destruction of all evils and the appearance of all gifts.

Ananda, happiness, is unconditional contentment and the result of your connection with Purusha, the soul.

Maria Duval sums up that Sat Chit Ananda is the ultimate reality and the last of the healings. Once you have achieved this state, you will be free of all suffering and nothing will ever be able to harm you.


Freeing yourself

Psychic Maria Duval says to really achieving your inner peace and liberation, you need to do it by uprooting and changing your level of consciousness towards that of the heart, and not by analysing your own mind and psyche.

So the only way of freeing yourself from your suffering is to go from the mind to the heart, from the relative to the absolute.

When you have re-established contact with your true face, your true nature, you will have found God and you will reconnected with Him. Only then will you have found your true guru to chase away darkness. Psychic Maria Duval can show you to way to do that.


Little me in man

Psychic Maria Duval says that high ego results when there is a lack of separation between psychological, physical body and the divine spirit or soul.

Instead of being united with the soul, man is identified with the little me (the personified form of the mind) and every time something does not go as planned in the world, he says "it is and this me that suffers, because he thinks that everything that happens is to do with him" when in fact, it simply events taking the course. This is what Maria Duval says as "false identifications".

Then next man becomes attached to whatever brings him pleasure and rejects what makes him suffer, because man have not understood that he has fallen into his own trap: that of his false identifications.

Maria Duval adds that this illusion runs so deep that he has even invented scientific methods to analyse his ego and that means man remains a prisoner of his own.

Allow yourself to be carried by your intuition

Psychic Maria Duval teaches that to find God, you must get out of your mind and your own dual thoughts, to access your heart. Allow yourself to be carried by your intuition and the love that resides deep within you.

The common belief that you exist because you have a body of flesh and thoughts and that everything finishes when you die comes from false mental identifications. In other words, your mind can kill you, little by little.

So to sum up, Maria Duval believes that he who is not free from the mind will be incessantly reborn, passing from body to body, chained to his identifications and desires that will always find a way and a hideout to continue.

By identifying with this mind, man has the illusion that the material world will make him happy, that when he has fulfilled his desires everything will be better. One desire will lead to another thus it's a vicious cycle.


Inner Soul, our true Self

Man is blind, says psychic Maria Duval.

We have the illusion that the world we see is the real world. But in fact, what we are seeing is only the reflection of our mind; that's why all the sacred texts claim that man lives in ignorance, and that ignorance is the most serious of our illnesses.

The illusion that we see is a burning illusion and comes with a lot of temptation. This hypnotises man, cuts us off from our powers and plunges us day after day deeper within the mental. In the end, we are separated fro our true source, which is our soul. The soul is just another name for God in man. The soul, within the heart of us, is God and the spirit of God in man, explains Maria Duval.


Let go and experience new world of peace

Maria Duval says that once you have connected with your intuition you need never fear, because there is a great sense of strength outpouring from within you, supporting you, guiding you and giving you whatever is best for you.

To make contact with your intuition at any time, you need to let go and give yourself up to it, rather than giving in to your pride and ego that dominates many people's inner self. Once you have prepared to let you, you will find that there is great deal of peace and transquility inside you rather than constant in-fighting with your thoughts and ego about worldly needs.


Let me continue the previous day's post for doing right for you.

By acting in a way that is right for you, you are actually accumulating merits and you will be flooded with a multitude of favours and benefits. According to psychic Maria Duval, the great thing about this type of attitude is that if you act in a way that is right for you, it will also be right for those around you.

Rightly so, you are not secluded from others as long as you are in tune with your intuition. You are still in line with the world without this being in any way a burden. Most importantly, do not think that this is a selfish way of acting as this is not the case.


Maria Duval says because actually you will not be acting from your selfish center that brings everything back to you, which takes and forgets and focuses on its wound and what is not right. By acting on the basis of your intuition you will be connected to the spiritual dimension and that will bring you a great deal of security and peace.

Your intuition is the word of God within you.


Listen to your intuition

Psychic Maria Duval adds that when you give yourself up or something away, you will create a new space for yourself. A new space will come in to take over what you have just given.

When you live in truth, you attract what is right for you. That means simply what is right for you is what is best for you. I know it sounds too easy. What I actually mean is that what is right for you is specific to you and does not have anything to do with what is right for your neighbour. That's also why Maria Duval keeps saying we must listen to our own intuition as it is the best voice specific to us.

Of course that does not stop you from asking for advices, but then, once you have all the necessary information, do what is right for you.


Find the right frequency

Psychic Maria Duval suggests that a simple way and practice of living in truth is to connect to your intuition which is the vehicle for your communications with the spiritual dimension.

Find the right frequency to your heart and deep most feeling. Tune in to this frequency and listen to it intently. And you'll discover what is right for you. You are your own master and no one knows that better than yourself as others can only point you in the right direction as the actions and decisions still depend on yourself.

To be fair to yourself, seek help from anointed masters like Maria Duval if your intuition is not yet sufficiently developed. This can help you reap the benefits of for your continual spiritual developments.

Be at ease wth ourselves

We should always thrive to be ourselves, at ease to ourselves and most importantly, to be true to ourselves. Being accountable to your soul makes you a peaceful person and it is living in truth and telling the truth, as Maria Duval says.

There's really no point forcing yourself to do things which do not make you feel comfortable or doing against your conscience. You'll never feel at ease and you'll hate yourself one day when the truth has arrived.

