Maria Duval - Our Fertile Mind

In a land which is fertile, farmers will regularly sow the seeds to grow their crops. Our human minds are the same as the fertile land. In this case, the seeds we sown in our mind are thoughts, ideas or views. When a seed is sown, it grows fast, and most of the time, this is often the seed of fear.

Maria Duval says that the words that we speak and utter have a really big influence the way we think and behave.

Fear and doubt sown in our mind can create a dramatic succession of events. You just have to look around you to see how someone can become "blocked" by a simple word or phrase and everything they try to say after that is pointless and just makes things worse.

This word or phrase can have significant consequences; spoken at a sensitive point, it can make someone do something or think something that conditions the whole of the rest of their life. We are actually all magicians. With our words we can cast spell on oters, or equally release them.

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