Maria Duval - Think in terms of Prosperity and Riches

Maria Duval again reiterates to me to get into the habit of thinking in terms of material wealth, prosperity and riches. At every moment of your life, apply this golden rule.

Most people operate on the principle of "not enough". Whether it is true or not, this concept of "not enough" comes up automatically, before anyone can think of questioning or analyzing it.

And this, from the moment we awake till the time we go to sleep: I haven’t had enough sleep… I don’t have enough time … I don’t have enough influence… I’m not slim enough, not attractive enough, not intelligent enough, not educated enough, etc. – and of course: I don’t have enough money.

This "not enough" shouldn’t be allowed to become a sort of default definition that defines the way you see things, whether it concerns the amount of your bank balance, the people you love or your personal value… Believe me, thinking in terms of "not enough" is at the root of all failure!

In other words, for money to fl ow into your life, you need to develop a state of mind called wealth consciousness. Or, if you prefer, convince your mind that money will run freely and forever in your life, and that there will always be a divine surplus (the Abundance Principle). For example, if war were to break out tomorrow, you would continue to attract wealth, in whatever form the new currency took.

In truth, wealth is the product of a mind that expects to see the benefits of Providence run freely forever.