Breaking down old habits

I think there is a real need to understand how our brain is "linked" so as to much more manifest and attract the kind of life that we all yearn for. Maria Duval says our traditional mindset imparted to us from our guardians literally hapmer our ability to attract and manifest the gifts of the universe and this is a very sad thing because we are all supposed to be prosperous.

As scientists have verified, our complex brains are made up of neurons that connect with and wire to other neurons. This is how the brain activates its processes, along these neuron groups from one to the next. This is also how habits are developed.

Over time, the neuron groups begin to connect to one another in very specific patterns in order to make that thing that you are doing easier over time. As those neurons wire together, they begin to develop a long term relationship with one another. This relationship is what creates habits.

So if you are always thinking and feeling negative thoughts and feelings, you are actually rearranging neurons together in a long term relationship with one another that sustains that negative way of thinking and feeling. Same thing happens if you are a positive thinker.

Hence to change to a negative thinker to a positive one, you are essentially breaking down those old long term relationships that the neurons in your brain have with one another. This is where the true power, and problem comes in.

If you are unwilling or able to break addictions and habits, you will never develop the positive habits necessary to use the law of attraction effectively. So new habits develop patterns and relationships within the grouping of the neurons of your brain. This is where the real power comes in, because once you develop the habit, it is with you to stay until you practice new habits to replace them.

So monitor your current habits and patterns. Stay disciplined enough to change those habits into positive habits that will serve you and your goals, and before long, you will begin to unleash your full potential and manifest the life that you want to live, because you want to live it.

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