Moreover, by going against yourself and your personal guide, you will live in the dimension of the mind and will be confronted constantly by the dual world of evil and good. Of course, that feeling of fear of losing or not having.


Spiritual places

We need to go back to our spiritual root to discover that the source of all healing comes from there. The spiritual mind that heals you is all powerful over the psychological body and over the physical body, according to psychic Maria Duval.

When miraculous healings take place, the changes are taken place at the spiritual dimensions and that's why spiritual body encompasses all bodies. Whenever there is very strong spiritual presence, for example, at the presence of the master or at holy place, spiritual healings can take place.

Places like Lourdes, San Giovanni, Assise, Meljorge are strong spiritual places for Christians charged with the presence of the divine and the saints. Earthly beings can make contact with divine dimensions in these places too.


True happiness is found in your heart

Materialism is the word in today's society. People just want to buy more and more of the latest stuff like fashion, cars, tech toys, or food. I guess that's just a part of the modern life and no one can accuse anyone of being too materialistic.

What I'm trying to say here is everything we do or act should have a limit to it. By being over indulgently materialistic is just giving you a false illusion of satisfaction and security. Life may not be better if a person keeps in buying and splashing the money on the luxuries. This in fact just creates a vicious cycle that may lead to more sadness and unhappiness in some extreme cases.

Psychic Maria Duval teaches that happiness is not found in the objects you possessed but rather, in your heart, which is the place you keep your true wealth. But how many people out there really grasp the subtle meaning of this?

To be truly happy, act selflessly by giving away generously within your might and this is a selfless heart at work and you'll bring more happiness to people around you.

Maria Duval also says this act of love will dissolve the hardest of stones and proud ego, which in actual fact, a source of problems in your life. Remember well that you are on earth to be happy and it makes your body grows stronger and wiser. If materialism gives you happiness, I guess that's only a transient illusion of temporary happiness.

So look for true happiness instead.


To live happily and heathily in the present

So to live happily and heathily everyone must live in the present. What does this mean?

Sometimes when your thoughts of the past come back to you, just shrug them off with no worries, allow them to come and go, and dissolve in their own accord without you pressurised to do anything. Do this with all your thoughts as Maria Duval suggests.

Just to take a simple example, now you think your life is not going great. You are facing strains in life everywhere and you suddenly think that five years ago everything was in its prime. You tell yourself how good things are then and you wish time bring you back.

As for the future, psychic Maria Duval says not to worry about it. Find your way, what you are made for, the thing that is right for you and follow your course, day after day, taking pleasure in everything you do. By doing this, you will be vital and happy to be alive.


We only live on the present, not past or future

Psychic Maria Duval states that there is nothing permanent in this world. The world out there is a duality entity which is lways in a constant state of flux. Man have created their own fears and multitude of problems upon themselves. The repercussions of it mean live are gradually poisoned and stained spiritually.

Because of these fears that create more insecurity, man always look to the past for solitude and project into the future to forget about the present mess, but their forget that life can only be lived in the present.

Maria Duval makes a very good point that if you are absorbed by the thoughts of the past, you will also repeat your past and in your new life you will never experience anything differently better from than past which you are trying to shake off.

Similarly, if you do not act to change the present but keep thinking of the promise of the future, you will not be capable of feeling your needs, to see what is good for you.


Maria Duval - The Spiritual Body

We are all spiritual bodies, aren't we?

Psychic Maria Duval states that the spiritual body is the origin of all the other bodies. It is the substance of the being. With spiritual body, you can be nearer to the divine and spiritual kingdom of the Higher Being, in physical human form.

In this modern and materialistic world, we have already stifled our spiritual bodies in the past paced society we now live in. As living stresses built up, the spiritual body has become more withdrawn to the extent that we have lost it! That's why it is important that we care about this divine friend in us, for it can help us immensely to our success.

The spiritual body is the seat of the spirit, without it, no one can live. Different layers of body as I described earlier are built onto this spiritual body and that's what we are composed of.


Our Psychological Body

Psychic Maria Duval says the astral body or psychological body records all the imprints (samskaras) of our present life and those of our past lives.

It is composed of:

The mind (namas) that thinks and doubts.

The intellectual (bouddhi) that analyses and evaluates. The subconscious (chitta). Maria Duval explains that the subconscious is the part of our consciousness located just below the conscious mind. The experiences recorded in the subconscious are generally accessible when it is relaxed.

The subconscious (satchitta) which records all our past experiences and is generally only accessible to the conscious mind with great difficulty. Failures, lapses, accidents, dreams, psychosomatic illnesses all also modes of expression of the unconscious mind.

Well, Maria Duval concludes that the psychological body is basically composed of all of the thoughts. The thoughts you have about yourself, about objects and about the world in general. That is why you will change when you change your thoughts, and so do the world around you at the same time.


Different paradigms of physical body

Psychic Maria Duval says we have three types of bodies in us, namely, physical body, psychological body and spiritual body.

Now, let's talk about our physical body.

According to the yoga tradition, our physical body is composed of five elements: earth (prithivi), water (apas), fire (agni), air (vayu) and ether (akasha). It goes through different stages of existence: birth, growth, youth, aging, old age and death.

To a doctor, our physical body consists in various cells that form organs that perform a multitude of biological functions which, when they are correctly carried out, represent health, our most precious asset. If the organs are not functioning what they are supposed to do, illnesses will occur. As a result, cells and tissues begin to breakdown and our physical body deteriorates.

