Think of Three people you dislike and forgive them

There are some "happiness inhibitors" like fears, phobias, stress, negative emotions, etc...) and how to change your thought such that you think in a positive constructive way. I think this is an one good way people can move forward.

First of all, Maria Duval has to inform you something: in life, true happiness is only possible if you have great capacity for happiness. Yes, but how does one build this great capacity for happiness?

The secret is to be able to bring forth the level of consciousness.

Maria Duval believes there are several ways of heightening your level of consciousness, but the most confirmative way is to practice forgiveness. The act of forgiveness engages one of the most powerful existing energies; Maria Duval wants to talk to you about the energy of compassion, which is actually a form of the Universal Intelligence.

What you are about to do is like a prayer and should be carried out in secret. More specifically, the people involved should not know what is happening and the ritual itself should be performed in a place where you can be alone and calm for a few minutes.

This is what you are going to do easily. Think of three people whom you think will generate negative feelings in you with the mere mentioning of their names. Next tell yourslf mentally that you have forgiven them for the wrongs they had done for you in the past. Yes, really mean that you have forgiven them, meaning you will not hate them anymore when you meet them again in the future.

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