Maria Duval about Talismans

Talisman is a very important tool in Maria Duval's psychic profession. She regards talismans highly and is a very important thing to have in life. When Maria was seventeen, her uncle, who was a priest, gave her a talisman for protection and blessings, and gave Maria permission to use that it, since priests generally did not believe so much in talismans.

Maria Duval's TalismanThis was a talisman that brought blessings to Maria's uncle who used it to help to cure people and brought positives into people's life. Therefore, Maria Duval had firm trust and belief in it, which inadvertently helped her to progress in her psychic career as well.

Talismans are magical representation that bring the power of the occult to the person carrying it. In this way, the person is constantly under the influence and protection of this spiritual magic. Therefore, Maria Duval firmly believes that everyone should carry a talisman for own advantage.


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