Blame Yourself - It's Your Perspective That's Causing Your Problems

Your perspective is your subconscious thoughts and beliefs about everything in life. Which causes your attitude, which causes your choices, which causes your actions/behaviors, which ultimately causes your results, in each area of your life.

Many times in life we get caught up in the blame game. We go around blaming others for our lack of success and for this, that, and the other. When in spiritual reality there is no one to blame. It is our perspective that causes the lack of success we are blaming others for. So, if there's anyone to blame - blame yourself for choosing that particular perspective.

From the time you were born, and for the rest of your life, you are taking in information, which is forming your thoughts and beliefs, i.e. your reality, your thinking, your perspective of life. Your parents, guardians, family, friends, the media (TV, radio, books, newspapers, magazines, movies, the internet), preachers, false prophets, politicians, gurus, consultants, so-called leaders, and self-proclaimed experts all play a role in forming your perspective by constantly bombarding you with information, opinions, theories and philosophies based on some truth, some half truths and some lies.

The half truth and lies that we accept as whole truth, flaw our perspective, and pollute our mind and soul with data that sabotages our blessings and the reality of the inner spiritual truth. After repeated exposure to this misinformation (lies and half truths), most people get caught up in believing them as the whole truth, and their mental picture or perspective gets out of whack and produces results less than fulfilling. This perspective is solely based on the outer world, which is only half true at best.

Therefore, the way you look at life forms your perspective, or your mental picture. It is the most important aspect of your life. Your subconscious causes your life to manifest based on your perspective. Your life is the manifestation of your perspective. What's going on in your life is in direct correlation with your perspective.

Your perspective is your mindset and perception of your reality of God and life, based on what you have accepted as true. It's the information/data programmed into your mind and soul. It's your mental picture, thoughts and beliefs about your reality. It's the program that's running every aspect of your life. It contains your thoughts and beliefs about each part of life. In other words, it contains your opinions about God, life, right and wrong, religion, money, human relations, family, marriage, parenting, health, education, politics, etc.

It is determining your outcome and whether each part of your life is good, bad, mediocre, happy, sad, or fulfilling. In other words, it is causing your results, i.e. the way things are going in your life. Therefore, the conditions of your life are the result of your perspective. If your over-all perspective is good, bad, mediocre, or super, your over-all life will be good, bad, mediocre, or super. Your perspective on life causes your results/outcome in each area of your life:

Your perspective is the one thing that is either holding you back from God's blessing you with abundant blessings and fulfillment, or it is the one thing that's causing God to bless you with abundant blessings and fulfillment.

If your perspective is spiritually based-on the inner world (spiritual truth)-your life will be abundantly blessed and fulfilled. If your perspective is literally based-on the outer world-your life will be bad, mediocre or good, but less than fulfilling. Therefore, you may acquire worldly success i.e. financial prosperity, but there will be a void in your life, separating you from true happiness e.g. inner success.

Greg Tharpe is one of the world's leading authorities on spirituality, spiritual growth, higher consciousness and awareness and human potential. His mission and passion in life is to teach the spiritual truth seekers about their divine potential and power and how to use it to create heaven in their life despite all of the negativity that's going on in the world. He is the author of the book: The Godsend - How to Create Heaven in Your Life.

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