So the doctor will prescribe the appropriate medicine or treatment to cure the sickness. The doctor considers the physical body as an independent entity, and concentrates to heal the patient.

However to a psychologist, the physical body is a psychosomatic amalgam that is influenced by thought while to a physicist, the body is just a amalgam of cells in atomic or subatomic composition.

What Maria Duval is trying to elaborate here is that according to the level of consciousness, the body takes on a different meaning and changes paradigm. Hence by changing the level, you can also change the reality of things and the potential to intervene them.


Health is your best asset

There are many things in the world that you can claim to be your asset, but, what do you think is your best asset?

You may not realise it when you are still young or are in your prime life, however, it gets more pronounced and valuable as you get older. That is the best asset - your health.

Maria Duval says health is our best capital and we should all aim to get utmost good care of it. Cherish our healthy bodies while you have the chance to do so so that you will not sigh for not doing it when you are already old and fragile.

Nobody in this world wishes to visit a doctor. Medical treatment for a certain illness works on the principle of isolating the affected part of the body without considering the overall holistic nature of our human bodies. Which is another compelling reason why we should not mistreat our health.


A plan to Success

Psychic Maria Duval says by applying what she has been teaching, you will be implementing on a plan to success. Moreover, Maria Duval will support and guide you all the way through her clairvoyant powers and that will enable you to multiply your potential many times more.

In truth, there are three questions which you need to ask yourself.

1. What are you looking for exactly?
2. What are your fears?
3. What sacrifices are you prepared to give to realise your goal?

If you are clear about that, go out fearlessly and looking for the best solutions in a life enriching process!

So you and those that you love will now be able to enjoy the best in life, for the good of all.


Maria Duval : Some ways to success in life

Each person ought to have a clear mind of what he or she wants in life. It's like a lighthouse that guides a sailing ship in a chopping sea.

Desire what you want full of passion and do it enthusiastically. You'll be amazed how much vigour there is in life.

Of course, a personal battle plan is indispensable. A general without a set of tactics is like going to war without ambition.

Get as much knowledge as you can related to your area of expertise. There is nothing in this world that can afford you to stop learning. No subject in this world can be grasped completely as there is always something new to explore.

When the goings are tough, it's a time to test your mettle instead of showing the white flag. It's time that you learn and experience what you should do in the time of crisis.

When you tide through the bad waves, say thanks to God or simply express your full gratitude. Thanks your friends and colleagues who have helped you along the way.

Most importantly, pick up habits of success and not those behaviours that will lead you down to the dark sides.

If possible, have a good experienced mentor to show you to way. It will drastically cut short your learning processes.


Have strong determination

Life is a complicated path of way that brings you from one place to another. If you have planned yourself a clear path, your life may be more focused and successful. On the path to success, you like everybody else who is drawn in this way, will find weaknesses, but if you persevere, you will end up by succeeding. Isn't it true? The Universe will surely reward those who persevere till the end.

Psychic Maria Duval reveals that strong determination is the key to transforming your desire for wealth into its material equivalent.

This key of determination is to surround yourself with people who already have full of that quality. Invest more of your time to communicate with such people because they will influence you positively and you can also be inspired to do it the right way.

Maria Duval states that determination is a state of mind, so you can grow it gradually and apply it accordingly when you have known it.

Learn from the errors and you are a step nearer to your goal

As commonly knows, plans without actions are just like having a good dream.

"Actions are vital ingredient." Said Maria Duval.

Set your goal, transform your thoughts positively, make a good decision and then ACTION by adapting your strategy until you are on the way to success. Never give up but you can always go back and repeat it until it is right after learning from the errors midway.

Notice that I said the word "error". This word is like a taboo to many people who have been beaten mentally once they experience the short-term errors when they are carrying out their plans. Come on, errors are simply inevitable. Being erroneous does not mean you are as bad as a seasoned liar. To me, being erroneous but avoiding acknowledging their errors is worse than simply committing errors.

To err is human, so there is no fear when errors creep it. Just learn from the mistakes and next time you know what you ought to do. This also means you are a step nearer to your goal too.


Where you are today is due to what you decided years ago

I feel this advice by psychic Maria Duval is very powerful. It says, "A determined mind is a powerful mind, because it attracts to it the things that it wants.

If you want to know the best possible way out, look closely at the events of your life. Haven't you realised where you are today is due to the decisions you made five or ten years ago? A step will lead to another step, and it's a closely linked of events through the times that brought you where you are today.

I know I'm here today probably because of what I chose to study when I was in early twenties. Family plays an important part too because it is the impetus that makes you want to go against your wishes as you wish to do you dutiful act to support them.

So to change your life to be better in the future, the decisions you are going to make today are extremely important, especially those related to your financial aspect of your life. So sometimes I feel grateful I can turn to my reliable psychic, Maria Duval, for her forecast, which gives me some ideas.


When it comes to make a decision..

After a study of more than 25,000 failures, a researcher was able to demonstrate that a lack of decision-making was one of the main reasons why failures occur. This means that people who do not know how to make decision effectively are more prone to failures. Psychic Maria Duval lists procrastinations and fickleness as two good examples that may derail a person from being successful.

You can set yourself a goal, but if you don't make the right decision effectively, there won't be any progress at all and the fact is there's really no point to set these goals before that of a person does not know when the time comes to decide, there is a lack of decisiveness.

