Maria Duval - Wealth is a State of Awareness

Maria Duval reaffirms that one thing is right, that you have the right to be rich. You are brought to this earth to lead a life of happiness, freedom and abundance. You should therefore have the means and money you need to be living well and prosperous.

Being poor, while there is no virtue in it, is a sickness just like any other mental sickness and it should not be existing in this world.

For example, if you were physically ill, you would be cMaria Duval - Wealth is a State of Awarenessoncerned and seek out a doctor to check your health, right? Similarly, if you haven't got enough money in your life, it is because subconsciously you are stopping the flow of the cosmic universal energy and you need to make changes so that it flows freely.

Maria Duval reiterates this point: Wealth, money entering your life is, a state of mind, in which everything that you need flows towards you and your every wish is spontaneously fulfilled.

Wealth is part of reality. When you are truly in tune with the nature of reality and you know that this reality is itself your own nature, you will come to realise that you can create anything because all material creation has the same origin. Nature draws on the same source, whether to create stars, forest, animal or a thought.

Yes, all material creations come from the same source. Once we have experienced this, we can obtain any object that we desire.

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