Maria Duval - what happens when the Crown Chakra is closed

You know that the opening and harmonisation of the chakras that clairvoyant Maria Duval have explained so far, brings a wealth of knowledge, experiences and abilities. However if the Crown Chakra is not open, you always feel separated from the Divine Spirit, and this prevents you from becoming totally free from fear. This fear still maintains some blockages in the chakras, so they can't fulfill their potential because their energies are not vibrating in complete harmony with the intentions of the Creator, and consequently these energies also find it impossible to vibrate in perfect harmony with each other.

Maria Duval says that people who therefore can't or won't open themselves up to spiritual truths, end up suffering from moments of uncertainty and doubt, and from the absence of any precise aim in their life. They may be starting to realise the absurdity of their current existence and they may develop a fear of death. Do try to stifle these worrying impressions and take new responsibilities and to allay a bad feeling of nastiness to give life a new meaning.

In conclusion, Maria Duval states that if you have a set of rigid or dogmatic beliefs, if you feel the need to believe blindly rather than to discover what is right for you, if you feel separated from God or the Universe, if you think that spirituality is something tedious or even pointless, this means that your seventh chakra has undergone little or no development.

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