Maria Duval - Receive the Wealth and Riches of the Universe in Joy

To start with, you need to exploit the creative power of your thoughts and your imagination.

Firstly, remind yourself that your ‘mental attitude’ is important since to a significant cant extent it determines the conditions of your life. It is with your thoughts that you will gradually create the life you dream of and truly become the master of your own destiny.

When for example you say to yourself: I’ll never have enough money to do this or that, your subconscious mind will record your thought and this will reinforce your belief in your inability to attract wealth.

If, on the contrary, you think optimistically: I am going to have enough money to buy a new car or afford the house of my dreams, the energy given off by your conscious thoughts will create an environment favorable to the realisation of your wish. The universal cosmic energy will then respond to your needs.

Like a magnet, you will attract the right people and the right circumstances for it to become a reality in the material world. This positive thinking can be applied successfully to all spheres of life: love, money, health, luck, work, etc.

Then, using the repetition of positive affirmations, you are going to generate energy that is incredibly positive and will immediately start to ‘work for you’.

On a practical level, what you have to do is repeat affirmations that articulate constructive ideas and are basically ‘charged’ with positive energy. This repetition has the effect of ‘materialising’ the invisible universal energy in a tangible form, which is why these affirmations really become creative affirmations.

What do you need to do? All you need to do is repeat these creative affirmations on a daily basis, as often as possible, out loud or in your head. Be very mindful of their meaning: speak them with all your heart, your determination, your emotion, your attention and your awareness. At the same time, imagine, visualise that the desired outcome is already in the process of manifesting itself in your life. You can do this at any time of the day: in the morning when you wake up, while you’re going about your business, in the shower, while travelling, in the evening before you go to sleep, etc.

Lastly, Maria Duval recommends me to start of with the following affirmation: I (first name), open myself up to the wealth and riches of the Universe and I receive them in joy.

Wish you lucky :)