Why Maria Duval says procrastination and fickleness are significant causes of failure is because how are you going to achieve your goal of you don't hold your course and take all the steps required to lead your ship safely to the port?

Last of all, a decision must always be linked to your goal. When you make a decision, it must bring your closer to your goal, if not, it is just another useless choice in life.


Making a plan to lead to your objective

What does drawing a plan actually mean, asks psychic Maria Duval.

To be precise, first of all, it means you need to identify a core group of important players that will be passionate enough to go through the highs and lows for the realisation of the project. That spine of the football team so to say.

Secondly, acquire the right sort of knowledge and information that will be useful when it comes to the process of making an important decision. Next, all your project members need to be upfront with each other through sharing and exchange of strategic information. There has to be a common team objective and this shall not be a playground for the selfish ambition of an individual.

Furthermore, as a leader, you should encourage the growth of frank reviews to generate the kind of spirit such that there is always a right mix of enthusiasm and intelligence. Constantly remind the people of the common objective when things are not going the right path. The ability to steer clear of the obstacles will truly mark the calibre of the team.

In order to reach the holy grail, there has to be detailed schedule plan that guides you to reach your final destination. And lastly of course, always make good decision for the good of the team rather than for selfish reasons!



Now let Maria Duval explains about "imagination".

Your imagination is the workshop of your projects, the launch pad of your future.

Imagination, implementation, reality!

Your ideas are precious resources that may earn you a lot of prosperity. Ideas can be turned into gold, only if you make them come true. All great inventions began with some form of imagination, aren't they?

So, do not start off blindly. Draw up a plan as it will allow you to gain time and to progress at great speed. Your plan is your strategy as you know.


Take action!

Maria Duval today says, you have the ability to become the architect of your destiny. Today you have the ability and talent to learn everything you need to know to succeed.

So begin your first step. Take action! Once you have stepped out, do not look back, until you have arrived at the goal you have set yourself.

Learn what you need to know to succeed, learn to achieve your goal. Everything you need to know is available to you, all you need to do is set your goal to access the knowledge necessary to succeed.


Be master of your own life

Focus your thoughts, attentions and desire on your goal. Don't be distracted easily. Everything that you believe to be true is true or it will become true. Anything in your mind which you think about it may be true one day. That is why it is highly dangerous to focus on negative thoughts.

"Send positive messages to your subconscious and the whole world will be grateful to you for it, and it will prove it to you by offering you the best of what there is. Give the best and you will receive the best, it's as simple as that."

Applying this theory, if you wish to become rich, look at yourself making a fortune. Set an amount that you wish to earn in 6 months, 1 year and 10 years. Feel rich, and learn to have the emotions of a rich man. This is a very powerful spiritual technique to mirror what you wish to be.

Remember, Maria Duval positively says that anyone can be a master of their own life and everything around. This is because we all possess infinite power to influence the subconscious and transform thoughts.


A strong Faith

A strong faith is strong enough to move a mountain, so says this phrase. If you have faith, your thoughts will be so focused as if you were endowed with prodigious power. Faith also enables you to succeed where many others have regrettably failed.

Maria Duval states that faith is not innatem meaning it has to be acquired and not born naturally. You can be highly talented but if you don't have faith, you will not be successful in your field too. Faith comes about when you are fed with constant messages that grows you positively and subconsciously. If you have faith, your also exert immense influence on people around you.

Faith is also wholeheartedly believing in yourself and in what you do. It is believing with deep conviction that what you are undertaking will succeed, that you can do it. Each of your thoughts and actions must be pointed in this actions.


Questions to ask yourself honestly

As you should understand by now, Maria Duval has been advising that thoughts are actions and desires are nothing less than a mixture of thoughts directing towards a common objective that you aim or set.

So ask yourself these few questions.

What exactly is it that you want?

What does being rich and wealthy mean to you?

Honestly answer yourself how much money do you want to earn?

And why do you aim for this amount?

What are your strengths that you can exchange for this amount of money?

What are your passions and things that you love to do?

By honestly assessing yourself with these questions, you can come out with your own action plans easier.


Culture a deep desire to succeed

Psychic Maria Duval and many masters have said that a precise goal is needed if you wish to achieve something in your life. A series of plan that outlines what you wish to do in stage by stage of your life, and if things go off course, correct it whenever you are distracted by it by sticking closely to this plan.

Do not forget that the only way of failing is giving up before you have succeeded.

Cultivate a deep desire.

A burning desire is what will push you to act, to seek solutions and resources. This is the desire that transforms dreams into reality, without desires your dreams will never come true. They will remain abstract. All great successes started with a dream, and were driven towards success by a burning desire to see the project comes to fruition.


Give heartily and you will receive more in return

When Swami Yogananda left for the United States to find out about the jewels of yoga in that country, he did not have a single cent, but that did not stop him from travelling all around before finally settling down in California. Several years later, he had amassed a fortune of several million dollars.

Do you know how that was possible, Maria Duval asks.

Yogananda was filled with love for his fellow man, what he wanted was to make people happy, show them how to conquer suffering and find path to happiness.

Next, people gave him money so that he could continue his work. Some rich people supported him, but above all, there were millions of less prominent people who supported him.

The master Yogananda never wanted to become rich as all he wanted as to help his fellow man and to do contribute to the society following the orders from his master.

The moral of this story is that the inner wealth of a person is a path to prosperity. Give heartily and you will receive more in return.


