Maria Duval - Mind is like Camera

The mind operates somehow like a camera. It captures and records reality instead of picture frames. Its depth are unimaginable and its energy is unlimited. People rarely live in a state of innocence, which is the quality that gives us access to the magic of life.

Maria Duval - clearing your mindHowever, most people do not want anything to do with this magic. They prefer security, predictability and monotony of life. Most people calculates, judges and operates with precision and organises with ingrained habits. Maria Duval tells me that this is a narrow, uncoordinated mindset. It lacks innovation, freshness and magic of life.

It is known that there is another dimension where we can encounter good fortune, success and prosperity. Maria Duval calls this dimension the "intuitive mind" because it is agile, receptive, resourceful and lives in the present.

That is our natural mindset, our spontaneous way of thinking. However, through progressive conditioning and education, this part of the mindset has been lost in many of us.

It is therefore necessary to have a major clear out in our mind to enable it to achieve its full potential and true self knowledge.

Learn from Maria Duval as she is able to help you to improve this aspect of life!


Maria Duval - Clearing Your Mind

Maria Duval - Clearing Your MindMaria Duval asks, what is the mind? She says the mind is everything connected to your intellectual faculties and psychological functions. To experience the power of knowledge, we have to "clear our minds".

What does this knowledge refer to? It is the knowledge of yourself, which means discovering your real personality, your true "self", the self that lies beneath the veneer of educational, cultural and social conditioning.

Maria Duval assures that this "authentic personality" is well worth discovering. Greek master Socrates said:

"Know yourself through yourself!"

In other words, "clearing your mind" means clearing your head of all its "mental chatter", its "internal dialog", to see what is really inside.

The true "Self" is part of the individual which is governed by instinct, the part that tends to remain hidden, appearing rarely or never at all. It is a part of the individual that belongs to their life history, their own particulars and entirely personal experience of the life cycle - birth, childhood, puberty, maturity and death.