Maria Duval - Infinite Intelligence in you

Right, after you have read my previous post, the natural question to ask would be, where can I go to learn more about it?

Let clairvoyant Maria Duval explain it.

Man uses only one tenth of the capacity of the brain or rather, only 10% of the capacity of the Mind. For example, we use our brains mainly for the daily chores like working, eating, enjoying, playing, exercising, studying, thinking and organising.

But, deep inside you, there is the Profound Mind, our "SUPERCONSCIOUS", which has supreme power and ability that allows us to accomplish out-of-this-world feats. However, as you probably know it, only a minority of us know how to fully utilise this immense source of power which is also called our "Inner Guide".

Our Superconscious is simply the Infinite Intelligence that has made you what youa re. It's that Intelligence which created your body from two tiny cells, which multiplied repeatedly to form the baby you were at birth, and eventually, become to adult you are today.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see a human made of flesh and skin, and this is the image of yourself which others see in you and vice versa. Maria Duval calls this our EGO.

This is just a little bit of ourselves we can see physically. It is only the tip of the iceberg. We can't see the majority of us which is the Infinite Intelligence that is always resided inside you. Most people even deny its existence! Yet this is what keeps our bodies function! Hence you can rightly regard that this Infinite Intelligence of the superior element of human beings and our creative source of power.

Calling on this Infinite Intelligence in us means calling the Creative Spirit or our Soul. This Intelligence sometimes may manifest when our lives are in danger but it can be called when we need help and it is always there on standby to help us.

Maria Duval states that when the day comes for each human to understanding that we originate from the same source that comes ABOVE different beliefs and religions, this fragile planet will be a much better place with less racists and religious conflicts.

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