Be the best in your area

Each individual person is talented in one way or another. Talents are God-given and are our natural flair to do something better than others. So given a chance, why not choose to turn things you like best into your work, and earn a living from your passion!

What a great life that will be, isn't it?

Since most people work for the majority years of their lives, why not find something that you like and work on it with passion to become the best in your field.


how much do you want to be really prosperous and rich?

Up till now, most of the things I mentioned as advised by psychic Maria Duval are extremely vital for creating the wealth in your life. It is a path filled with tests and transformation, without it, it will be nearly impossible to bring about any positive changes in your environment that you have dearly desired.

Everything in this world comes from the spirit and all things will lead to the spirits.

So the question is, how much do you want to be really prosperous and rich? If the your desire is so strong, it will remove the obstacles in your path no matter how challenging the situation will be.

One of the main points about discovering the material wealth in your life is to find out what you are made of, what are your talents or what are your passion.

Maria Duval says it's a common sense state that you cannot succeed in an area that is unsuitable, as you will find it uninvigorating, uninspiring and lack of that vital element called passion, hence no success will be achieved.

So you need to discover that in your life.


Spend time with people who think the way you like to think

So psychic Maria Duval says that by transforming your thoughts, you will really transform your view and perception of things and events and change your beliefs at the same time.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Through the events, you can learn something and you should learn as much as you can. If it is something that fails you, do not despair. Failures happen in life and these are tests for you to pass. Once you have passed these tests, successes will come to you. All you need to do is to persevere in the right way and acknowledge that your past has nothing to do with your future. You should not let your past pull you down.

So remind yourself that your experience will follow your new beliefs, so follow the example set by others to realise your aim. Spend time with people who think the way you like to think, who act in the way you would like to act, who are how you would like to be.


Actions and beliefs

As mentioned previously, your personal beliefs are formed from the events which you had gone through and experienced gradually over the course of your life. Then you learn something from what you have gone through and concluded the experience by forming your set of personal beliefs.

That's why every person is unique in thoughts and humans are such complicated lifeforms to understand.

For example, if you have an unhappy working stint with a particular company, you may look at that in a different way by declaring to yourself, "maybe I have made a wrong decision" or by thinking "why am I not appreciated there?"

If these thoughts are repeated and consolidated in your mind, feelings or emotions related to these will form, and you will action from the beliefs that result from it.

Your beliefs have been created by the events that you have experienced over the course of your life and above all by the conclusions that you have drawn from them, in t


Beliefs are foundations of your Thoughts

More on psychic Maria Duval's advices on personal beliefs.

Thoughts are actions while your beliefs are the foundations on which you build your thoughts. In other words, your beliefs will attract in the emotional or material world the counterpart of what they radiate. Your beliefs are in fact an assortments of thoughts, materalised and very powerful thoughts with the ability to create your reality.

Do you know that your beliefs will lead to what kind of decisions you made. Your beliefs direct the way of your thinking. How you feeling emotionally is also due to your own beliefs. Actions you have taken also come from your beliefs and personal values. Of course, how you interpret the world and the happenings around you are linked to your personal beliefs.

Therefore, if you always wish to make a breakthrough in life, you have to change your existing beliefs, if not, no matter what you do, you will achieve the same result!

Maria Duval suggests that to change your beliefs, one way to do it is to meditate. Learn from Maria more about it if you are considering how to change your thoughts to change your beliefs


Your own Beliefs

Psychic Maria Duval advises we should choose your own set of positive beliefs and follow it. Soon you will become the person you have always dreamed to be, filled with love, success and prosperity. Your firm beliefs will be the rock and foundation of your personality.

When your beliefs are supportive and appropriate for your life destiny, they will create a never ending stream of wealth for you. However, if they are not, you may encounter a lot of obstacles in your path.

Your beliefs are like what gold is to a currency, for they attract as well as radiate wealth into your life.

So what you believe to be true is true or will become so.

A person with self-esteem

Every person should have self-esteem as it is one of the most important personality trait. Self-esteem means the way you see or act yourself in a righteous way without any fear of being mislabelled inappropriately by others.

Do you know that the way in which you speak to yourself, look at yourself, the messages and the words with which you identify will determine the way you see yourself.

A person which a lot of negative thoughts about himself is likely not to feel good personally and thus there is a lack of self-esteem in that person. Very unfortunately, when you regard yourself with little self-esteem, that view will come back to you through the eyes of others, usually in the form of criticisms, or unsavoury remarks about you.

Therefore psychic Maria Duval states that it is important for you to love yourself if you want to be loved by other people. So discard away bad negative thought patterns from your mind and adopt positive mindset. Then you will endow yourself with dynamic energy that will attract the positives, and at the same time, you will project a positive image of yourself.


Changing times

There is nothing is this world that is permanent. Events and things change all the time, so do not ever cling on to them. Everyday every year, you are experiencing a lot of changes in the tides of time. The past events serve just as a lasting memory, whether good or bad.

So advice from psychic Maria Duval is to allow things to happen to you in this evolving world and allow life to flow through you.

So from now on, thrive yourself well, give 100% of your effort to things you are doing. In times to come, you will receive 100% or more of what you put in in return.

There is always a solution to every problem

Now, Maria Duval highlights that you can always bring your attention to solutions and never to problems. Give yourself gentle reminders that for every problem, there lies a solution and if you refuse to entertain what happens to be a problem, it will go away all by itself.

