A Driving Force of Life

Maria Duval thinks that self esteem is a very important driving force in life. How you view yourself does fairly condition the way other people around you view and treat you.

For exmaple, if you harbour too many negative thoughts, probably, your outlook about life will be extremely forlorn. It is imperative to love yourself and fill yourself with lots of positive ideas, because that will show up in you externally and a gush of dynamic energy will engulf you and people around you.

Maria Duval - A Driving Force of Life
Maria Duval says it is a common misguided view for humans to regard life as generally tough and rocky. This is prevalently unfortunate as people do not know there is a substantial effect on their own quality of life.

Life is a sacred and spiritual gift. Each of us has an divine right to live happily and abundantly.

The question is, why must we "earn" what we already have? This is the divine power of life which everyone is equally entitled in their lives!

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