Maria Duval - Our Spiritual Aura

According to psychic Maria Duval, our subtle bodies can become ʻjammedʼ with unsuitable energetic vibrations usually due to negative thoughts and emotions such as: obsession, deeply-rooted anxieties, set ideas, mania, anger, hatred, jealously, envy, concupiscence, fear, stress, etc.

When the vital energetic system of an individual is ʻupsetʼ, upsets and Maria Duval - Our Spiritual Auradisturbances can be observed in their aura and chakras, it could affect the clarity of thought and reasoning, and hosts of negative problems in life.

A strong and powerful bio-energetic field, on the contrary, will not only protect the individual from external invasions (disease, upsets, etc.) but also attract ʻgood vibrationsʼ into that personʼs vicinity: in this way we are ʻin stepʼ with Providence; and luck, love, prosperity and health and all on the cards!

For a person with the gift of clairvoyance like Maria Duval, the human aura is made up of a thousand varieties of coloured light; each intensity of light, each coloration of energy, corresponds to a specific vibration and a state of consciousness or a physical state.

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