Maria Duval: Banish your past

By stirring up old memories, especially those bad memories, you are making renewed contact with the involutive force of the Universe. Clairvoyant Maria Duval advises to banish the past: which is no more, and thinking about something that does not exist will summon up harmful negativity. Living in the present, the here and now is the key to happiness and inner peace.

If you think that your future will be bad because of a painful past, you are programming your future on the basis of your past. If you wipe the present slate clean and banish what has been to the past, you can see the future as a fresh page that you are already filling with your positive psychic thoughts, so that harmony and "goodness" are already a part of your life.

Maria Duval says that living in the present with positive optimism is the key to bringing about great change because the future truly depends on this very instant present, and it will be this very instant that will forge the future.


Magic of our Moon

Throughout time, our Moon has given a lot of imagination us based on its tranquil quality. Moon's influence gives the emergence of life, but it can also provoke negative events according to some beliefs. In some cases, it can even cause death - which in this case is considered to be a necessary step for regeneration and rebirth. Governing all transformations here on Earth, the Moon is the instrument through which the divine law of karma operates.

The lunar cycle comprises of thirteen lunar months a year. As it happen, the number thirteen is also a recurrent feature on some magical Egyptian manuscripts and on Mesopotamian tablets with astronomical connotations.

This number was squashed by all successive religions, to the point that, even now, it is considered to be unlucky. The occult tradition however, reveals that the Moon, which in ancient times, was represented by the Arachne (Spider) symbol, was the thirteenth sign of the zodiac, which was later suppressed. Maria Duval says this suppression is evoked in a series of myths, traditions and fables, where the 13th person of a group, the most loved, is betrayed and killed, only to recover, thereby alluding to the possibility of redemption.

Inspired, some Great Initiates of the ancient times learned and practised the secrets of lunar energy, and this allowed them to traverse the space and time to communicate with the higher intelligence and universe. They also devised magic rituals based on lunar energy that brought them untold benefits, like health, longevity, love and wealth.