Learn from the errors and you are a step nearer to your goal

As commonly knows, plans without actions are just like having a good dream.

"Actions are vital ingredient." Said Maria Duval.

Set your goal, transform your thoughts positively, make a good decision and then ACTION by adapting your strategy until you are on the way to success. Never give up but you can always go back and repeat it until it is right after learning from the errors midway.

Notice that I said the word "error". This word is like a taboo to many people who have been beaten mentally once they experience the short-term errors when they are carrying out their plans. Come on, errors are simply inevitable. Being erroneous does not mean you are as bad as a seasoned liar. To me, being erroneous but avoiding acknowledging their errors is worse than simply committing errors.

To err is human, so there is no fear when errors creep it. Just learn from the mistakes and next time you know what you ought to do. This also means you are a step nearer to your goal too.

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