Maria Duval - Your 5 Sacred Teachers

It is said that life is a long journey whose itinerary is essentially the same for us all, even though our departure may take place under different circumstances and we may carry different baggages.
Philosophically, everyone is born, and everyone dies and most complete the cycle of birth, childhood, puberty, maturity and death.

Maria Duval - Your 5 Sacred Teachers
To achieve wisdom, Maria Duval says, you need to know how your character was formed in order to learn to rectify what prevents you from achieving your full potential.

The answers are written in your life history. This history unfolds according to natural cycles, each cycle having its natural teachers: mother (birth), father (childhood), yourself (puberty), society (maturity), the universe (old age).

So the unique scenario of your life history reflects all the relationship that you experience with those around you. The 5 sacred teachers mentioned above teach you the wisdom you need to know. These teachers are naturally invested with the power to transmit the instincts you need to function successfully in a constantly changing world.

But to discover and reappropriate all the natural instincts of preservation and development that your teachers have bequeathed to you, your mind must first of all free itself from the past to find itself fully in the present, to function in a magical and intuitive manner, and create a space in which to welcome your new life, full of success and great riches.

Maria Duval asks, isn't it better to produce and star in your own film rather than play extras in other people's productions?

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