How to use the Power of Creative Thought

Just by repeating certain phrases everyday, you can really harness the power of creative thought, says psychic Maria Duval. It is that simple and easy and everyone can do it. However, not everyone is doing that because not many people understand the meaning of practising this affirmation.

You see, when you regurgitate formulas charged with a lot of positive energy, they can reflect and articulate constructive ideas in the astral plane, even though it may seem silly doing that. Maria Duval states that when you have done that repeated for sometime, it's profound meaning would sink into your subconscious and the positive energy it exudes spiritually will automatically translate into your daily course of works.

Like a generator, repetition will transform your invisible energy into tangible energy. In other words, it will "materialise" the invisible Universal energy into tangible form, which is why these formulas actually have the power of creative affirmation.

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