Maria Duval - How to wear your planetary seal

Now that you have found out which is your planetary seal, it is time to put to good positive use to optimise its effectiveness.

If you doubt yourself, if you have fits of anguish, unexplained fears, feeling of weakness, if you feel empty, sad or indifferent to everything, this planetary seal you are holding can give you back a taste for living, and inspire you with enthusiasm and energy.

For this to happen, you must have it constantly on your person. Maria Duval - Planetary SealRather than putting it in one of your pockets, tie your planetary seal, which Maria Duval wants to remind you that it should be rolled up and placed in a square of material tied at the 4 corners, with a piece of wool long enough for it to be able to go around your neck so that your Seal rests on your chest at the middle of the breastbone.

In time of need, put your right hand on your Seal over your clothes and say quietly:

"Seal of (name of your Seal)
I feel your presence
Seal of (name of your Seal)
Watch over me
Thanks to you, (name of your Seal)
I am filled with strength and joy."

Maria Duval suggests to repeat this prayer for at least 5 times before resuming the course of your activities.

Wish you have a great and wonderful 2010 ahead.

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