Nature's Gifts for Maria Duval

Clairvoyant psychic Maria Duval is often asked during interviews how does she acquire a gift that allows her to connect with the people spiritually, and ability to predict a person's future fate just by looking at the person.

Maria Duval replies interestingly that women have this gift as do some men, just not as often. This is a gift from Heaven that is innate in humans and all too often, it is thrown to one side of the mind. However, one can develop this ability if one wants.

Maria DuvalFor example, a doting mother often has a premonition at a specific time when something is just about to happen to her kid, or when a telephone rings, one knows instinctively who is calling.

In women, this instinct is stronger. But all people have this gift.

Maria Duval adds that when she was a little kid, she already knew she had this strong natural gift, and she thought everyone was as clairvoyant as her when psychic flashes turn up in little Maria's mind. It was only a few years later that Maria Duval realised she was different from other people as her psychic clairvoyance was stronger than the rest of the people.

So, visions which little Maria saw in her mind became less frightening and less worrying as she realized of this fact. Yes, this nature's gift could haplessly cause you to feel like a freak among a crowd if it were not acknowledged.

Maria Duval has encountered many cases whereby her friends and clients wanted to develop their psychic minds, yet in the end, they were not really close to master it properly because this required a lot of self discipline. A lot of self sacrifices has to be made to study, and also fully understand this gift could cause your life to be upside down if not properly managed.

Yes, anyone can learn to be clairvoyant and when one is ready, everyone will find their masters to learn philosophy, religion, astrology or dowsing that could leave profound resonance with one's personality

Although her gift is natural, Maria Duval also spent a lot of time to learn rigorously subjects like astrology, sociology, and psychoanalysis. She developed keen interests in medicine, sociology and politics as well, as clairvoyance and psychic deal with human psyche so it is advantageous to know a bit of every subject around before Maria could seriously give psychic readings and consultations.

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