Live life to the full in love, joy and abundance

A human being is a God who doesn't know it. Believe what psychic Maria Duval says, if we human beings take more interest in this message, we could realise that we are Gods in terms of our strength. If we had faith in that idea, faith in our powers, we could perform miracles in our own lives.

And that will soon be true for you if you learn from Maria Duval.

In reality, humans are all the issue of the same "source". The most far-reaching research into physical science now proves this:

Everything that exists in the universe comes from a sole and unique source of energy called the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. The source of everything.

In his infinite love and wisdom, the Creator gave Man the gift of free will, which gives us the power to make choices, to experiment freely with this or that aspect of creation.

Maria Duval says that it is in exercising their free will that human beings can learn, evolve and enrich themselves through their "mistakes" and finally "reappropriate themselves of their divine nature" so that they can live life to the full in love, joy and abundance.

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