If at one time or another a negative thought comes to your mind, be calm and allow them to pass and do not resist them as they will go away by themselves through your meditated mind.

The negative is superimposed on man by separating consciousness of the good and bad of which it is formed, but its profound nature is divine.

Behind every negative, there is always a hidden positive thought and joy. Why is that so you may ask?

Because human nature is basically kind as man is guilt in the image of God.

Therefore, why make yourself feel bad by hanging on to things which make you feel bad, ask Maria Duval. In conclusion, never forget that they are nothing but illusions along your path and that your true nature is divine and filled with intelligence.


Suggestion to meditate to fill with positive thoughts

Maria Duval explains that when for any reason you find that you are in the middle of a negative act, remind yourself that your thoughts, feelings and images will sooner or later be translated into actions. Every time you find yourself having a negative thought, relax. Then allow it to dissolve and bring your attention for a few seconds to a happy event or even to the positive outcome of your negative thought or state (its antidote).

We need to find a positive solution for every negative thought.

You do not have to make yourself guilty. Do not reproach yourself if a negative thought comes into your mind. Consider it with compassion, be kind and indulgent with yourself, give yourself time.

So Maria Duval suggests you may meditate about this for as long as you can until your whole day is filled with positive thoughts.


Love is opposite of fear

Man since his birth has to undergo suffering in life, lose whatever he has, through the pains of the life and eventually dying. I admit life could be materially pleasant if you have the means to enjoy it, however, spiritually, everyone can't escape from the path of suffering, no matter how rich a person may be. Death, among all, is the greatest suffering, isn't it?

Psychic Maria Duval has said fear is the prime factor in causing this incessant suffering and unless the element of fear is not there, the suffering will continue no matter what.

But now, the good news is, there is actually an antidote. This antidote is the most powerful force in the Universe and there is nothing one can resist it according to Maria Duval.

This antidote is actually available everywhere. It is called LOVE.

Love is the solution to fear and the most powerful force in the universe. Love is the primordial force in the universe and it links or unites everything. Love is also the original substance of each and every one of the prophets and every religion has touched on this unique source.

Love contains everything and makes everything possible. Why is it that powerful?

Love has the power to make you feel wanted, healed or freed from the suffering, even forever. When a religious master performs a miracle, it is done through love. Love is the spiritual representation of God and is totally opposite that of fear which is prevalent among mankind.

So, the thoughts that emanate from love are always brightly positive and benevolent, for they attract their like and bring happiness and good health.


Our Fear

We live in a dual world. By that Maria Duval means there are two opposites of any entity or state. As a result of this duality, many of us view this world as a place where the good and the poor fight it out for a day, the strong and the weak attempting to survive the game called life, to the best, convince and then win. There is no room for emotions or sentiments.

Behind of this duality, there lies an emotion that powers such behaviour among humans, and if you can free from that emotions, your life will change completely.

Maria Duval asks that do people know that this emotion poison attempts to derail anyone from moving forward, to be our own, to be selfish, and even destructs the country.

FEAR is the name of this harmful emotion. Deep down of everyone, even the most confident person you look at, there is this fear.

Fear is the burden that man has carried since the earliest culture on earth. There is one type of fear which affects all men since then till now, that is the fear of dying, because our selfish ego sees that only death can stop itself from growing, and this is directly linked to our survival instincts.


Cultivate on the contrary

I understand most of the time when things are not going our way, a lot of negative thoughts will just creep into our mind. That is very normal as we are just not saints. We have feelings and emotions, we feel depressed when things are not turning out how we want them to be.

And when the flow of things is not going to your side, fear may set in. Fear is the greatest obstacle that you will encounter in your life. Fear can overwhelm, control or threaten a person. It is the evil poison of the mind. It leaves you paralysed and simply stuck there due to the absence of the courage.

Psychic Maria Duval teaches, when fear or negative emotions appear, you must draw its attention to its opposite. By this it means you must really understand and remember that negative act like fear or violence, has its source in greed, anger, deceit and that it is an inexhaustible source of suffering.

If you really understand that, it will gradually chase away your negative thoughts and give you a bright positive mind. Maria Duval suggests to meditate on this issue of concern and put them into practice in our daily life, for doing so may improve or save you from great suffering and help to attract luck to you.


The way of being lucky and happy

What you think is all under your thoughts, and this world is the reality created by all people's thoughts. Even your own physical body is nothing but what you have thought and it is also under the control of your mind.

The great master, Buddha, said, "Everything we are was created by our thoughts."

Everyone yearns to be happy in life and that is a very basic common desire of us. It is also normal for us to wish to be loved and recognised for what we have done and who we are. This sounds simple yet how many people truly understands its profound meaning?

If you are able to, you will attract more luck to yourself, because you will attract the favours of people you approach and even people you don't know.

Lucky is not merely all about chances, as luck is also linked to the merits you have accumulated in your previous lives, all in according to the law of karma, says psychic Maria Duval. You reap and you sow, the irrefutable law of larma.

Base on this, to attract more luck, change your intrinsic thoughts positively. Follow the company of friends who are positive and helpful to each other, as this is what wise men do.

Contribute when you can, with all your heart and be fair to yourself and everyone around you. All in all, do something good to people around without the selfish thought of expecting something in return from them.


