Be sure of yourself and do not assume too much

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says human beings always have a need to justify everything, explain everything, understand everything, as some means of reassurance. Deep inside each of us, we feel insecurity and we justify things we do to make us feel confident so to speak. There are millions of questions we want answers because our minds just cannot explain everything at this moment. There will always be things that cannot be answered. Therefore we set assumptions. Somehow this is how the thought process works.

For example, if someone asks us something, we make assumptions about their motives for asking us this question. However, if they do not ask, we assume another way why this person has no respect. What we see, hear and sense, we assume and convince that is the truth.

As we have such complex emotions, we worry about being ourselves, especially so when we are with other people. Back in the mind, we think they are judging and observing us as we interact with them. And worry that they are rejecting us in the process. All these are baseless assumptions.

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