Maria Duval - Brow Chakra

Located just above the nose, between the eyebrows, this chakra is associated with the colour indigo. The third eye is the seat of all the processes involved in gaining awareness. It has the potential to create new situations, new realities in the physical and material world, as well as ʻdissolvingʼ former realities that have become obsolete.

When the aura is lacking in this colour:

You lack judgement, seeming unable to make the right choices.

Your inability to use your intuition makes you vulnerable to delusion.

When your perception of life is negative, you are incapable of ʻvisualisingʼ
circumstances or drawing on your creative imagination.

You arenʼt aware of your own resources or true character.

You are ʻfull of yourselfʼ, using solely your intellect and reason. You are unable to see the bigger picture.

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