End your day with Meditation

Psychic Maria Duval says that meditation is a great way to concentrate your mind and to improve your intuition with the potential to bring you to the higher spiritual level. Meditation is an excellent way in which you can connect with your Inner Soul and to know yourself better in a spiritual term.

Meditation should be done at the end of the way and the best time to meditate is of course before you go to bed.

Begin by sitting down in a comfortable chair or you may lying down on your bed, but do not fall asleep. It takes just about 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Once you have settled down, close our eyes and reflect at the events that have gone through over the day.

Clear images of what happen during the day will float into your mind like a video player playing a series of clips. Take special note of the words and actions you have done that day, and feel their meanings to you and to those around you.

Ask, are you happy with your day and what you have done?

Or are there any way that you may have improved yourself or for others today?

Importantly, reflect on what you have learned from today, and what lessons have you drawn from it?

All of this time, allow your heart and your intuition to speak and you will gradually get into the groove of the meditation.

I would like to end this post with this. Maria Duval says your heart and your intuition are the doorway through which you can touch the Divine, and also the means which it will communicate with you.


The Fear within

There is one Chinese saying "A piece of paper cannot be used to wrap the fire". This literally means that anything that is hidden, no matter how secretive it is, will be revealed one day. The more you fear and the more you try to hide it, the worst it will become because the fear inside you attracts, as do the things you deny as you have already been carrying them inside you through your fear.

According to psychic Maria Duval, human emotions are very strong pulling magnetic stones that pull in their similar objects they face. Hate pulls in more hate while love attracts more love, in one form or other. If this hate is left without control, it will lead to extremely negative consequences that will harm yourself and your loved ones around.

That is why psychic Maria Duval says we must all conquer this vicious cycle of negative energies if we can. Learn more from Maria for her spiritual guidance.


Positive thought manifestations

Hope you are doing great!

Thoughts are invisible actions and thoughts will leave invisible spiritual traces behind and these traces of come back to manifest themselves in the future. That is why I agree with Maria Duval that everyone of us should have positive thoughts no matter how adverse the situation might be.

So one of these days, you will harvest the fruits of your thoughts. What you are doing or experiencing now could be the fruits you have harvested from your past thoughts. It is really that logical. Even your predecessors' past thoughts may still influence you today. So do not neglect its influence in your life. These past thoughts will manifest on you when they resonate with your own vibratory spiritual frequency.

It is not good if that happens as many of times, these are negative influences which you do not want to pick up.

Therefore, Maria Duval says it is subconscious thoughts that are the most dangerous because it is hard to stop them manifesting in the material world. What we really seek for are the positive manifestations that improve us.


Good attracts good

There is this concept of duality, of both sides of the spiritual spectrum. For example, the good and the evil, rich and the poor, or, healthy and the weak.

Sometime you may wonder why you are suddenly affected by a spate of unlucky or negative events that stop you from achieving what you wish to do.

As mentioned previously, it could be due to the karma effect working on you and it is coming back to haunt you unless you have freed yourself from the past negative traces.

Why do this bad energy there?

Psychic Maria Duval explains, for an energy to come into contact with you, first of all, the spiritual side of you could be emanating some resonance of the same nature which attracts that energy. This resonance has to be there first in the form of a past event, representation, thought pattern, attitude or experience, and it will make contact with that energy. If you are positive, the attracted energy will be good, while negative attracts negative energy.

That means good attracts good, while bad attracts bad.

Which is also why you always observe the rich people are always attracting more riches and money. They attract influential people to form networks that help one and another to attract more wealth to them. And a drug addict can attract another another addict out of the blue when there seems to have very little in behavioural similarity between them.

In conclusion, Maria Duval stresses, you attract and reinforce what you are!


Karma and your future

Today I'm going to talk a bit on karma which is a big topic in the spirituality world. Karma is a Buddhist concept in origin and its meaning has spread to virtually every nation. Nearly everyone knowns what is karma, even those who are non-Buddhists.

Karma is all about what you think and plan to do. The buzzword here is "intention". If you have intention to do something, that action will create a karma trace in your sub-conscious mind. Maria Duval says this is related to the law of cause and effect which is the basic groundwork of what karma is. The supreme spiritual enlightenment comes when a person has broken free from the cycle of karma.

So base on what I said above, it is easy to imply that to find out more about your future, take a detailed look at what you do NOW. Also, examine your conscience and allow your heart and intuition to speak for they are your real confidante about your self. Listen to them and you can build a positive future by breaking the negative links of your past.


Happiness and Suffering

A good friend me of mine recently asked me, "Why do I have to go through so much suffering in life?" She is an optimist and I can see that she is just trying to be jovial when she asked that, but when I thought of it later on, I came to realise that many people around are always asking this question to themselves. And that includes me.

Psychic Maria Duval says, suffering seems to plague nearly every man. That's true, if not, there won't be Buddhism or religions which want to help mankind to get better spiritually. Don't you know that we come into the world, our first reaction is to cry. Isn't that setting the tone for the rest of our life?

In addition, the way we were being brought up has a strong direct impact on how our behaviour will be and how we perceive the world to be. What we perceive will give us life experiences, yet, these are often experiences of suffering rather than blissful happiness.

Why is that so?

The answer is simple. Maria Duval states that there is a price to pay and this is a price that few of us actually want to pay. Man seeks above all pleasures and possessions, whereas the path to happiness is more of detachment and values which just cannot fix into our perception of life and society. This teaching has been validated by great masters such as Buddha ever since the dawn of his life.


