Maria Duval is a real psychic

Perhaps this is the most conclusive evidence that Maria Duval is a real person, real psychic.

Maria Duval was seen appearing on Russian media on a press conference talking about Russia, and predicting future trends with her clairvoyant skills.


"22 October at 13.00 at the Central House of Journalists (White Hall) at: Nikitsky Boulevard 8A held a press conference Maria Duval, a famous French astrologer.

It is one of the people who have a special gift to the east called «second vision», and in the west «third eye». Of those people who have time and space do not have borders, who see much farther than we can see ...

Maria Duval, a famous French psychic and clairvoyant, holds an open meeting in Moscow devoted to forecast the future of Russian society.

Among the topics the meeting astrological forecast for the coming years, the results of future elections in the United States, permission to the Russian-Georgian conflict, the development of nanotechnology.

Maria Duval was able to see what Russia will play a key role in solving global problems of today's world...."

Continue to read here at full Maria Duval press translation.

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