Maria Duval on Positive Affirmations

Maria Duval has advised many times that it is crucial for your overall well-being to harbour positive thoughts and stigma into our subconsciousness as it will lead to beneficial outcomes like for example health and more successes.

Naturally, one would surely ask, how to do that?

Here is the answer from Maria Duval, which is, via repetitive positive affirmations.

Note there is real power in repetition. When you repeat something you do all the time, you will get proficient in the task. Therefore, if you repeat negative thoughts all the time, you will end up more probably experiencing more unlucky and unfavourable events in your life. Conversely, repeating positive thoughts will more probably lead to series of positive events manifesting in your life.

It is very simple to repeat. You just need discipline to do it. You can always do it in your head or voice out when there is no more around, otherwise people will look at your quizzically. Of course, it will be nice for you to understand what goes wrong in your life and what areas you want to change positively. Through this identification is like knowing your problem areas in your personality. This is the cornerstone of the whole process and will lead to a very powerful and efficient impact on the subconscious positively.

Maria Duval says that by focusing on something positive, you feel positive imagery. If you focus on wealth, subconsciously you feel wealthy. Focus on job success, you feel as if you are achieving what you want in your office.

No, this is not day dreaming. This is a proven method adopted by many self improvement gurus when they teach their students. It is very related like the famous Law of Attraction.

Here are some good examples on positive affirmations:

"Each morning i wake up with a lot of positive thoughts and every night before I rest I tell myself tomorrow will be even better than today."

"When I have negative thought, I reverse it and look at it from the positive way so that it is constructive rather than destructive."

"All of my thoughts affect my life, and I have to learn to think more positively."

"I am 100% sure that momentous and wonderful events are coming into my life in the future."

"I want to mix with people who are positive and constructive, rather than people who are cynical, oppressive and negative to positive ideas."

"I understand a positive mental attitude means more unlimited well-being, happiness, abundance, success, health and abundance."

These are just some of my own examples on positive affirmations. There is no fixed rule to it, just that it needs to project positive feeling in the words. Do not use negative words to portray positive meaning, for example, do not say "I do not want to be negative loser anymore," but say, "I want to be a positive victor in life".

Maria Duval says that most efficient method is to say them as often as possible throughout the day, in your head or read out. Think about its deeper meaning as you repeat them, allow them to sink into your mind. As you do that, you probably be experiencing a new fresh charge of positive energy that keeps your mind more peaceful.

Before I close this post, let me remind that each success comes from perseverance. It is impossible to feel positive all the time from my own experience. When that happens, relax and breath deeply, and visualise about the better things around, like you have a beautiful garden that attracts birds and butterflies and that gives you solace in time of challenge.

Yes, you can do it.

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