Personal Sacred Space

Festive cheers are filling the airs and most of us are busy shopping for gifts now as Christmas is less than 10 days away. I can feel the happier and lighter mood too. The weather is just nice too! It seems like everything is blissful and peaceful now. Could it be due to more people are realising how spirituality practice can help to soften one's hardened life in this chaotic world?

Maria Duval regards spiritual practice as a enlightened way to seek the Truth of life, reclaim the calmness in your life and also enhance your intuition level. That's why she advises spiritual practitioner to have own sacred space to perform rituals. This means you can replenish your energy rapidly and effectively due to the spiritual strength that accumulates during the rituals.

Find a small area in your own room for this purpose. Otherwise, use a screen to form up a small space at a more isolated point of your bedroom, and this is going to be a sacred space for you to spend your spiritual moments. You can invoke streams of positive energy to manifest within you, and where you can meditate peacefully every night just before you sleep or when you are seeking spiritual inspirations.

1. Set up a small altar (a table, chimney breast, sideboard), preferably facing East direction where the sun rises. Cover it with a clean white cloth.

2. Place a white candle a each of the back corners of the altar.

3. Place a sacred image of your choice, between these two candles, that aligns to your own religious beliefs or your ideals.

Occasionally, sprinkle the altar and the surrounding area (carpets, curtains, etc) with a few drops of oil of lavender or basil. You can also burn incense.

Keep your sacred space clean and well-ventilated. Always enter it with positive thoughts and with respects. Do not smoke in your sacred space.

Lastly, if for whatever reasons, you cannot have a permanent sacred space at home, set up a temporary one. The important thing is to have the right psychic and mental attitude and to always use the same area.

Having a personal sacred space will enable you to perform your spiritual rituals to attain maximum benefits and your life will be transformed. Soon, you will be more positive towards life and have more compassion to the those around you. Intuitively, your awareness will improve too.

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