Something's bothering me

In the last few days, something's been bothering me and it keeps me slightly drifted from my day job to the extent that I sent out a correspondence without my signature! What a mess I've got here because it'd been overlooked among some other papers and I only know that when my customer called up to tell me of this. Such an embarrassment don't you think so.

This evening at home, I looked through Maria Duval precise guide for 2007 and somehow, the passage describes quite exactly of what I am feeling now. It's not 100% identical but the gist of it is there. Maria Duval said that I would be bothered by some financial issues some time this month and she's quite accurate in her prediction. A vital investment in my portfolio is not performing what it is expected to be and I am starting to regret pouring my money into it. Some readjustments are needed definitely.

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