Time is the Essence of life

Most of us trade time for money, that is commonly known as "working". So the majority of us find money via this method. I shouldn't say this is the right way or wrong way as there are people who earn a lot of money through working and are highly successful in their working careers.

Some people who are really lucky can make money by playing lottery and number games. These are the people are who blessed and probably have a way with the laws of the universe.

If you are working for money, you will find that you are running against time to earn more money to support this ever demanding lifestyle. Everyone is the same here, each have 24 hours to spend per day. That means time is really the master of your life.

Furthermore, top scientists are can't squeeze out extra minutes from the laws of science and the wealthiest person alive can't buy extra time with his wealth. Therefore Maria Duval states that time is the raw material of life.

And there are lot of people spending their precious time rushing here and there trying to "straighten" their lives but never get anywhere.


Cultivate a mind that loves money

As Maria Duval has repeatedly said many times before, love money if you want it to love you in return. We need to cultivate a mind that loves money. Beware though, making money at the expense of other people should not be the way you interpret this statement.

Tune your mind and will to the frequency that resonates with the energy of money. You can learn more from Maria Duval in this topic, but the general rule is that, love money unashamedly, and it will love you. Never ever criticise its power or nature. There is no such thing as "unpure" or "dirty" money. Money can only be made "unpure" by perverse minds.

The main reason why some people are rich while the majority are poor is because the poorer people do not give themselves proper credit when it comes to the concept of money.


Money should be regarded as a tool

As Money is a form of energy, it is up to us to control how to use it, how to optimise and maximise it. How we view and tap on its power will give money its true character. Our mind and will can make money good or bad depending on the situation.

Sometimes money does not do what we anticipate and we find we have limited control over it at times. We also never know what to expect from it.

Money only becomes a real power when our mind has decided how and where to use it. The money we possess has great power that pans the concept of time. If there is no link between our desires and how money can fulfil these desires, it is not possible to give money concrete form.

All of this goes to show that money should be regarded as a tool and we should control it rather than be controlled it. Using our minds, we have a way to make it work how and when you want to.


Money and Money

Every sane person in this world wishes to make a lot of money in his or her lifetime. Making money is an ongoing process and hence I can safely state this world is powered by money without which, you will be faced with difficulties, dejection and even ridicule. I probably do not have to explain why we need as much money as we can accumulate, however, as the society progresses, you will be faced by even more temptations to use your money. That is also one of the reasons why there is a widening wealth gap.

According to psychic Maria Duval, money is an extremely powerful force which will either help us or crush us. If money is not managed properly, it will bring untold tragedies into a person's life. Which is why money is also magic, because it allows us to do almost anything in this world. It is a status symbol and represents a human's achievement in life, whether from the past, to present or in the future. There is a divine feel of money as you can say.


We have the ability to shape our own lives

To a larger extent, all of us have the ability to change and shape the events of our life. Optimistic, confident thoughts will render an environment of positive waves and, through the guidance of a beneficient psychic being, Maria Duval, attract the happy event which the person yearns for desperately.

On another side, there are also people who always think bad and have no confidence in themselves and such people will project negative waves which will wreak disruption in their already sympathetic life. More glooms and unhappiness result!

So when we think positively, we will have an impact on the quality and quantity of the vibrations emitted by the spirits as what Maria Duval says. As it has a constant, ongoing impact on matter via the astral plane, we also alter the circumstances of our lives for the better.


Everything is material

Everything that you see, you touch, is material, states psychic Maria Duval.

Animate matters (living things) and inanimate matter (non-living things) form the material world. It is accessible to our five senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell.

Matter is animated by vibrations. Here we are dealing with the fundamental cosmic law, which goes: "Matter vibrates under the effect of the energy available to it. Thought (the act of thinking, reflecting, being aware) in human beings is the sign of very special vibrations. These psychic vibrations, this state of energy, constitute the spirit, the human being's soul.

Every material body possesses a spirit which emits vibrations, "energy forms", outwardly. Where human beings are concerned they emit "thought forms" that can transform or modify other material bodies (like alchemy) and influence situations of existence, depending on their energy potency.


Stop nurturing thoughts of fear

Those who continually nurture thoughts of fear end up by giving rise to such a phenomenon of amplification that they can be affected by obsession and mental disorders, sometimes going so far as persecution mania or neurosis.

Psychic Maria Duval says you should avoid using those words and phrases that are negative in style even thought your intention is positive, like avoid using "not bad" which is negative in style.

Do you know that poverty and wealth correspond to very special vibratory states of thought. Let Maria Duval tell you a short story demonstrating this.

One of Maria Duval clients who ran a business had great difficulty in making enough number of sales per week. She was always complaining and she was convinced that nothing could change her life unless it meant she sold even less!

After going through Maria Duval's psychic guidance which changes her state of thoughts gradually so that she is ready to receive the benefits of prosperity.

Months passed and her thought became positive and she can sense there are solutions to her problems. From here, she modified on her way of working, made decisive actions and soon, favourable events materialised. This led to higher number of sales which is nearly 10 times her previous figures.

From this short story, one can see the as long as the thought is negative, we can never see the true potential of our life. The more you think positively and constructively, you will advance towards wealth.

In conclusion, as long as you fail to believe deeply in your own prosperity, you won't be prosperous, whereas the positive thoughts of peace, love, trust, success will enable you to attain constructive and achievements for both you and people around you.