Give heartily and you will receive more in return

When Swami Yogananda left for the United States to find out about the jewels of yoga in that country, he did not have a single cent, but that did not stop him from travelling all around before finally settling down in California. Several years later, he had amassed a fortune of several million dollars.

Do you know how that was possible, Maria Duval asks.

Yogananda was filled with love for his fellow man, what he wanted was to make people happy, show them how to conquer suffering and find path to happiness.

Next, people gave him money so that he could continue his work. Some rich people supported him, but above all, there were millions of less prominent people who supported him.

The master Yogananda never wanted to become rich as all he wanted as to help his fellow man and to do contribute to the society following the orders from his master.

The moral of this story is that the inner wealth of a person is a path to prosperity. Give heartily and you will receive more in return.

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