Our Inner Guide

The Intelligence we have spoken about previously, the most important part of you, is the superior part of each human being. It's also part of hat is known as 'the Living Strength of the universe', 'the Infinite Intelligence', 'Universal Cosmic Forces', or the 'Creative Mind', the creative force that is associated with the God of all religions.

Calling upon this Infinite Intelligence, which is also within you, is the same as invoking what is also known as the 'Creative Thought', 'Inner Guide', and others. Maria Duval prefers to call it your Inner Guide.

This Inner Guide can manifest itself of its own accord, eg, during the event of danger, it may prompt you of danger. But you can also call upon it and ask for help. To ask for its help, you need a strong firm faith about Inner Guide's existence, always really to help you.

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