Invigorate the Aura through Creative Visualisation

Through the power of Creative Visualisation, you can purify and invigorate your Aura. This technique to self improve your conscious mind is an excellent method for making colours act ʻinternallyʼ.

The visualisation process at the same time mobilizes the energy of the imagination and the energy of thought, channelling this energy to harmonise the etheric, astral and mental auras within the auric egg.

Visualisation - which concerns mental images in the form of thought – is an invisible, yet highly powerful source of energy. With it we can open a clean, clear connection between the self and the subconscious, in a universal language: the language of images.

Visualising draws on imagination and inventiveness. It is a happy combination of self=suggestion and image: it is seeing in thought, seeing with the eyes of the mind. You already have everything you need to practice visualisation within you. You need no external assistance, just a little time. Visualising involves allowing an internal image to rise up within you, using your mental energy.

This requires some active participation on your part…but it really is worth the effort! Remember that the chakras and subtle bodies react swiftly to the internal images and to the visualisation of the colours.

The exercises youʼll need to do are simple, effective and will allow you to benefit from the full strength of visualisation.

At the start of your apprenticeship, to encourage the infl ux of mental images, promote intuition and increase your capacity for concentration, do this short exercise as a sort of ʻwarm-upʼ: place the fi ngers of your right hand on the top of your head (crown chakra) and the fi ngers of your left hand in the middle of your forehead (3rd eye).

Keep your fingers in this position until you feel a ʻpulseʼ, a tingling or a warming feeling in these two points.

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