Mind Reading

People often have this fantasy of reading one's mind as a kind of supernatural power
they would like to have. How nice it would be, wouldn't it?

Maria Duval explains in her booklet that it is not an impossible task as she says scientists have already proven this is possible as we are detect mind frequencies naturally through "mirror neurons" to anticipate what a person would do next after he or she does a certain gesture or action.

For instance, if the baby reaches out for a feeding bottle, the person seeing it would automatically deduce that the baby would bring the bottle to his or her mouth and drink the milk from it. So, in effect, the neurons simulate anticipated action and consequently read minds.

Therefore you should realise that humans as more intelligent beings have some forms of mind reading capability.

Maria Duval
further explains that to read someone's mind fairly accurately, you should pay extra attention not only to the eyes, but to the overall facial expression, body language, spoken words, tone of the voice or manner of speaking. These are loopholes that are open naturally for outsiders to decipher someone's state of mind and emotions.

Of course, through constant practice and meditation, you can get better as frequencies emitted could be very feeble for you to detect.

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Anonymous said...

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Mere T. said...

Hi there,

I am sorry it did not work out for you. I am just as normal blogger who is not affiliated to Maria.

You may ask for the refund guarantee if it doesn't benefit you at all, just like I have done several times.

For me, things don't get lucky all the times, but overall, its not as bad as a couple of years ago.

Best of luck! :)
Mere T.