Self confidence and what it means to our life

So what is self confidence?

Maria Duval acknowledges that self confidence is the ability to know a person's inner truth, and through it, value and trust this truth with the outcome of living it joyfully and peacefully.

Well, do you think you are this kind of person?

Yes, I must say a big congratulations to you, otherwise, then whose live are you living? Get back to the path and Maria Duval can help you to understand where and how you got pushed off to the grass patch and how you can take back your life!

From the time we were born, we are into a "conditioned" reality which makes us forget who we actually are, and what is our mission in life. This goes in a harmful chain reaction and we think we are undeserving for the best in life or unworth of what is good for us. As young kids, in order to get love and warmth from the parents, we display traits so that we will get more love, or to be taken care of.

Is this the truth of life, and how does it feel like to have suppressed this in born desire?

Maria Duval says as you reflect on, you may somehow connect with the feelings that you have struggled with most part of your adult life, like feelings of dissatisfaction, unworthiness, betrayal, selfishness and lack of achievement. This all comes from the lack of a sense of purpose in life!

I don't think that will feel good. The good thing is you recognise this frustration in life which means that you know and appreciate the lies you have been living in. What makes it more interesting is that these early conditioning still remain inside you having their enduring effects!

In other words, your life and more life energy have been set to flow in directions that don't really benefit you. So, how is this all feel to you?

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