Maria Duval: Action for your success

Maria Duval says, a determined mind is a powerful mind, because it attracts to it things that it wants.

How true.

Thought and plan are useless if there is no action. Action is essential and vital for the success. Set the goal, transform the positive thoughts, make the right decisions and act with all your might until you are on the way to achieving the goal.

Action is what will make you reach your goal. I can't stress more about that. If there is no action, all your thoughts are just fantasies. Most importantly, we should be fearless about making a mistake. Haven't you heard about this 'to err is human'? What is more serious is paralyzed by your mistakes.

The error is the precursor to ultimate success. Do not give up. Success will come to you in the end. What is to be done is to analyzed the fears and overcome it so that you know what obstacles to remove on your path to success.

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