Sacral Chakra

Maria Duval says that located three finger-widths below the belly button, this chakra is associated with the colour orange, and the world of emotions and feelings (it governs relationships with the opposite sex).

It control the principle of ʻgivingʼ and ʻreceivingʼ, on a physical level: digestion and metabolism, on the emotional level: giving of yourself and accepting from others, on the mental level: the assimilation and sharing of knowledge.

When the aura is lacking in this colour:

You are not sufficiently ʻawakeʼ in your daily life (lack of interest, volatility of temperament, emotional lethargy, mood swings).

You are overly possessive about those around you.

You are easily influence by the opinion of others.

You bury your emotions. Sensuality and the idea of ʻletting goʼ, of ʻtrusting lifeʼ fill you with fear.

You distrust innovation in all its forms.

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