Maria Duval: Advice for effective ‘magnetisation'

Here are a few basic principles from Maria Duval to help you become more ‘magnetic’.

- First of all, it’s a very good idea to magnetise the characteristics of whatever it is you desire, at the same time as its specific form. You can magnetise a symbol of the object of your desire, if you don’t know what it actually looks like. Symbols are very powerful, because they go beyond your thoughts and beliefs about what might come to you.

- Dare to ask for what it is you want, and more. And have the conviction that you can get whatever it is you have asked for.

- You must have high self-esteem and be determined to get this thing that you want. You must think positively, because heightened and positive thoughts have a magnetic power far greater than worry, fear and tension.

- It’s important not to have an ‘urgent need’ for this thing you are seeking to attract, but rather maintain a certain detachment. If the desire object ultimately manifests itself in a different form to the one you were expecting, this is not important. Once you have asked for something, accept what comes to you as just right.

- It’s better to start with something you think you have a good chance of manifesting. Achieving this will give you a positive experience and inspire your confi dence in your incipient magnetising abilities. Try to perfect your capacity to get exactly what you have represented. Endeavour to attract it to you with ever greater speed and ease. As your skill increases, you will be able to magnetise larger, more expensive items, or things that you currently feel are unachievable.

- When creating using energy, your best tools are creativity, inventiveness, a playful spirit and a spontaneous imagination. Every time you do a magnetism exercise, you’ll notice that you have new thoughts, ideas and feelings. Manifestation is a dynamic state, in a perpetual state of flux. The power of your
magnetism and your mental images may well vary from one time to another.

- Visualisation consists in using your imagination to conjure up a representation of your desire before it becomes yours. The more realistic your expansive, boundless ideas are, the easier it will be to manifest them. When you represent that something is already in your possession, you start to harmonise with that thing and you plant the seed of a feeling its existence in your present reality. This feeling starts to attract it towards you.

- Focusing your mind involves keeping it fixed firmly on a particular thought or image, to the exclusion of all other things. Focusing on an object with all your concentration for several minutes will attract it towards you quicker.

- If, when you’re focusing your thoughts on something, you can already almost ‘feel it getting nearer’, this means you’re using the right amount of energy. If you use too much energy, the object of your desires will either not come to you at all or it will take a long time manifesting itself; the thing you want will seem very
far away, and feel more wished-for than real.

- Magnetise the things you want as often as you want them, for several minutes or more, as you feel the need. When you’ve achieved a level of mastery of magnetism and can manifest a certain type of thing, you can try achieving results at a higher
level, and attracting things to you that you would never have considered you could possibly have in your life.