Positive Affirmations

It is always good and beneficial to repeat a positive affirmation at least three times per day, but many people still do not understand what's the meaning of positive affirmation. Affirmation mainly refers to first and foremost something that must be spoken with strength, confidence and determination. Affirmation can be positive, or negative.

Maria Duval gives some examples of positive affirmations:

Every day and in every way, I am becoming more and more positive.

Whatever happens today, I will face it with courage and I will expect a positive outcome.

I respect the person I am. I am capable of creating and resolving problems. I excel.

These are, of course, some positive affirmations.

Maria Duval says negative programming works just as well. But you wouldn't want to be negative, would you? Who would want to seek failure or accumulate problems?

You can certainly use the above examples from Maria Duval as your personal affirmation. However, it is better you can customise your own to your own situation and what you want out of life. It is better to select affirmations about positive thinking, self esteem and success. As you can see, affirmations are like programming your mental computer to change a particular habit you have so as to self improve your life.

Everytime you use a positive affirmation, repeat it at least 3 times a day continuously for 1 week. Do it relaxedly but seriously. As time goes by, you find that your mind has been programmed. From now on, your thoughts will be more positive, and life somehow transformed.

Maria Duval says positive affirmation process works because of a very basic Universal Law, which is "Energy Follows Thoughts", meaning, positive energy will flow in the direction of your attention.

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