Ego is neccessary in Life

Last time, I used to get frustrated with the limits of my ego and how it partially blocked my soul from having more influence in my life. Being confused and unguided, I was constantly wondering why the ego was even necessary. Ego made a person too proud I thought. I spoke with my mom about it, and she gave me an idea of why we needed our egos. It wasn't the epiphany I desired, however.

But, after reading some advices from Maria Duval, answer came to me and I realized truly why our ego's were (are) necessary to our lives. So here I am sharing with you my feelings in this post.

It may sound silly to you who already have your own theories, but then again it's only my personal revelation, open for you to read to glean new info - if you want to.

Why we need ego

One way to describe the ego is this; a slate on which the soul learns about the physical, living world. When we die, this full slate of ideas and lessons learned in our lives gets passed on for the soul to examine and learn from. Without the ego, there would be no point in the physical world.

The soul evolves by applying lessons learned in life, so without it's counterpart, the ego, the soul could not evolve. When one considers this, he or she may realize that this evolution of the soul is not that different from human evolution, for in human evolution (as far as I know) one evolves by learning new ideas as time goes on, then reproducing.

The product (the baby) will be a being with these physical/mental lessons implanted directly into their genes. When you compare this with soul evolution, the "baby" will be the soul's next human shell in it's next life.

Yes, we need ego for the continuation of life. Our humanity.

However, too much of ego is detrimental too. Maria Duval says, the key to ego is this to recognise it as a tool by minimising its influence in your life.

Yes, its true that we mess up when our egos are running the show, and when it becomes domineering over us.

So, the goal should be: control your ego; rather than letting ego controlling you.

Hope you like this post.


Maria Duval on Sixth Sense

Everyone is born with a sixth sense, although social conditioning and other factors have forced alot of us to ignore it or be blind to it. The truth is everyone has psychic ability. However, for the majority of people it is hidden, ignored, untested or distrusted. Therefore, it is common to hear people say that they are frustrated with lack of success at tapping into their intuition or sixth sense.

I've always been quite interested in the paranormal or new age psychic stuff - I think humans are transmitter or receiver of some invisible spiritual energies - but I wouldn't consider myself gifted in those areas. But thanks for Maria Duval's telepathic sessions which have helped me clear up. Every once in awhile I'll experience deja vu, or know what song is playing on the radio before I turn it on, or know who is calling before the phone rings. But to be completely honest, those occurrences probably don't happen enough to be more than coincidences.

My main question I guess would be this: Can psychic skills be developed, or must one be born with them?

Maria Duval answers my question again.

She says we all have a sixth sense because without it no one can survive. Yes sixth sense can be developed and here are a few exercises which can help:

1. Meditation: Meditation is perhaps one of the best ways to develop sixth sense. All you need to do is choose a quiet place and sit comfortably, then focus all your attention on your breath. Calm your mind and just observe your thoughts. Once your breath is calm, your thoughts will also just flutter away, this is a state where you will get various insights and answers.

2. Listen to your gut feeling more often: Most of us don't really take time to listen to that inner voice. Pay attention to your hunches and gut feelings, the more you listen to your intuition, the sharper it will become.

Scientists have established that most of our brain forms our subconscious brain while only 1/3 of our brain is actually the conscious brain. The sixth sense is a part of that subconscious mind which in turn is the part of our soul. Philosophers believe that we as souls are a part of the universe hence hold the knowledge of everything.

In conclusion, everybody has sixth sense which is what helps us survive in situations, particularly in cave man era. Yes through practice, sixth sense can be enhanced and it is what helps us decide our choices when we encounter a fork in our lives or situations.